fredag 6 maj 2016

The New England Teen Scene Vol. 2

The New England Teen Scene Vol. 2

Moulty Records 1984, 500 pressed

This is my my kind of a comp. I'd take this over Texas Flashbacks any ol' day.

I have not done anything to revamp this myself so I'm breaking my own rules here.
But I found this great-sounding boot and I just had to share it with you.
After all, I have posted a revamped Vol. 1 so you might want to hear the album that followed in its entirety.

Says the Llama:
"Dave B follows suit with an equally great sequel featuring several local big-names as well as the obscure sounds of vol 1. Some truly marvellous stuff and slightly easier to locate."

Vintage review:
"At first playing this long awaited sequel to "New England Teen Scene, Vol. 1" seemed to fall far short of the standard set by its predecessor. However, I found the more I listened to it, the more it grew on me.
This volume features a couple of the more famous New England bands - the Barbarians' legendary "Hey Little Bird" is here, along with "Talkin' Bout You" from a 1965 Remains demo. My favorite track is the lightning fast Cobras raver, "I Wanna Be Your Love," which opens Side One like an out of control locomotive! No caffeine free soda pop for these guys!
What really sets this volume apart from Volume One is its emphasis on pop. On repeated listenings a lot of these tracks that at first were forgettable put the most wear and tear on my needle. The Beatles and Zombies loomed heavily over New England, and their influence is strongly felt here on Side Two.
So, with some great shots of Moulty on the cover, a free photo of the Plagues inside, and loads of great songs, this is one not to be missed!"
- Ray Brandes (Originally published in Ugly Things #4, 1985)

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  1. Maybe even prefer this one more...both volumes are good but vol.2 has just better side effect for me personaly.