söndag 1 maj 2016

Re-upped: Pebbles Vol. 5

Pebbles Vol. 5

1979 BFD Records

This is arguably the best volume in the series. Top notch and consistent all through (but whaddup with Magi?).
It is packed with classics and genre-definers and even if I have heard this a thousand times before it still manages to put a smile on my face.

If you are new to sixties garage, then this is an excellent place to start. It is one of maybe 5 of the  most important comps - it is canon and an inspiration for other canonical albums.

You others who already have this on CD in you ipod - you might want this for two reasons: better sound, original artwork, original sequence and most importantly - no Magi.

Yes, I replaced Magi with She's The One by Dr. Spec's Optical Illusion instead.
Magi just don't belong here.

Says the Llama:
 "Compiled (or at least annotated) by NJ collector Vic F who was involved with the Eva comps as well."

Says John Peel:
"The British Invasion's influence can be heard throughout the album. Bands from Texas, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Florida, Illinois, Georgia and Canada sounding like "All Day And All Of The Night" era-Kinks, or "Get Off My Cloud" era-Stones, or "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place" era-Animals. Rawer than a freshly broken heart, vocals yelp, scream and occasionally harmonise, guitars fizz, grind and clash and drums are thrashed within a inch of their lives. Occasionally skittish keyboards will float through the mix and on The Satyrs' "Yesterday's Hero" a sitar howls as if strung with catgut and the animal concerned isn't quite extinct. It's unsophisticated, it's ugly, it's amateurish and it's exactly why I became interested in music in the first place. 

The best tracks are The Trees' "No Good Woman", The Shag's "Stop And Listen", The Gentlemen's "It's A Cryin' Shame", The Five Canadians' "Writing On The Wall", Little Phil And The Nightshadows' "The Way It Used To Be", The Time Stoppers' "I Need Love" and Dirty Wurds' "Why" but nothing included here can be discounted."

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  1. For me this was the high point of the series. even though I have most (if not all) of these songs in better quality (Thank you Gyro 66) I will still enjoy going back to this particular comp and hearing it the way it should be heard. So I sincerely thank you.

    One thing - do you have Vol. 6? It was more along the lines of British Freakbeat and R&B but a fine comp nonetheless.

  2. Yeah some of these rips comes from Gyro.
    His rips has helped this blog a great deal and for that I am eternally greatful.

    It's night now in Sweden but I have revamped volume 6 and it sounds great. I will post it tomorrow.