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Sir Maggot's Savage Affection

Sir Maggot's Savage Affection

(Private Press 2005)

WARNING! This is a huge-ass post full of scans and photos and links and shit!!

It all started at the OLD forums. It should have been around 2004.
Renowned record collector BossHoss decided he would share some of his rare garage 45's on a CDR.
He maybe pressed about 50 and sent 'em around the world. This was followed by two more stellar comps, and set off a flurry of activity at the forum.

Other collectors made their own comps and sent to members of the forum, who in turn ripped these and sent to other members who had missed out.
Some of these CDR were better than others in selection and sound quality, and one of the best were forum member, record collector, DJ aficionado and bona fide garage rock royalty Sir Maggot's fuckin glorious Savage Affection!
(He actually release 3 more, two soul comps and one psychedelic called All Kinds Of Highs.)

This comps is a pretty good representation of what the mid-80s garage scene was all about: melodic catchy garage, fuzz, farfisas, wigged out/tripped out lyrics - all tinged with lysergic madness.

I'm no collector, but the price on these 45s reach an average of about 150 buckaroos, the most expensive being Holocaust who was sold for $666 last year. So if you want to buy the original 45s on this you'd have to fork out around $4500. And that is mid price for the average sixties garage sampler!

I'll do some liners to keep me occupied and you entertained.

Sources: TeenBeat Mayhem, 45Cat, Discogs, Garage Hangover, Cosmic Mind At Play, Opulent Conceptions, It's Great Shakes, On The Flip-Side, Finerecording Studio, You Tube, Rate Your Music plus some other randoms..


(Baton Rouge, LA) Jun '67
Senate 2109

"I wouldn't care for you any more than if you - never existed!"

(snatched the photo from Opulent Conceptions...)

I think I first heard this on some crappy Cicadelic comp and wasn't impressed. But when I experienced it through Sir Maggot (he freakin loves it!) I got smitten by the fuzzy pop of Never Existed.

The eerie cords, the paint-peeling fuzz, the stark and pretty fuckin dark lyrics and the over-the-top urgency of the track is astounding.
It gets a 5 out of 10 in TBM is outrageous. Then again, it's a very poppy track.

Read more here:


(Brooklyn, NY) Oct '67
Roulette 4774

"I'll give you love - it's a thing that you've never known before"

Another stone cold classic track, this first graced Billy's Psychedelic Unknowns Vol. 2, but it never sounded as good as here.

The catchy hook, the persistant tambourine and the adorable singer singer those cutesy lyrics. Hmm, yeah those lyrics... I Cried Goodbye features their master-tape-only We Walk The Rain and those lyrics could very well be about the same girl running away from her supposedly sordid past. 
I hope she's alright.

Copy-pasted offa The Hermit Rambles:
"Originally known as the Back Door Men, and later the Bootleggers, Brooklyn, NY's First Crew To The Moon signed with the Roulette label on the recommendation of legendary songwriter Doc Pomus. Unfortunately for the band, their only record for Roulette, a song called Spend Your Life With Me, was released just as the label's entire promotional budget was being spent on the latest single by labelmates Tommy James And The Shondells, a tune called I think We're Alone Now. To add insult to injury, Roulette misspelled the band's name on both sides of the record, inadvertently rechristening them First Crow To The Moon, a name that actually fits the record's B side, a psychedelic masterpiece called The Sun Lights Up The Shadows Of Your Mind, quite well. As it turned out, none of this really mattered, as the band soon disbanded following the death of lead guitarist Alan Avick of leukemia. Perhaps the group's greatest legacy, however, was to serve as inspiration to their friend Chris Stein, who several years later would team up with Deborah Harry to form a group called Blondie."

Read more here:


(Paducah, KY) Aug '67
Creole 1002

"Can't take much more.."

Easily one of the best tracks on Pebbles Vol. 12. This 45 is a double-sided killer as well a fuckin classic.
The singer sounds like he's just about to cum all over his paisley shirt - he clearly can't take much more. He says so himself, several times! 
A very cool and short tune, probably written in the studio. 
This is as close we come to hear what Buddy Holly woulda sounded like if he survived that crash to go live in the sixties and have orgies with groovy hippies, all trippin balls stoned outta their freakin minds.

 Read more here:


(Danbury, CT) Sep '66
Columbia 43790

"Extra girls come a dime a dozen"

A very groovy and poppy bubblegum teenybopper rocker! Sadly they didn't move too many units.
I think he's talking about having more than just one girl. 
You go tiger, just don't catch anything nasty.

Read more here:


(Pottstown, PA) '69
Regime 6964

"A multitude of colors will blow in the night, color schemes are triggered by ideas in sight"

More lysergic grooviness, with one fat fuckin fuzzzzz and a cool farfisa keeping things going.
I think this dude is also trippin balls what with the colors and shit.
Makes me wanna drop a tab and dance all night lit up by a psychedelic light show and brown acid, but then I remember I hate doing that.
Fantasies are weird. Cool track anyway..

