torsdag 16 oktober 2014

The Last Laugh

The Last Laugh

Let me first say that I feel that my comps are getting weaker. I think the first 20 got most of the creme de la creme. 
Nevertheless, this is just fun'n'games - who cares if you've already heard it!?

Vigilantes gets to start this new set. We get fuzz, sax, organ, bubbly bass, hellavalot of the ride-cymbal and a rowdy solo on the geetaar.
Yeah we notice ya, awrite already!

(Angier, NC) Oct '67
JCP 110

Come Back Bird is a kewl 'n'groovy track. Is that a fukin banjo I hear in the background?

(Abilene, TX) July '65
Askel 45-7

I don't know what ya'll think about Thinkin' About You but it happens to be on my Top 50 list of my fave garage punkers. This is pretty much how I like my garage - cool, suave and not too obscured by fuzz. That is also how I like my.. cats.
A+ for the drums. And the tambourine. And the cool-beyond-belief git. And the hoarse teenster vox.

(Savannah, GA) November '66
Thunderbolt 201,091

Bassmen is also laid-back and affable garage. But not on the expense of tense and dense garage punkerism.

(Tucson, AZ) Apr '65
Gallantry (745-675)

More of the same but twice as fast with Sound Track and their spastic I See The Light
The drums makes this song really but everything else is pretty much awesome too.

(TN) Nov' 67
Trail 1706

All songs I've ever heard called 'Revenge' has been excellent. Society of Sounds Revenge is also ultra-nice. Hmm and I don't know why they called themselves SoS on this since it is listed as a 45 by Castaways Five in Teenbeat Mayhem (an excellent book where I lifted all info - thanx MTM!)

(Fort Myers, FL) '66
Raol 001/2

Comin Generation's Hey Girl is a rowdy piece of fuzzteria!! HEAVVVY bass.

(Alliance, OH) March '68
Dupree 1304

OK, side 1 finish off with some intromental garage. You might know the godhead powerpopish flip It Doesn't Matter. But here we enjoy the b-side: Walkin' The Nose.

(Hope, RI) Aug '66
Mystic 1/2

OK, the B-side of this virtual comp starts off little zany - AT FIRST!!
Crazy smattering drums pepper the song into garageland.
Wait a minute and the fuzziest Bryan Gregory-esque git solos you've ever heard shall punish your starved ears for almost a full minute. EPIC!!

(dunno shiiit, acetate muthafucka!!)

Epic V is a little special to me and almost certainly to everybody else who got BossHoss CDR-comp A Funny Thing Happened.. sent to them some years ago.
The song that started the set was I Need You're Lovin'.
Those were the days, my friend.
Slick, clean and uptempo classic Texas meat-and-potato-garage. 

(San Angelo, TX) Oct '67
Sully 1004

I Told You - straight up garagepunk. That is all I have to say about it.
And that it is totally awesome.

(La Canada, CA) March '65
Bellcore 102

We almost hit acid-punk territory with Changing Tymes' Go Your Way.
Cool tremolo and fuzz, funky drums and organ and shit. You know the drill.
(not the same Changing Tymes of You Make It Hard fame found on When Shadows Fall but the same as on the You May See Me Cry comp)

(Gate City, VA) Dec '67
Moss 000-003/4 

OK - I made an artistic risk here. All might not enjoy the hazy Honeymoon Tree.
But I love the involuntary druggy feel and that crazy maracas and cheesy lyrics.
Try it, you'll like it. 

(Los Angeles, CA) Date???
Royal Crest 178

Moguls' Try Me - this is such an ultra classic, man. Atleast the sonixxx are topnotch.

(Eugene, OR) March '66
Panorama 29

Wasting My Time - yeah! Classy girl put-down lyrics.
And some fuzz on top. This was Massachusetts New Breed's sole 45. On the flip we find the cutesy It's Love.

(Worcester, MA) Aug '66
Polaris 711

The last track on The Last Laugh is Sound On Sound's solid gold and ever so slightly psych-tinged Girl You've Got To Turn Me On
Very groovy indeed.

(Grundy, VA) '67
Tunnel 212

And that's that! I've got at least two more comps coming up so stay tuned, fiends!



I've been thru a minor hell and a terrible break-up! You know how it is..
But now the tears have dried and shit is not given so swiftly anymore.

So let's get down to the biz.


You asked me to make some reposts and I'm happy to do it.


I will post the new RIP comps in a matter of seconds.

torsdag 24 juli 2014

You May See Me Cry

You May See Me Cry

Thanks for all the kind words - they really make me happy!

Welcome to the 28th set and yet another downer/loser bunch of tunes.

We start out with a classic - I Can Go On by Riots.
I Can Go On is spooky and moody, slightly sounding like the Animals on a bad day.
Great guitar and harmonies.

Illusions is not as primitive-sounding but a bit more mersey-ish. 
Her Own Way is a total loser ballad. From Feb '66.

You Let Me Down is soopah-spooky and bad vibes all the way. 
Oncomers 45 are from 1967.

Shadow Casters dishes out this ditty riddled with hippy-dippy imagery and Byrdsy harmonies and some "baaa-bopbopbop-baa-baa" in the end.
Kick ass solo. April '68.

Same Old Worries. Aaah, I love this track. Also Byrdsy in its harmonies but that don't matter.
Incredible stuff. Reasons Why released three 45's (I think) and the one before this one has Tell Her One More Time on it and you can find it here:

Members are hellbent on surviving the breakup. They won't sigh, they won't cry and they won't die.
Instead, they'll get by. Without her. From April 1966.

