lördag 15 oktober 2016

Rich Sounds Of The Sixties Vol. 8

Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico - the American Southwest!

We start off the set (as usual) with some early, very american, rock'n'roll. Really dig the stupid version of Something Else (which is thee most perfect rock'n'roll track ever).

We slide into brit inv territory with the great pop song Can't You See I Do by Austronauts
Don't miss that track btw! It kinda flies under the radar but it is an exquisite pop delicacy, something Nerves (of Hangin' On The Telephone fame) would break their fuckin back to come up with.

We get  a bunch of more so-so american rock'n'rollers till the garage starts-a pourin' out of the speakers.

And boy does it ever pour..
A steady stream of high quality meat-and-potato-garage come and goes. 
Some classics, some previously unknown to me and as always a real solid listen.

My faves?

For Me by Destiny's Children is a biiiiiig fave. The kinda shit that could've/should've ended up on a volume of Back From The Grave. 

The 45 by Soothsayers is a great two-sider.

I Don't Recall by the Trolls - I do recall when I first heard it. An insta-fave.

Grapes Of Wrath - If Anyone Should Ask. FUCK YAA!
So much of a fave of mine, enough to have ended up on one of my own comps.

She's Loving Me by Possums is one of the best tracks on the set.

Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2's classic is known and loved by all. Canonical garage.

That's the last of the Rich Sounds Of The Sixties comps.

Raise your glass to good ol' Rich who treated us to this!
Cheers mate! We owe you!

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  1. If I haven't taken the time to thank you for all your work before this, shame on me. But definitely, I really appreciate you doing the work to share 60's garage music, whether in your own comps or "reissuing" these old ones that are no longer available for purchase! Thanks, man! - greg (gregturner@comcast.net)

    1. Thanks Greg, that's so nice of you!

      It's a joy remaking all these old comps, and it is an even greater joy that there is still an interest.

      Take care!

  2. Chees Late'
    Just wanted to say thanks also!