fredag 14 oktober 2016

Rich Sounds Of The Sixties Vol. 7

We hit volume 7 and we're back in the golden state - good ol' sunny California!
Oh, save for some leftover tracks from the Apple State of Washington and the mighty Beaver State, Union State, Webfoot State, yes the sunset state even - the glorious pacific wonderland of Oregon..

There's only two tracks here from OR but they are both worthy of mention: one is the soulful jazzy R&B-funk stomper Long Long Day by the Wheel of Fortune, the other is the jittery yet strangely solemn It's OK by the Ethics.

Liverpool 5, Rooks and Billy & the Kids all hailed from WA. Billy is the best of the bunch with the stunning Do You Need Me? which is the b-side to When I See You (that we find on RSOS #6).

But the rest is all California.
Pretty soft set, pretty darn soft I tell ya. Most tracks has frilly laces of pop 'round them, pleasant to the ear but the set gets a little indistinct because of it.
But as I've stated before - indistinct is sometimes a thing of wonder.

So this time of year when the trees turns into living dying fireworks, when the winds whispers cold secrets through the cracks in the windows, when the floor allows gentle currents of ice cold air rise through its crevices, when the dim and damp evening itself turns its misty back to you - that's when you need a steady shot of sound garage. That's when you put on this sensible set and a cup o java.

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