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Michigan Mixture Vol. 1

Michigan Mixture Vol. 1

Clinging Hysteria 1 USA 1990

Since we're down the heavier path, why not post this lysergic comp. You get a lot of acid punk, some hippie punk and even a proto-punkish track (Stick Over Me by Glass Sun).

We start with Up - the younger brothers of MC5 and the Stooges and their swirling hippie punker Just Like An Aborigine. I don't know what the indigenous people of Australia would think of the lyrics but one must remember that this was released in 1970 by a bunch of punks barely past their teens.
Hassan I Sabbah is a lurking wailer with lotsa thuggish hammering on various instruments. 

Sweet Cherry is cool enough to end up on the revisioned Back From The Grave Vol. 2 with their lobotomized Funny Things Floating. Strange choice because this must be the most psyched out track on that comp series. This is serious mind melting acid punk of the finest order.
The equally blank-eyed zombie-rocker Eight Day Blues would fit in perfectly on Psychedelic Disaster Whirl and is even better than Funny Things Floating.

After Sweet Cherry we get treated to the acid rock of Pitche Blende. Fundamentalist punks won't find this interesting at all and the psych heads won't find it lysergic enough.
Stop! is unquestionably the best of the two tracks. Some wild screaming and sharp solos and cool dynamics totally makes it worth the ride. I like it a lot.

What can be said about the Glass Sun? They released two soaring 45s, one in 1971 (Silence Of The Morning/Oh Sandy) and one in 1972 (Stick Over Me/I Can See The Light) and all four tracks are great in their own way. The fuzz-propelled acid burnt dementia of Silence Of The Morning has been comped repeatedly, but this is the only place that you'll find the awesome Stick Over Me which is a kinda mix of Chamber Brother's Time Has Come Today and Chewing Gum by Creme Soda.
Great mix if, if you ask me.

Dick Rabbits ominous You Come On Like A Train is wild-eyed acid punk that could make any magic trip a hellish experience. Take Me To L.A. is quite bizarre. The melody is pleasant enough but it strokes your brain like a psychomaniac would pet a cat. There is an sunshine-y unspoken panicked passive agressive threat hanging over you the whole song through. Pretty original track.

Popcorn Blizzard is fucking terrible acid rock from a 1968 45. There is no reason for anyone to listen to this dreck. I couldn't find any decent rips of their two silly tracks so I had to consult the original comp. Who cares since no-one should be listening to this waste of sound waves.

Fifty Foot Hose's (labeled She Devils on the comp) demo of Red The Sign Post is yet another minor chord horror movie bum trip acid punker. Tough sounds and feedbacks and awesome singing. You have to be a pretty boring dude or dudette to not feel like dancing like a blood-drenched Manson sect member to this fucker.

Want some over-the-top bad vibes on that? Say hello to In Wyrd which is a fairground fright ride from the netherworld. I dare you to listen to this on any kind of mind-expanding drug. Because your brain would jump right out of your mouth. Because this track is that scary. Really.

From The Womb To The Tomb is another classic acid punker which I'm sure you've heard 1.000 times before. It has been comped before and for a good reason - it fucking rocks.

This is all in all a great acid punk comp, a real scary but fun ride. Just be sure to erase Popcorn Wizard's frilly pink hippie shit.

"Focused on the overlooked post-punk, pre-junkie Michigan psych scene, this first volume is particularly good with almost every track a killer, lots of fuzz and strange lyrics and to 95% 45s only reissued here. Essential to any acid-punk/psych fan."

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  1. Thanks again. I always like your album reviews.

  2. Thanks for posting this! I have it on vinyl, and its a beautiful bummer. Glad to be able to bring the mopey vibes on the go now! And: while I appreciate your takedown of Josephus in the post from December 13 2016, I think I'm gonna have to respectfully disagree. As much as I'd love to, man can't live on a diet of three-chord crudite teen fuzz forever....so when Josephus' brand of hardcore hippie biker gloom garbage started hitting the reissue scene, I for one was happy to add it to my playlists. And if you can see past the 99.9% purity of your admittedly near-perfect garage-punk posts, I'd love to see more material like that (Josephus) and this (MichMix). Either way, enough with the keyboard clatter...time to drown out their neighbors kids with some serious sixties bummer trash! Keep up the good work!