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The Psychedelic Experience

The Psychedelic Experience

Lysergia 1994
Subtitled The Ultimate Journey Through Late 60s Psychedelia

This is the precursor to The Psychedelic Experience-series that spanned over four volumes. 
Seemingly compiled by a bunch of freaky Stockholmanians, Patrick the Llama being one. I think Stefan Kery could have had a finger in it too. I don't really know.
Could be a world-wide effort.

I get a little bit frustrated with this, I have to tell you.
This could have been in the Psychedelic Disaster Whirl category. And Psychedelic Disaster Whirl is one of the greatest comps in the world! (Psychedelic Experience even repeat What Good Is Up which is strange. They should have had access to other, uncomped, 45s..)
Instead they choose to take that odder way, the bizarre path of Relics or Echoes In Times or Endless Journey even, by mixing exquisite acid punkers with yawn-ish psychedelic album cuts.

I had much more preferred a thematic, chronological approach as that of the first 3 volumes of Highs In The Mid Sixties.
If they had put all acid-punkers from all four albums on one set - that had burned a hole in your speakers and your mind.

But! This is an excellent album and has this very special atmosphere about it and I love it - even if it has a way too many repeats on it och and even if there's some party-poopin' snore-chedelic cuts on it.
I thanks the repeats - I wouldn't have heard them if it wasn't for this! And the party-poopin' snore-chedelic cuts create that certain anything-can-happen feel. Then again, you have to have an open mind to take it all in.

The original album has some uncredited trippy tidbits but not on my version - I didn't even want to try to start to replicate that. 

You can buy it now for the ridiculous price of 75 bucks over here.

Says the Llama:
"From Lysergia's music department comes this conceptual garage psych comp in a mindblowing dayglow sleeve and a ltd ed of 300. Since reviewing this may seem like tooting our own whistle, let's just say the response to it has been truly great and all copies went quicker than a paycheck. Incidentally, the title is to be taken in a literal, chemical sense."

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  1. So, let's try this one out "in a literat sense", but without chemicals for me... I prefer natural homegrown ones.

  2. Thanks for posting this...I scoured the internet looking for the tracklist for this one...I found it.

  3. This place is indispensible: http://www.soybomb.com/garage-comps/classic/

  4. Ah I forgot about that site for '60's comps. Here is the tracklist for this collection of '60's psych.

  5. can't wait to hear this one...thanks man

  6. a friend of mine had taped this for me back then. . .
    and i've since lost the tape. . .
    definitely appreciate yr efforts. . .
    but is there any way i can paypal yu a few bucks. . .
    and get the 2-sides ripped. . .
    with the in-betweenies. . .
    i'd be happy to then re-send it fully tracked. . .
    purty pls?