Read more here:


(San Antonio, TX) Jul '67
Laramie 666

"Remember all the times we said goodbye, all the tears and all the hurt and all the lies"

The Children plow through The Stoics classic Enough Of What I Need released just six months prior. The bands shared guitarist William Ash and I think a good portion of The Children backed singer Steven Parron as The Mind's Eye on another epic classic - the paint-peelin', wall-scratchin', bum-trippin', mind meltin' Help I'm Lost.
Steven Parron was with organist Luis Cabaza in Argyles and recorded a rather pedestrian - but OK - version of Farmer John.

Verrrrry nasty groove goin on here. Some kewl Roky-esque shrieks, great steady heavy beat, wigged out solo and a singer reminiscing finger-banging and begging his lover for a happy ending.

Alright, I'm telling Tipper Gore!!

Read more here:


(Ann Arbor, MI) Sep '65
A2 101 

"She look so good, she look so fine"

The Psychedelic Stooges

Yeah, that's Iggy wearing his Rational t-shirt in support! (You might have to click the pic to be able to read it)

The Rationals (as y'all probably already know) was a pretty big band in Michigan - or at least in Ann Arbor.

This was their first 45, and the first 45 release by A-Square. A killer single, both sides are great. I do prefer the b-side ballad, but then again my taste sucks.

Scott Morgan (vox) would later play together with Scott Asheton in Sonic's Rendezvous Band, hence the Stooges connection, but y'all already knew that. 

Read more here:


(Midland, MI) Jul '66
Lee 3735

"It's better to have lost and love, they say"

I love this great moody garage rock ballad. Not much to add, just a freakin great heart-on-the-sleeve tearjerker.

Read more here:


(Rochester, NY) Sep '67
In 67101

"I try to make her mine, cause she's just my type, cause she's out of sight - ow!"

AWRITE! I have to cut a rug a little, sitting on my chair, spilling the coffee - hey, I'm trying to blog here!
Great swingin' punker, passionate singer and great solo. IMHO Back From The Grave-worthy!

Read more here:

(Riverdale, Long Island, NY) May '66
20th Century Fox 636

"I'm wise to you girl - you really ran around"

A haunting moody piece with spooky "aaah"s and a mortally wounded singer. The sparse production with organ, drums and muted guitar gives this track a lot of air.
I guess the inspiration could be chalked up on Yardbirds, but it doesn't owe much.

I can't find this on any official comp, so thanks for filling us in Sir Maggot!


(Midland, MI) Jul '66
Lee 3736

"You only live once....the one I want is you"

ACE track! Sir Maggot is wise to mix up this killer comp with some first-class garage punk!
I don't have much to say about this rockin track so I'll just shut my mouth.


(Paducah, KY) Aug '67
Creole 1002

"I was a fool to cry so much, I was a victim of your golden touch"

There's not much to say about this stellar track - everything is flawless and it is a total classic.
Awesome solo.

Read more here:


(Terre Haute, IN) Dec '68
Paro 202

"Sara Bella cries with pain, as she struggle life with fantasy, the darker streets are shades of blue to me - mary jane!"

OK - I don't know if that quote is correct in any way shape or form, but you are more than welcome to correct me.

Maryjane is more of that paint-peeling fuzzadelic meltdown that makes up a large portion of this comp.
Some awesome tribal drumming and doom throbbing bass.


(Valley View, PA) Jun '69
Kingston 19693

"Take my hand, walk with me, and how happy we will be, hand in hand..."

After a long night tripping balls, you want to come down with your best girl by your side all while the sun rise and the birds chirp and the dew greet every step of your naked feet, running through the fields, swirling, turning, dancing...till it dawns on you that you are on a traffic island with cars passing by and people alerting you to the fact that you are naked from the waist down, holding a live duck and a crucifix.

Don't do drugs, kids.


(Northridge, CA) Oct '65
Mira 207

"Well I guess I'll shoot my woman now"

Ya wanna talk classics? On the garage heaven, this sucker is right up there with Louie Louie when it come to defining the genre. It is simple and it is totally furious and it rages on for almost 3 full minutes, not letting go for a second!
I mean I like their later version too but there ain't no way to compare! 

One of the crudest folk-rocker there ever was.

