tisdag 5 april 2016

Re-upped: Punk Classics Vol. 1 to 4

Punk Classics Vol. 1 to 4

Punk Classics was 5 EPs released in 1984 to 1987 on the shoddy label Garageband.
The fifth Punk Classic contains 6 rather pedestrian covers (One exception being Preachers Who Do You Love.)


So here ya go, I the 4 first Punk Classics EPs. I found much better scans over at discogs.

On another note: I have noticed that my own comps seem to generate more interest than the revamped old comps. So I have one new set on the stove.
But sometimes those things can take a little time and inspiration to get done.

Meanwhile, I'm sticking to the relaxing work of re-upping links to the comps I already revamped. (Just to make this blog look active..)
If there is a comp you think I should freshen up, plz comment and I will get right to it.

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