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Pebbles Vol. 11

Pebbles Vol. 11

AIP 10001 USA 1983

Says the Llama:
(On Pebbles Vol. 10) "A sort of Pebbles phase 2 begins here, the deal being three or four monsters per volume and the rest pretty faceless filler stuff. Real fanatics will get these while others can settle for taping the winners."
(On Pebbles Vol. 11) "The same goes for this one which has fewer cuts as well. Punk/psych with some winners and some losers."

"Just when you thought "Pebbles" had thrown in the towel, these two platters (vol. 11 & 12) leap into the fray! As usual there's plenty of fab sounds to be found here. A variety of styles are represented, in the great "Pebbles" tradition: folk-rock, pop-punk, psych, and just plain wyld stuff.

Volume 11 probably has the edge with the demented, and thoroughly camp, Milan - the Leather Boy, the Aardvarks' great "I'm Higher Than I'm Down," and the ultra-primitive fuzz of the Modds, with "Leave My House." Best of all is the inclusion of legendary genius Neanderthals, the Barking Spyders - truly crunching godhead stuff!"

- Mike Stax (Originally published in Ugly Things #3, 1984)

Ok so who's right? It's no Pebbles vol. 5 (which is one of the best garage comps evah!) but it packs quite a punch. It does come with a couple of pop-psych tracks and the very-groovy Von Ruden's "hip" version of the Stones' Spider And The Fly. 
But I dig 'em. I might've been disappointed if I bought the platter back in '83 hoping for a veritable punk-fest, but now I can easily swallow Von Ruden's groovy pill and Looking Glass semi-plastic Visions. 

And if you're cool with those then this is a total hoot, a funfilled ride with allsortsa crrrazy "wyld" sounds that turned kids on in '66 and '83. It is just shockfulla cool stuff and covers the usual genres (like Stax said) punk, psych, pop and folkrock (that'd be Aardvarks towering larger-than-life Higher Than I'm Down).

It starts with Milan the Leather Boy's INSANE Leather Boy which burns rubber like a motherfucker, then dips its toes into some poppy psych, slides along a grimy trail of primitive rock'n'roll, digs up some crude top-shelf garage (Modds, Barking Spyders, Third Revolution) and ends it all Milan's high-energy pop-soul-punker You Gotta Have Soul!

It's just sooo much fun to listen to. In fact, the first 12 Pebbles are fun! Fun!! They are fun and nice and gets you in a good mood. The more I think about it, the more I love it.

So I'm sorry Llama. I usually agree with you but this time I go for Stax review.

Oh, and revisionist me corrected the muck-up with Galaxies IV. The original Pebbles listed Don't Lose Your Mind on the back cover but accidentally switched it for the flip; Piccadilly Circus.
Don't Lose Your Mind makes a lot more sense and is a lot better too!

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