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Gathering Of The Tribe

Gathering Of The Tribe

Bona Fide 5913 Germ 1982

"Classic druggie psych comp of the kind people rarely make these days. Appears to be designed especially for the pothead market as there are punk ravers closing each side in order to wake you up from your drug haze and turn the record over! Sounds good on acid too, except maybe for the infamous heavy blues 18-minute Josefus track."

Let's go for the throat right away and adress the Josefus track. It is too epically gargantuan to gloss over. It is like trying to explain the dead body in the trunk for a cop. It is totally impossible to not take it into account when talking about Gathering Of The Tribe.
I mean, what the fuck? What in the name of unholy intercourse?? If only it was the last track on the album, but the turd is the goddamn centerpiece!

Sheesh.. Don't get me wrong, I like heavy rock. But for starters; this is a pretty boring heavy rocker. And it's just too damn long. If you're not smoking something equally heavy, that is. 
The other matter is that it really don't belong with these other tracks. I'm ok with Macabre rubbing shoulders with Larry & the Blue Notes, but an 18 minute heavy blues epic sharing the bill with Unrelated Segments? That's just not right.

And even if you happily tap your feet through the 18 minutes of sizzling heavy-blues-hellfire, I doubt you'll revisit it again anytime soon. That is, if your not stoned out of your mind.

Other than that this is a fantastic comp! There is an overall bum-trippy vibe all through.
Slightly demented, gently lobotomized. The album does make more than one trip over the thin line between acid punk and psychedelia, and the Josefus track is a goddamn outrage, but other than that this could be sorted 'tween The Psychedelic Experience, Psychedelic Disaster Whirl and Acid Dreams. 
And its offspring Son Of The Gathering Of The Tribes. I will post that one later. You punk-fiends will definitely like that one better.

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  1. I had this CD in my collection but lost it because I had hundreds of CD's all over my basement and I cannot find it. I downloaded it again. My original copy was ripped from vinyl too. Thanks for posting this. From New York City.

  2. NP Robert. This sounds better than the CD if I dare say so myself.

  3. Thanks for this ! used to be one of my favourite comps, in spite of the Josefus track. Glad to read that you're gonna take care of volume 2. If my memory serves me well, there even was a volume 3. At one point I wanted to buy the Particles box set, but it was too expensive for a hastily done needle drop.
    Thanks again !

  4. You are very welcome, Frumious! There's actually two more, Valley Of Son Of The Gathering Of The Tribe 3 (crazy title) and Gathering Of The Tribe 4.
    Both are aöbum-oriented and later sixties/early 70s rather than sixties garage.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. David, thank you for some of the psych stuff you've been featuring lately.