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Root '66 - The Frozen Few

Root '66 - The Frozen Few

Released on Paraquat Records in 1984

The subtitle is "Minnesota Teen Bands (1964-1967)" which seems valid.
I think a couple of bands might've actually hailed from other states, but I'm not sure. Maybe they operated in Minnesota - correct me if you know better than I do.

I don't know who was responsible for this excellent comp, but they did a mighty fine job.
You get a nice mix of 60s garage rock'n'roll, some stompin frat-rock, some downer cuts (really great), some grimy R&B and some cool straight-up garage punk.

It has been raided by later comps (and rightfully so) but some songs are still only available here.
Oh, and I have recycled (unknowingly so) a couple of tracks on my own comps.
Can't Tell You by the Fabulous Depressions was on my latest! Hm! Sorry about that.

Vintage Review:

"The land of Minnesota may not leap immediately to mind when thinking of rock'n'roll breeding grounds of the sixties, but as evidenced by this well-compiled collection, Minnesota indeed had one raving scene. Bands flocked here from all over the Upper Midwest to record their best, and while there were only a few hits plenty of wild sounds were produced.

This compilation features some of the best of the Minnesota scene, in which hundreds and hundreds of bands recorded (for the definitive discography dig "Minnesota Rocked!! The 1960s" - an utterly informative guide). Many of the bands sport a Beatle-ish influence in harmonies and guitar sound, such as the thoroughly fab "You've Made Up My Mind" by the Devilles (great chord changes!!) and "Chicks Are For Kids" by the Madhatters, with great guitar, harp and organ this one really raves! "Baby Don't Love Me" by the Rave-Ons is another well-executed attempt to sound like the Fab Four, just imagine these well-chilled Minnesota teens combing their hair down in their eyes (all 3 inches of it!) going, "Hey man, I look just like Ringo!" How cool!

Then there are the simply all-out demented goofy teen bands, like the Shandells doing "Gorilla" (complete with chimp noises, these guys were nuts!). But even more in need of mental examination are the Stingrays, with a ridiculous double-sided gem, "Shaggy Dog" b/w "The Cat Came Back." Oh man, it's so completely insipid, you've got to hear this one to believe it! The singer is horrible, especially on "The Cat Came Back," so off-key it's ridiculous! A comedy classic, for those of you who dig this sort of thing.

Some of my faves: two great Bo Diddley-beat ravers, "I've Seen You Around" by the Messengers (should've been a hit!) and "Did Ya Need Know" by Dale Gregory & the Shouters with cool electric piano and tribal R&B beat. Of course "Cry Girl" by the Kan Dells is a true piece of two-chord genius, the screams and guitar solo sure to injure the minds of those who speak of "masterful guitar work." I'd almost forgotten what a pounder this was (drummers take note!), truly on of the greatest songs recorded in the 60s!!

Well, forgive me if I've left off your fave, they're all great and this is one compilation I highly recommend, plus while you're listening to the songs and enjoying a 12-pack of Luckys you can try to decipher the subliminal cover. Oh yeah, is this guy for real with the Vic Morrow biz?"
- Bill Calhoun (Originally published in Ugly Things #4, 1985)

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