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Endless Journey, Phase 1

Endless Journey, Phase 1

Psycho 1 UK 1982

Says the Llama:
"The first volume of this LP psych series compiled by (the now defunct) Funhouse Records is a pretty strange affair, featuring an awkward mix of prep rock, '66 punk and heavy psych. Like what market were they aiming for? And why so many covers? A hilarious sleeve of an injection needle flying through space adds more questions to this mystery."

Hehe, the Llama's dry humor never fails to crack me up. He's right on the money, it's a very misch-masch affair. Kinda like Relics but even more confusing. 7 of the 12 tracks are covers. 
Moving Sidewalks does it best with their nuclear annihilation of the Beatles ditty. 
I don't know if you're into that kinda funny stuff but it is truly a jaw-dropping blasphemic assassination, I Want To Hold Your Hand gets hanged, drawn and quartered for all townspeople to see and it's a blast!

Even though that lysegic assauly is impossible to follow, it is still a major letdown to hear Rising Storm stumble their way through a cover of Baby Please Don't Go. 

Then we get treated to Texas pride Outcasts punk their way through Smokestack Lightning.

Oxford Circle's killer 2-sider acid punk never disappoints, and 17 Silver Studded Cadillacs is excellent.

But things starts to drag with Finchley Boys constipated performance. You get relieved when Rising Storm calms things down with a Velvet Underground-y version of Love's Message To Pretty. Don't look back is not too hot tho.

I actually dig Clique's version of Splash 1.

Mystic Tide's roaring Psychedelic Journey Part 1 & 2 is a stroke of genius but gets a bit grating after 9+ minutes of acid punk grind.

Well, if you're into sixties punk, and sixties punk only, this is somewhat of a nightmare.
I thought it was boring when I first bought it but I've warmed up to it now. Finchley Boys are quite awkward but that's ok. 

8 kommentarer:

  1. bought all the volumes and promptly resold them

  2. That was probably the best thing to do

    1. The sole outstanding track is Forest in black of Dirty Filthy Mud was available only on the third volume of the serie

  3. If you like acid punk and fringy psych, then you're better off with 4 cd's of The Psychedelic Experience. I think they are totally awesome, and they've salvaged a lot of cool tracks from crummy compe - like this for instance

  4. You are right !
    No crap on these Cd's some strong songs some weaker but no degenerated hippy jam sessions

  5. Well I have to disagree, as I love all 3 volumes of this serie, they've been some kind of revelation at the time for me. I discovered them in pleasant circumstances long ago, during an evening with close friends, and the good memories attached may influence my judgement, but that's the way it works very often don't you think ?

    1. Hum.. my comment was a bit harsh .I'm only comparing the serie with "the perfumed garden" and the bam caruso

  6. Well I guess the setting would be pretty important. I remember that the track by Strange was a big hit with one of my friends and his weird excitement over it won me over.
    But as the garage-purist I was then, I was bewildered by those comps.
    Plus the repro albums from the label (Psycho) was all sounded so thin and cheap so that was kind of off-putting.
    But all three albums in the series have a very distinct personality and that is what I look for in a comp. So from that aspect I enjoyed them.
    And the Frumious Bandersnatch track was an absolute fave.