lördag 7 maj 2016

Garage Dreams Revisited

Garage Dreams Revisited

Amber Star Records, 1993
Pressed on yellow gold transparent vinyl.

I don't know when or why downer garage caught air and grew strong. Might have been around the beginning of the 90s. 

Anyway - don't you just love the little garage EPs? Adorable.
Garage Dreams Revisited looks like the might be some psych on it. It really isn't. Chains On My Heart has this little raga-esque solo-break but that's about it.
The rest is just downer garage but as I've stated before, downer garage share the same qualities that psychedelic music does. It's all minor chords, often pretty dramatic, a jazzy solo here and there...

Anyways - a great little comps this is. Every song a winner.
I tried hard to find a version of the Reekers demo that was not so marred by surface noise but no such luck. I went with the track from the vinyl comp.

I don't know who made this, but a Brian Vee and a Mr. C is mentioned in the credits.


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  1. Please re-up Pebbles vol 4 if you can.

    1. I actually haven't revamped Pebbles vol. 4 yet. I'll look it up.