lördag 7 maj 2016

Pebbles Vol. 4

Pebbles Vol. 4

BFD Records 1979


An anonymous dude or dudette asked me to post this so I did. 

When I first got this I was like "huh"? I had always dug on Beach Boys and Jan & Dean and other cute-sy surf but I was new to sixties garage and Pebbles and.. well it wasn't what I expected.

And there's a lot of rawer, wilder and more primitive surf out there who hadn't been comped yet and who might've fit the "Pebbles" series better so what the fudge is this?
Half of the B-side is Brian Wilson-projects for example!

Anyhoo, I wont talk about this strange volume of the Pebbles-series anymore.
What's the use? It's there and it is... fun! Just plain fun.
And summer is here. So wax up your board and light up a campfire and hang ten or whatever you do.

I made this very quick, hope I didn't get anything wrong. Don't be shy to tell me if you find anything wrong with it.
Oh and on the original vinyl version we can find Dave Edmunds. You won't find him here. The revisionist me switched it for another Brian Wilson project - He's A Doll by the Honeys.

Stay fresh, kitties!

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  1. Brilliant - thank you so much - what a great service!

  2. Thanks for posting this...I love surf...big Beach Boys fan !

  3. Finally had some time to prooflisten and there's a definite problem with school is a gas. I'll fix that today

  4. Thanks I was just going to burn it to CD-R...I will re-download it today !