Copy-pasted offa Hey Joe Versions:
"I recently read the notes to Love’s self-titled debut album and it mentions the Leaves getting a copy of the lyrics off of Johnny Echols of Love. Byran Maclean (of Love) was close friend of The Byrds and that was where he got the lyrics from. But since Echols suspected they were going to release it as a song before Love he changed the lyrics in the copy he gave them, and this modified copy is what the Leaves and others like Jimi Hendrix used. Hence the Leaves and Jimi sing “hey joe where you goin’ with that gun in your hand” as opposed to “hey joe where you goin’ with that money in your hand” which is what Love used and is in the copy of Billy Roberts lyric sheet on your site (why would you be going with a gun to buy a gun??). Love were going to release it as their single but because the Leaves got there first so they didn’t."

Compare the different versions:


(???, CA) '73
ALA 4422

"The light that shine within my world is the light of lasting sorrow"

Man, this is a downer track. You won't find this track on any other comp - this is it.
Yeah, and check out the year this was released - 19fuckin73.


(Chicago, IL) '68
Red Robb 2025

"Under my protection, safe from social detection, under my savage affection"

This is IT! This fucker right here is worth the price of the admission alone!!
An insane, feral, primal slab of dirty, filthy, slimy rock!!!

I'd like to tell myself that it was my nagging Sir Maggot to hear this 45 in better audio than offered on Mayhem & Psychosis that made the good Sir to include it.
Duznt matter, what is important is that it is here and that we all turn up the firkin volume.

I don't know where the guys went after this masterpiece, but they used to record as Lost Agency and released one killer punk/psych 45 on the label USA in July of 1967; the stomping Raider-esque One Girl Man and the more than slightly fried trippy tribal Time To Dream.

Anyhoo, there's not a lot of these babies around. They pretty much never turn up on eBay - the last time it did it cost the winner 666 buckaroos! A fitting number since it is a beast.


(Port Arthur, TX) Jan '68
Pacemaker 262

"The others watch me as I clear the webs away.."

Very eerie plodding psychedelic groover. This is another total classic, easily one of thee best punkadelic tracks there is. The flip is great too, but doesn't reach the levels of flawlessness that this 45 does.
10 outta 10!

Read more here:


(Youngstown, OH) Oct '65
Action 500

"You caused it all!"

Yeah, we need some good ol' garage to wash the menacing vibe away, and what better than a classic girl putdown?
Executioners released 2 more 45s of which I'd pick the cool mover I Want The Rain as the winner.

Don't Put Me On is a stomping punker and is great too and hasn't been included on any comps since Midwest Vs The Rest. Go figure.

Here we hear it again in stellar sound.


(St. Joseph, MI) Sep '67
Great Lakes 2528

"The wheels go round, but I can't get no ride"

Groovy and funky mover, but I prefer the moody I'm So Lonely.
But Can't Get No Ride fit this comp much better and see to that even 20 tracks in the comp still haven't let up any steam.

Anyhoo, this is a cover of Finley Browns hand-clapping party-crashing I Can't Get No Ride from 1966.

The label seems connected to the classic teen beat label Fenton, but that is where my knowledge takes a nosedive, and why I'm not a record collector.

But I can point you in the direction of some other cool tracks released by Great Lakes:

The New Era - We Ain't Got Time (Great Lakes 2532) 1967
The Blues Company - Experiment In Color (Great Lakes 3002) April 1968
Dick Rabbit - Love (Great Lakes GL-103) 1969


(University of Texas, El Paso, TX) Mar '68
Pinpoint 6903

"It's a shame to be alone, my mind is blown, our love has gone to pieces"

A great slow-cooking menacing gnarly fuzz guitar gracing this track. A crude track, but it is very tight and neat. 
The flip Stop The World is a Doors-y slow rave-up.

This was the last 45 the Chains released, and arguably their best.


(Greeley, CO) Mar '66
Acropolis 6601

"To awaken from this slumber, just to know that our days are numbered.."

I get hypnotized and super-soothed by the Soothsayers somewhat detached Byrds-ian chanting.
They ask some metaphysical questions and answers them themselves with a lingering "I don't know.."

This was their first release - the flip Please, Don't Be Mad is cool too, and their last 45 is awesome!

Acropolis 6612 Dec '66


(Cleveland, OH) Feb '66
Tema 132

"I'll give you a chance to come back, all you had to do was ask"

Competent garage from the Baskerville Hounds. They released a bunch more on Tema, all pretty pedestrian but able garage.


(Chicago, IL) '68
Red Robb 2025

"Glad that you decided to land, we're tutti-frutti and the one-man-band"

If the flip Savage Affection leave you unfazed, then Tutti-Frutti And The One Man Band will run your mind over with a mind mower and recycle what's left of your chopped-up fucked-up sanity.

This ABSOLUTE MONSTER OF A GARAGE 45 gets a pretty low rating in TBM; Savage Affection gets a 5 and Tutti-Frutti here gets a 4. Pretty upsetting.

