måndag 11 april 2016

Re-upped: Pebbles Vol. 2

Pebbles Vol. 2

Released on BFD Records in 1979.

"So you bought this album, well y'know I don't care cuz yer all MORONS anyway...."

That's how the liners begin and you know you are in for something extraordinary.
And this is groundbreaking, and canonical teenbeat mayhem compilation album. Even the liners seem to set the tone for the 'tude of future comps.

Look - everybody knows this one.
Everone has heard it.
You might even own every single one of the singles featured.
But have you heard it with good sound?
I hope you dig the bunch of rips I threw together.

I bought my first copy in the spring some 20 years ago.
So it was very cool to listen this one through in one sitting again.

Says the Llama:

"This one must have had quite a few simple-minded fuzz-heads confused over the years as it is in fact the finest assemblage of wimp-pop available. The meaning of this term may not be clear to all but after you've played side 2 (skip the loud covers) over and over for a couple of days any questions you might have should be answered. One of the top volumes in my opinion."

5 kommentarer:

  1. Over the years I started to appreciate the non fuzz oriented 60's stuff much more than the fuzz driven ones.

    BTW, today I found out that the Riot City! comp on the Satan records is great for that walking the dog soundtrack. The girls in the park could certainly feel that energy that was accompanying me. This comp in my opinion doesn't get the appreciation it deserves. It's fun, upbeat, all over the place and it definitely gives you that nice brain massage.

  2. Funny, I was checking up Riot City! yesterday, thinking if I should give it a make-over.
    And I was in a park.
    With my dogs!
    Very eerie.

    I don't listen to garage outside of the house - or music or anything for that matter!
    If I do then I do it without headphone, holding the phone like it was a transistor radio from the 50s, keeping the volume way down and crouch around the block.
    And I mostly listen to my own comps - to check if there's anything I should adjust.

    Fuzz? Yeah, kinda over that too. Some days. Some days not so much.

  3. Haha, eerie indeed. Maybe it's just that SKoM effect doing his tricks.

  4. Any chance of re-upping one more time?