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The Open Lid

The Open Lid

Released on LSD (?) in 1991.


Vintage Review
"I never know quite where to file these various artist 7-inchers - pesky things. Luckily, I probably won't bother with this one. It features four gimmicky psych cuts by the likes of the Riders Of The Mark and the Third Stone. All feature plenty of "trippy" sound effects, fuzz guitar and "far out" arrangements, without actually taking you anywhere exciting. Pass."
- Mike Stax (Originally published in Ugly Things #11, 1992)

"Looks like another Erik Lindgren effort though I'm not sure. Similar in style to the Calico Wall comp with so-so studio psych on side 1 and much better garage psych on the flip, both tracks being available here only. Color vinyl and cool psychy op-art sleeve."

Mr. Stax gives an example of the never-ending grudge a lot of garage-heads hold to any kind of trippy music. I am certainly not an advocate for psychedelic music but why hate on it?

The Llama does kinda the same thing when he's dissing on the first two tracks. What is wrong with a little plastic studio psych? And the lyrics to Dr. Krieg are (somewhat) compelling!

No really, this is a cool 45. And...it is a not-so-cool 45.
I suspect they are all rejected tracks from the Beyond The Calico Wall album. Same font, (probably) the same illustrator (Daniel Abbott), and it reeks of Erik Lindgren.
I love Beyond.. and this EP sits nice between that and let's say Psychedelic Experience Vol. 1.

But then again - you'll do better listening to this if you got a buzz going on.
And the biggest buzz I ever get nowadays is one beer to many on a hot balcony.
And these tracks are very trippy indeed when I'm in that state. But I wouldn't listen to it while commuting.

So this mini-comp demands a pretty elaborate setting to be properly enjoyed, just like a bunch of other psychedelic-tinged comps.
Compare it to the Garage Dreams Revisited I posted yesterday. That EP you can listen to whenever and where-ever.

Believe it or not, this lengthy essay is me asking you to give The Open Lid a fair chance. It is easy to dismiss it as kitschy and silly. And it is, a little bit. But give it a fair chance.


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  1. Hey David...I took this EP Open Lid and combined it with Garage Dream Revisited to make one CD-R with 8 tracks on it...it worked out great...I used Roxio CD Creator to burn the CD-R.

  2. Thanks brother, blessings be upon you!

  3. Any 60s comp with lid in the title is worth investigating. Thanks!

  4. Hi! This was one of mine, not Erik's - and the artist is Coop (Chris Cooper) not Daniel Abbott. It was a fun little project, think we pressed up x 500 of 'em.

  5. PS: the name came from a radio show I heard on an AM radio station as a child in the late '60s, it was an "underground" show...

  6. any chance of a re-up
    thankyou in advance