tisdag 4 oktober 2016

Rich Sounds Of The Sixties Vol. 3

Oh me oh my, what have we here? This volume is overflowing with classic garage! 

And the classic garage starts off right away with the high-energy soul of Prodigy and keep racing with Mad Hatters, prance onward with Mark Markham, reverberates together with the ominous Them-ish Jack Of Diamonds, stops by the corner where mr. Zappa is performing his best track - the folksy stomp of Trouble Comin' Every Day...
More über-classic are peppered all through this set. Most of the tracks are pretty poppy, some very slightly psyched (just sprinkled), more than one is concealed uptempo folk-rock, almost all tracks are mid- to billable acts aimed at the billboard - all rather 'safe' garage.

Off topic - I have to raise the question: is anything here garage, as we know and define it? 
And with "we" I mean "me".
What I garage? I don't know.
Garage to me is (for the most part) teen-trash, ineptly played, crudely recorded, released on their own label.
What we hear here is rather teen beat and sixties pop, dontcha think?

The umbrella-term "garage" can be a bit confusing sometimes. At least to me. Or, at least to me before. I think I've got it clearly defined in my head nowadays.
Of course I know what garage is when I hear it. Or sixties punk, or whatever. 

Sixties Garage Punk is a stupid name for a blog, a revisionist term for something untangeable, trying to define a scene that never really existed.
But even if it is a crap name y'all know exactly what ya gonna find here, do you not?


Brothers and sisters, here is the 3rd volume of Rich Sounds of the 60s, a glorious set of songs, all masterfully ripped and sequenced by a very cool collector, all in the name of sharing and having fun.

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