lördag 31 oktober 2015

Buried Alive part 5 - repost

Buried Alive part 5

Last part, the one with all the stinkers. And strangely one of the most downloaded comps I've made.

"Look out - this one is vile. It is terrible. I gathered all the worst stinker flips on one comp and phiuuu does it ever suck.
But this concludes the collection of flips from the eminent Back From The Grave-series, save for two songs whose 45s are yet to be found.
Have a nice saturday."

fredag 30 oktober 2015

Buried Alive part 4 - repost

Buried Alive part 4

This is what I wrote about this part on the G45 board:

"The working title for this was simply 'Straight-Up Garage' which it for the most part is. Most of these are well known in this community and there's not that many surprises.
I had not heard Me And Them Guys' killer instrumental - awesome stomp.
Same goes for 'One Pine Box' that I've been longing to hear since I bought my first Grave some 20 years ago.
The third (of the comps four) instro 'Rick O'Shay' was also new to my ears. Nice mover."

This part definitely has some classic garage on it. All is great to genius garage.

torsdag 29 oktober 2015

Buried Alive part 3 - repost

Buried Alive part 3

This is what I wrote about it at the G45 forum: 
"The working name for this was "Half Drunk At 4 AM With Friends And Neighbours" and is for the most part a rather drowsy affair - but no clunkers here, just lazy-ass (or half-assed) garage. It sure demands an attentive ear."
So it is not full crazy-ass killers. More like ballads and downers and some poppier stuff. It is a real mixed bag. But it should make a good listen and hey - who don't want to hear what's hiding behind those raunchy garage 45s on the legendary Back From The Grave-volumes?

tisdag 27 oktober 2015

Buried Alive part 2 - repost

Buried Alive part 2

High time to repost these puppies. This is what I wrote about them in 2013:

"More flipsides from the Back From The Grave-series.
This part is focused on frat-rock, covers and good ol' rock'n'roll. There's 3 - 4 punkers in here, but mostly it is just party rock."

måndag 26 oktober 2015

Buried Alive part 1 - repost

Buried Alive part 1

High time to repost these puppies. This is what I wrote about them in 2013:

"You might get a kick out of this. I compiled (with a lot of help from my friends) a 5-part disc-set of flips from the tracks featured on the notorious Back From The Grave series. 
Some flips are storming punkers, some is just pedestrian teen beat, some is frat-rock and some is absolute stinkers. I tried to keep some kind of theme on each part. Why? Because I can!
The theme on this is loser garage, moody punkers and doomy ballads. It is my favorite.
Anyway, they are all here except for two tracks that are simply not available even for the most hardcore collectors .

Hope you like."

torsdag 22 oktober 2015

Real Junk

Real Junk

I made this some time ago but wasn't at all satisfied. A month ago I gave it another try  and was surprised at how good it was. Not the strongest set in this series, but totally worth it.

The first track is worth the (free) admission alone, so is the last. And the third. So is the undercomped fourteenth.

Hope ya'll like.