lördag 1 oktober 2016

Son Of Gathering Of The Tribes

BF 20183 Germ 1983

"Great 45 oriented sequel that should appeal to punk fans as well. Several killers and a great consistency. Only 200 copies made, each with an individual sleeve design. Was reissued in the early 90s."

Yet another 1983 comp. The year AIP released the two last great Pebbles albums. The year of the first volume of Back From The Grave. And Acid Visions, And four (4!) set of Boulders, 2nd volume of Chosen Few, Earpiercing Punk, the first five (5!!) volumes of Highs In The Mid-Sixties, the first Hipsville, the first New England Teen Scene, the second Off The Wall - need I go on?

Atleast over 30 comps was released in 1983. The second wave of the golden comp-age was in full swing. This might have been the busiest year ever. Things would slow down the following years up until around 1987 when the scene seem to have started to fizzle out.

This is pretty much a psych comp, but not 100%. More like a wigged out version of Acid Dreams.
Lots of well-known tracks here, some not that known, some previously unknown to me and a great spread of styles and smooth sequencing.
I love how the delightfully frightful brutal swaying fuzz-fest of Malibus' Cry gets to share album with the mucho-groovy hippie-hairy christian singer/songwriter D.R. Hooker.

What I dig with this slightly dizzyingly mixed album is that it puts both Cry and Forge Your Own Chains in their own personal distinct spotlight. Whereas in Back From The Grave it is pretty much a deadly flat-line all through, and the same with straight psychedelic albums.
That's why I dig Relics and Echoes In Time for example.

I hope you like it too. Much thanks to Sylvain for the glorious scan of the front cover, the back I snagged from discogs is is not as fancy.

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  1. I already have this on CD...I got it from a trade many years ago...I downloaded this anyways...the version I have is kind of muddy. I love your ripps ! Thanks from here in New York City on a rainy Saturday.

    1. Hey Robert!
      Yeah that CD boot is not better than the vinyl.
      A lot of those old comps really didn't sound too good.
      Hope you'll be able to enjoy my version.

      Have a magical day!

  2. A good mixture of psychedelia and garage I love sorcerella
    Thank you David

  3. Thank you. I love the psych component.