tisdag 20 september 2016

Rich Sounds Of The Sixties Vol. 1

I have been going on before about the sharing of physical comps at the old garagepunk.com forum.
I was able to snag a bunch of awesome fishes, and the Rich Sounds Of The Sixties were one of the best.
Great sound, great selection put together by one great guy. I don't want to name people on my blog, but I can give you a hint - his first name is hidden in the title of the name of the comp.

All in all he released 8 of 'em, all great, some uncomped before.
He said he welcomed some better artwork than he could provide (he made a perfect cover himself by the way, informative and clean & simplistic), so this is my shot at it.
If you can put your glasses on and squint you can read at the top that it contains "30 flacs" which is not true in this case. And I can post the flacs too if you so wish - just holler.

I will post all eight volumes. And if there is another forum comp you need, I might have it. just tell me and I'll get to rippin'.

Oh, and please forgive my ironic boasting of my name on the cover. I just want more people to find this blog so more people get into the dwindling scene of sixties garage.

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  1. Hi,
    tnaks a lot for this one and all the other comps you deliver - I like especially your own comp selections and as a bonus - the artwork!
    You mentioned that you also have other forum comps. As I have seen you are a big fan of TBM I am looking for any information of a song from the revised list in BTBM (track #947 - Unknown Group - 'I'm Dissatisfied'). In best case you have it as an mp3-file and can share it with us.

    I just managed to get my last missing song from the TBM original list (#968 - Talismen).

    And I would be happy if I could also help you with some songs you are looking for. In the last 30 years I bought a lot of records and meanwhile I have even more on hard disks.

    It would be very nice if you consider to get in contact with me:

    I wish you all the best from Germany

  2. Looks great, thanks! If you're looking for votes for more of these, this is an "Aye!"

  3. This blog is an absolute revelation.

    From the funky psych-inspired artwork to all the hard work that goes into compiling and uploading the awesome content, I thank you from the heart of my bottom.

    There are too many kudos to share, so I'll stop right here before I begin to sound like a gushing teenage girl picking out a prom dress.

    Back when we were mods in the early 80s - in the Black Country, England - the consensus was that you liked Northern Soul/R 'n' B, or your you could get your coat on the way out.

    The K♦E♦N♦T record label did a wonderful job of resurfacing many of the Northern classics that made it to Wigan and The Spinning Wheel in the 70s.

    But they also piqued my interest in another genre when they began surfacing groups like the Moving Sidewalks and Question Mark and The Mysterions.

    Yes, these bands paid homage to the hammond and the beat embedded in early albums by The Kinks, Yardbirds, Small Faces, Animals, Spencer Davis Group and even The Rolling Stones.

    It wasn't until my wife inadvertently got the Mod bug to bite me again last year and I began to play my old faves on YouTube (much of my vinyl sold off or lost in the 30 years since finding the antidote to 'Mod') that I discovered that the genre I'd been unconsciously courting was indeed Garage.

    Back in the day, Mod was fresh because of the journey into new sounds still being uncovered from the warehouses Stateside that threw up Northern Soul tracks that never quite made the Tamla label (thankfully!).

    Now, 30 years later and well into another sortie into Mod, it's Garage music - that amazing genre that mixes 60s beat, the hammond and psychedelia so effortlessly - that's providing the unripened fruit along the roadside.

    My legs and hips may not be as dance-floor friendly as they once were, but the receptors of raw emotion that music tantalises are still as sensitive as they were all those years ago.

    This blog is the Tannoy that emits the waves that get my receptors curious. It's an amazing resource - the best by far on the web.

    I just want to (gush) thank you again for the work you put in here. Everything I download I scrobble to Last.fm, where maybe a few more old mods (and new ones) can pick up on the vibes in the garage. It's not just a place to park the Lambretta, after all ☺

    1. Wow, I'm humbled!

      It's a hoot to be able to share your interest with you friends, and all yall who stop by here are just that - my friends.
      I hope you have as a good time as I do listening to these ol' nuggets.

      Thanks for the kind words, they really make me happy.

  4. Herr Doktor Professor Bundt12 oktober 2016 23:15

    Dwindling? Seems more popular than ever. A lot of us older types just had to wait around until Jack White and his butterface wife invented the genre out of whole cloth. It didn't have to be such an insult to drummers and drumming but sacrifices must be made when jumping on the bandwagon is the goal.

    1. Hahaha!
      I hope you're right because the people I know are listening to 70s heavy rock and/or 70s progressive rock. Or Death Metal.
      And those are all 30+

      The generic "kid" (20+) don't seem to be interested in music at all. They're satisfied with what they hear when playing games on the cpu or watching memes on the cpu or watching anime on the cpu.

      Those under 20 - catching Pokémon..