onsdag 4 maj 2016

Relics Vol. 1

Relics Vol. 1

Released on db Records in 1982. 500 pressed.


db Records also released Oil Stains in 1982, but that's it.
I dunno man, maybe I should take a break from this comp-fest or maybe this one actually is as bad as I think.
Traits is one of my all time faves and Never Existed is nice. The two songs by The Eyes might be the finest freaky beat there is.
But then we have a bunch of other stuff.. stuff I don't know what to do with..
I've seen guys n gals diggin' on this strange beast but I can't seem to understand why. Like, what's there to dig?
Ready for some synonyms?
Insipid, bland, weak, wishy-washy, unappetizing, unpalatable, flavorless.

This is the kind of music you end up listening to if you smoke too much hashish.
You need to be high to listen to this and appreciate it.

And of course that is why I dig it. Not because I smoke hashish (since I don't). I dig it because it is a shoddy and lazy and half-assed affair and I dig the bright yellow color with a fuckin flower on it and I dig the bizarre mix of uk freakbeat, kitschy instrumentals, psychploitation, Cream-ish blues rock and psych and acid punk..

The last three songs were impossible to find from better sources so they are from the original vinyl comp album.


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  1. This looks like a nice collection of songs, I'm going to download it and burn it to a CD-R. Many thanks to you my friend.