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Re-upped: Off The Wall Vol. 2

Off The Wall Vol. 2

Wreckord Wrack, 1983

Says Johan Kugelberg:
"The two volumes of OTW have certain whispered somethings to say about the art of assembly, of sequencing, of compiling and its core mystical and alchemical nature. Some comps work, and some don't. Some playlists do/don't, mixed tapes for pals, mixed tapes for babes, some work and some don't and it seems very difficult to discern what components direct the work in one direction or another. As this whiff is being written, I've been spilling a constant of garage comps on the turntable, and in a manner, waited for myself to react: not only for a particularly crazy record to entice one to start dancing the frug, but for those sanctified moments where every consecutive record in sequence adds exponential critical mass to the previous until the comp becomes a thing unto itself. 

OTW 1&2 deliver in spades. The liner notes of OTW 1 consists of as clear and concise a statement of definition and intent that we'll ever get about '60's punk and how it came to be: and as it was written in 1981, fifteen years after 1966, I can but gasp that 15 years ago today was 1995 and what odious jams ruled airwaves mainstream and underground that given year. Oh well. What was once directly lived has receded into a representation." 

Supposedly compiled by Jim Atwood this time around too.

This is of course one of the best comps ever. And how could it possibly fail?
The classics stands shoulder to shoulder on Off The Wall Vol. 2.
Yet this is the first time a new audience get to hear all these old songs.
And you must have been blown away.

If you consider the onslaught of garage comps released in 1983: Back from the Grave make its debut with volume 1 & 2 , Pebbles return after a three year hiatus with 2 great comps together with the first five volumes of Highs In The Mid Sixties, Hipsville 29 BC, Chosen Few vol. 2 - and this!

Dussins of albums with primitive garage, jet-propelled pop, stomping beat showered the famished rocknrollers and punks with new yet old but new music from when times were cooler.
I was 12 in 1983, and I had no idea there was all this cool sixties music besides the Stones.
Oh, if someone had introduced me to Off The Wall Vol. 2 then.. I had to was almost 10 years until I heard my first garage comp - but what a trip that was!

Oh, look at me babbling away! Sorry!

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