måndag 23 maj 2016

Nederbeat 1965-1969

Nederbeat 1965-1969

I have some followers who are new to sixties garage. 
This set is made for them. For those who haven't heard this yet.

I don't know that much about nederbeat, simply because I don't think it is that good.
I dig the classics and that is pretty much all I know. Too much crap to wade through.

That is why I made this set. These 24 tracks is all I need to hear from this scene.

Most of you have heard them all before. But this set is not for you.
I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did putting it together.

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  1. Cuby & The Blizzards are on this CD. Cuby is featured in a story in Ugly Things 'zine issue #41. I downloaded their first album "Desolation" from 1966. It is heavy blues and hard to listen to. I don't really like the blues that much. I like Nederbeat, can't wait to hear this one. Thanks!

  2. Do you happen to have Acid Dreams Testament?

  3. Great comp, and great intro / overview of the Nederbeat world. I agree that its a tough pool to drop a net into if you don't know much about the bands. For me, there's generally less variation in style than with the US 60s garage scene, and I've been stuck with more than one album where the filler-to-killer ratio is deadly (Q65 comes to mind for some reason). All the more reason for a comp like this.

    Also: apologies for filling up your pages with so much text...I've been plucking hits here and there off your blog for awhile now, but never really pausing long enough to give thanks and praises, so I'm making amends now. But no one wants to read this BS, so (again) I'm gonna lay off the tappitty-tap-taping and get back to grooving, courtesy of your good taste and hard work. Keep it up!

    1. Hey HeySuchAndSuch!

      Thanks for the feedback - and I love pages filled up with text!

      And even if silent appreciation is good enough to me, some random words of praise goes a long way.

      Take care!

  4. Great comp! Please reap!

  5. Great comp! Please re-up