fredag 29 april 2016

Re-upped: Open Up Yer Door! Vol. 1

Open Up Yer Door! Vol. 1

Frog Death, Inc. 1984

Now that's more like it!
A sweet mix of chart toppers, folk punk, zany frat, hard hittin' garage and then some and a bag of chips!

We start off with the INFAMOUS (I'm actually not much of a fan of it..) Open Up Your Door by Richard & the Young Lions, but after that it is obscuresville. Atleast in 1984.
Today the most of these tracks have been re-released on comps that is easier to find and/or better-sounding.

But if I had my way (and the expensive 45s) I would repress this (together with the equally great vol. 2). This is the kind of comp you can play at a party, not worrying that a major turd suddenly will surfice, or that it simply is no action on it - like Monsters Of The Midwest posted below.

Both vol 1 and 2 are almost as rare as the singles featured on them, and has switched hands for at least 100 bucks.

To me, this is one of the best comps, ever.
Less dogmatic than Back From The Grave, rawer than Pebbles, more consistent than Garage Punk Unknowns, more fun than Psychedelic Unknowns...
I'd even rate it higher than Off The Wall and Chosen Few.

No, I'm just exaggerating to make a point..
Sandwich this between Garage Punk Unknowns Vol. 4 and Hang It Out To Dry and have a nice day.
If you want I can post the second volume. The thing with that is that I have it on a bootleg CD that sounds really great so.. I didn't really do anything. But it is OOP now so..maybe I should do it.
I dunno. Seems lame.

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  1. Thanks so much! This has always been one of my favorite comps. And yes, if you have Vol. 2, even on a bootleg CD, please post it. Thanks again.

  2. One of the best... vol.2 is also strong.

  3. One of the best... vol.2 is also strong.

  4. hey thanks man. sure yeah post vol 2.

  5. Hang I Out is a great comp, so, this ought to be hot stuff!

    please Re-up this !!