But did the label - Redd Robb - release anything else? YES! Edges Of Wisdoms lethal double-sided killer 45 That Lonely Road vs The Past is another one I know of, re-released on Last Of The Garage Punk Unknowns Vol. 3 and Vol. 5 respectively.


(Sandstone, MN) Jan '65
Boss 6501

"I know that I'm a fool for giving love to you"

Stomping DC5 punker, fuckin ACES! This kind of fuckery could fit on any comp - Pebbles, Psychedelic Unknowns, Garage Punk Unknowns, Nuggets - POTENT MATERIAL!!
And it's basically two chords, growls and a tasteful spartan punk solo cherry on top.
 10 out of 10 in my book!

This GODHEAD stomper made its comp debut in 1965 - whaddya think about that - on Top Teen Bands, Vol. 1. It also graced (the very frenchly named) Everywhere Chainsaw Sound in 1982 and then Root '66 in 1984. And we had to wait another 20 years for it to be available again: on Sir Maggots mighty comp Savage Affection.

Read more here:


(Fort Wayne, IN) Feb '67
RCA-Victor 9113

"I know your name"

Here's some product info served by rereleasing label Break-A-Way Records:
"The Olivers from Fort Wayne, Indiana evolved out of the Serfmen, a popular local band with two rare 7-inches on their own Nemfres label. When the Serfmen signed with Indiana based agency Dino Enterprises in 1966, original member Greg Church left the band and was replaced by Billy Franze from another local group, The Unexpected. The band then moved in a British invasion direction, both for the music and outfits, and changed its name to The Olivers. The line-up at the time consisted of Jay Penndorf (guitar, vocals), Chuck Hamrick (drums), Carl Aldrich (keyboards, vocals) and Billy Franze (bass, vocals). The group's sole 7-inch release, 'I Saw What You Did' b/w 'Beeker Street', was released -including a picture sleeve- later that year on the local Phalanx Label. It got picked up by RCA Records for nationwide release and is rated today as one of the best and most exciting double sided major label garage 45s of the 1960s."

Another stone cold classic. I Saw What You Did have been boosting garage comps left and right since first inclusion on Mind Blowers Vol. 1 in 1983.
Better than the Animals, which seems to have been the inspiration.


(Ann Arbor, MI) Mar '68
A2 333

"When it happened something snapped inside"

First of all - I much more prefer the version on the album. So please fuckin kill me.

With that out of the way: this is an EPIC hyper electric freak-out explosion. Brother Wayne Kramer take a buzzsaw to the fabric of reality and goes to work for 2 and a half minutes forcing Brother Rob Tyner to stand on his toes not to drown in the fuzz-drenched tsunami released.


(Lynn, MA) Aug '66
Polaris 002

"I know that our love is meant to be spent in misery - so don't cry"

Richie's Renegades won a local Battle Of The Bands and got the opportunity to record and release a single. That is all fine and dandy, and the tunes is really cute.
The lyrics are pretty defiant - it seems like society doesn't approve our protagonist and his partners love. But their "gonna show them that our love is here to stay!"

But what rocks my socks off is that they backed the ferocious William The Wild One on his killer punker (They Call Me) Willie The Wild One! SUFFER!!


(Cleveland, OH) Oct '66
Dyno-Voice 227

"Why can't I love you when the lights are on?"

More trouble in paradise! Another couple that can't love each other in the light of day.
The track is somewhat psychedelicized and is regularly included on psychedelic comps (first time on the great Son Of The Gathering Of The Tribes) and the star here is the impassioned singer, but also the great organ and daring production.

Just like Olivers above, there's a slight but very successful influence of the Animals.

There were three other Missing Lynx, all not related and all great.

Missing Lynx from New Hampshire released one 45 on their own label Lynx in 196?: 13 Reasons vs Under My Thumb
Another Missing Lynx from Lawrenceburg, TN released one 45 on United Sounds 100 (only known release) in 1967: Hang Around vs Louie Go Home
and finally
YET another Missing Lynx from Great Falls, MT released one 45 on Drop-Out 2302 in August of 1967: To Be Like You vs Live One Life For Me (And One Life For Yourself)

Read more here:

(???, SF) '71
GSR 501

"My baby don't want you and you know damn well, you better stay away or I put you in hell - you don't believe me? Well, watch out!"

We're through the looking glass here, Sir Maggot took us by the hand and led us to the land of Bonehead with this greasy belter. Well I don't mind, I don't mind at all.

Read more here:

(Chicago, IL) '68
Kiderian 45111

"I never weep at night, I call you name"

One of my fave tracks by the fab four is deconstructed and bastardized by the Night Shift, a bunch of music terrorists from Chicago, Illinois. It features the same tape loop as Graf Zepplin's Herculean assassin-of-the-psyche You're In My Mind

It is a fitting end to an astonishing 31 track trip.




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