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Tougher Than Stains

Tougher Than Stains

Released on London Fog, 1995

In the mid-nineties (and beyond), sixties garage comps with soul and that Special Kind Of Magic (from now on referred as SKoM) was far and wide. But there were a few. And they were really, really good. 

Says the Llama:
"Looks like it might come from the same guy who did the classic Chosen Few comps."

What a stamp of approval!

The music spans from frat-rock to raunchy R&B to acid-punk to crudish garage.
To me,  there's not one dud!

Vintage Review:
"With its oddball, not-necessarily-related-to-the-contents cover photo and sketchy, sarcasm-laced liner notes, Tougher Than Stains reminds me of some of the great '60s garage comps of the early 1980s. What it lacks in hard facts and band pix though, it more than makes up for in character, content and overall playability.
Owners of the frustrating Boulders Volume 3 (boss selections/unbelievably atrocious sound) will share my joy at the inclusion of a full-clarity "Hey Tiger" by The Topsy Turbys. This cut has been a long time fave thanks to its hate-that-slut vocals, sinister organ line and hot guitar break, so it's great to actually hear it at last!
Other killers include Peck's Bad Boys' "Crazy World," a party sound blast full of hollerin', screamin' drunks, one of whom is responsible for an ingeniously untuneful backing vocal, and Jason Merrick & The Finders' weird, angry, social outcast punker "I'm Not What You Are."
The Dogs' "Don't Try To Help Me" must also be singled out: an atmospheric piece of desperation featuring DC5-inspired sax rasp and an obstinate two-note guitar riff that achieves the kind of deranged dissonance that art/noise/lo-fi bands today probably spend weeks in the studio trying to "conceptualize."
The flipsides of Back From the Grave faves by Half Pint & The Fifths and The Golden Catalinas add to the stomp factor of this comp, as does a crunchy instro version of "Stronger Than Dirt" by The Ardells.
The Spats' cool "Bottom Of It All" cropped up recently on Sixties Rebellion Volume 7 (as did the cut by Travis Pike's Tea Party) but here the fab Mysterians-style flipside, "The Upsetter," is also included. As great as these tracks are, I've gotta disagree with the liners: "She Done Moved" is still The Spats' deadliest moment (and another one that needs to be rescued from the murk of Boulders Volume 3 too!).
Sixties punk comps as good as this are thin on the ground these days so track it down and snap it up."
- Mike Stax (Originally published in Ugly Things #14, 1995)

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