måndag 28 november 2016

Garage Music For Psych Heads Vol. 1


Much thanks to a friendly user, we can let our eyes feast on the original cover to the cassette.
Awesome! These things should be preserved to be enjoyed by future generations.
I seriously think that.

Psych-Out ‎– PSY102 Cassette 1983

I have absolutely no idea what this is. Sometimes you stumble on random comps and this is one of them.
It is a sensible mix of garage and aimed at the psych-head side of the garage scene - I guess?

We get some moody tracks, some slightly psych-ish tracks, a fistful of classics (still not comped to hell way back when this cassette was released in 1983), two! (2) Hey Joes, , Beatles original drummer Pete Best's own little band (Pete Best Four, duh), some major bands (Electric Prunes, Chocolate Watch Band, Cryan Shames, Music Machine) and it all ends with Golden Cups epic cover of Hey Joe.

It is a great introductory course in garage, especially what garage was a lot about in the mid 80's. 
I recommend all newcomers to explore this set. Old black-belt garage connoisseurs like myself don't have much to find here. Except some reminiscence, which is good enough for me. 

Despite valiant efforts, I failed to find the original cover to the cassette so I made my own. I was trying to capture the aesthetics of the day but only had half of my ass invested so.. well, I made a cover anyway. If you have the original let me know and I'll update this post.

What I urge you to do now, my friends, is to download this set, copy it to a cassette (C60 I s'pose) and let that shit get tangled up and stuck in your car. You don't have a cassette player in your car? OK, in your boombox then? No? Your stereo? Walkman?
OK then just let it rest in peace on a bookshelf or loan it to a friend who loses it or drop it behind the bed where they usually ended up back in the daze.

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  1. The file is corrupt when trying to unzip. Please fix and upload again.

  2. Thanks for this one. I downloaded it and burned a CD-R using Roxio...I printed out your liner notes they are very funny ! Thanks again.

  3. Also thanks for the updated cover ! I printed it out and using it for my CD-R.