söndag 10 april 2016

Re-upped: Off The Wall Vol. 1

Off The Wall Vol. 1

Released on Wreckord Wrack in 1983, 500 pressed

Apparently compiled by a certain Jim Atwood (he put his name on the back cover).
Let me tell ya, this is one heck of an album. And that "Special Kind of Magic" (SKoM) reigns supreme. Absolutely essential.

I think the original vinyl has gone for three figures, since it is crazy rare.

I haven't heard much of Past&Presents reissue from 2010, but I get the feeling they just rip the vinyl off of the original comps (who are not always top-notch sound-wise)
Now that is a shame because I really dig the idea of keeping these old gems available and affordable.

Off The Wall has been raided by contemporary comps (like Highs Vol. 4 - going up today), and later comps like Teenage Shutdown.

As with many of these old classic comps there is a healthy mix of styles.
Frat, punk, pop, psych & rock'n'roll - all under one umbrella!
So even if you've heard most of these tracks, the running order from here is a blissful ride.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Great compillation... both volumes. As you said, essential listening experience.

  2. another killer. thnx buddy