lördag 24 september 2016

Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol. 21 - Ohio Part 2

AIP 10030 USA 1985

"Another worthwhile offering with lots of cool punk/psych numbers and only one repeat. Hardly a brilliant comp in any sense of the word but better than most later Pebbles volumes. The entertaining liner notes where Shaw & Co apologize for all the errors on vol 9 suggests that the good tendency in these later comps may be due to an actual conscious effort. Who knows?"

Spot on. Really nothing more to add. The usual mix of punk, rocknroll, pop, psych and some wigged-out acid punk.

Standouts for me are I'm The Kind by Backdoor Society and In Awhile by Pictorian Skiffuls.
Acid thugs should find pleasure in Tinted Green, Another Colored Ink Drawing (A.C.I.D.) and Dark Cobble Street by Hazards, Wild Things and Four O'Clock Balloon respectively.

It's Them/TTHHEEMM's Animals/Them(UK)-inspired R&B belter Baby (I Still Want You Lovin') showed up on Back From The Grave Vol. 9. Weird choice. Would've made more sense on Teenage Shutdown. But it's one of the better tracks here. Still no killer, but one of the better.

Oh, and don't miss out on Thee Young Generation's psychedelic triumph Paperback Minds - very hip, very danceable. Discogs tells us that this is the same Younger Generation as the ones on Crude PA. I don't have TeenBeat Mayhem with me (never leave home without it!) so I can't check.

I hope this makes up for the mucho lame-oh comp I posted yesterday - sorry 'bout that.

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