söndag 1 maj 2016

Re-upped: Pebbles Vol. 8

Pebbles Vol. 8

BFD Records, 1980

This is where Greg Shaw concludes his tirade in the liners "The Boy Looked At Roky".

There's the usual dose of wimp-pop, uptempo poppy garage, 45s from somewhat prolific acts..
To me - the me that was 20 years ago - this was a let down.
The only track that really blew my mind was My Baby's Gone by Sound Barrier.

A lot of classics left me cold: Starfires, Faine Jade, Lemon Drops..
Not to mention the ultra-fast but silly pop songs: Bad Way To Go, I Can't Stand This Love Goodbye, Don't Do It Some More..
And Hey Little Girl made me furious.
But I'm OK with all those songs now.

And you do get You Must Be A Witch, Bad Times, How Many Times, She Lied..

Well we all have our own faves.

Says the Llama:
"18 killers on this outstanding volume with a mix of classic punk and wimp-pop that's even better than vol 2. Some big acts turn up with obscure winners alongside the usual hallowed $300 rarities."


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