onsdag 11 maj 2016

Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol. 6: Michigan Part Two

Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol. 6: Michigan Part Two

AIP Records, 1984

"Better sound, weaker selection. Still, this could pass as a sort of guide to the mid-60's Michigan scene since many of the big local acts and labels are represented. But the music isn't very good."

The Llama speaks the truth. It's not even bad, it is just boring.
Not all, of course. We have 4-5 great tracks who are really great - Yorkshires is a steady rocker, Blokes is the "killer" on this set and Jimmy Gilbert's Believe What I Say is swingin' teen beat supreme.

But we have these obligatory fratty covers (why.. just why..? what is it with these fratty covers?) and then we have a real stinker - the folk-rock turd If You Treat Me Bad Again with the Masters Of Stonehouse. And we have some other questionable material here and there.

Michigan was a way cooler scene than what we hear on this sorry comp.
By the way, I couldn't find better sounding versions of Bed Of Roses and the Chocolate Pickles so what you hear is what the actual vinyl comp sounds like. Nice, huh..?

I don't know what's up with Hey You (by the Chocolate Pickles) but it seems as if the 45 itself is supposed to have that bizarre mix. Obnoxious.


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