Another classic, this time served by Best Things and their epic You May See Me Cry.
Best Things was really the Madhatters. I don't know why they reissued the 45 as Best things.
The flip is Chick Are For Kids.

Morning After released this jangling lament in 1967. 
The guy in the song is getting a total teen-boner while he thinks of thing his girl does.
What a one-track mind. Funny he makes it sound so romantic.

You Know I Do by Crucibles is also a super-classic. 
The song is galloping away then halts at the solo only to gallop away again chased by crashing drums and twangy guitars.

More loser garage! The Only Girl I Love is not too refined, and we like that don't we. 
From August 1967.
"Aaaw, giddit now!"

Landlords try to calm things down again. They totally succeed with I'll Return.
The flip is called I'm Through With You and is a pretty nice ballad too!

MOVE OVER, LANDLORDS! Heeeere's Barry Ebling & the Invaders huffing n puffin the house down with the raw power of FUZZ alone.
Semi-fruity chorus, but they totally make up for it with fuxxxx and a baaaad attitude.
From Mars 1967.

Aren't we done with fuzz and primitive beats? NOOO!
Wild Things need to punish us first. Tell Me gots organ, gots fuzz, gots attitude. Gots it OHN!
From 1967.

Converts is so funny.. 
They're all "Don't leave me girl!" first, and then is all "there's fat chance baby that you'll ever get another man" and tops it off with the classy line "because you're not so hot!"

Next out is Cavemen (not the It's Trash-bunch) and their Sandy is a one-mic-hangin-in the-roof and is primitive, awesome, supercool and the best fukkin song on this set!

Last out is another classic - Intruders and their epic I'll Go On
Kick-ass chorus!!

That was it this time. Thanks again for all the kind words. I will busy for a couple a weeks now so don't bother checkin in before mid august.

Much love!!!

onsdag 16 juli 2014

You Hurt Me So

You Hurt Me So

Welcome back, and welcome newcomers! Be sure to spread the word so more people get hip to the cool sounds of 60s garage punk! 
There is an OCEAN of mp3 comps out now - I know! Some of them is downright boring to sit thru.
My idea of making comps is to make them flow, and to use songs that haven't been repeated too many times and that garage aficionados might've forgotten about but also to give new listeners a chance to hear some old classics as well.

This set is yet another bunch of moody loser tracks.

But we start bongoing with the Satisfactions' spastic Only Once. A total winner.

After that we get treated to some patented garage fzzzzzz with the nutty Wondering Why by the Royal Aircoach. Dynamics man, dynamics!

Then we fizzle in on The World I've Planned by the Oxford Five. Very funky drums.

Possums' write an homage to all bullied loser kids out there in King Of His World

Barons' Tomorrow Never Ends might sound pussyfooted at first but check the drummer driving that beat, check the singer and his inspired vocals and the cool way he counts off the song's last organ solo - "ONE TIME, NOW!"

I'm crazy about the singer in Uncivilized and the way he sounds like he's ready to break down in tears any second. And you have to love that spooky organ!

Only Ones' Beatle-esque Find A Way has the most exquisite little guitar break that drives the final nail into the loser coffin. And don't miss the kick-ass bass! Syncopated and inventive!

5 PM's How Many Days is a total classic - "I call your name but you don't answer me no more..".
I can totally relate. When I was a teen and got dumped, I remember calling my absent ex-girlfriend's name while lying in bed, with my head buried in a pillow. Yes I am not ashamed to admit it!
Very tasty intro, and a very tasty little solo.
"How many days must I wait for your love again, wait for your kissing' and your love again.."

Oooooooh! STAND BACK! Rollin' Ramsaxes roll in on the scene with the thunderous and foreboding EPIC You've Hurt Me So!
Feel the rain! See the lightning! Hear the thunder of a heart breaking!
Another teen cheated on, another teen deadly wounded, another teen crying in his bedroom..
"You hurt me so, but darling it won't show.."

Bounty Hunters' almost echo the emotional thunderstorm the Rollin' Ramsaxes just put us thru.
"Ooooh, I try to smile for a while..
The Sun Went Away is such a total moody song, it is incredible that they even can muster up some energy to play it. And check the spoken part! Cheese supreme!
"Gee, I feel so all alone since my baby's gone. I don't know what to do, I try but I can't go on."

More weather related sorrow with Gaunga Dyns Clouds Won't Shine. We also get treated to an abysmal fuzz solo and a very unfitting and strange ending to the song.

Sweet Love is so adorable. Hope it's not to fruity for all my cool listeners. Page Boys kinda makes it up with their flip All I Want that can be found on The Dead And Forgotten

Missing Links' Hang Around has this desert wind feel to me. Yet another sad little organ painting the song black. Love the guitar by the way!

YASSS! CUTAWAYS! This is one of my all time faves! Haha, this guy must be fresh out of some sour relationship cause he sounds sooo bitter! 
"You didn't treat me right, when we said goodnight, and you broke my heart, tore it all apart and I'll never never love someone again!"
Super-bitter solo too!

Idols step up on stage, a little shy and a little nervous. This track is so fukkin great man, I gotta tell ya! 
The skeletal organ, the bunch of voices you hear littering the track - one in a manic falsetto - and a minute and 16 seconds in you hear the singer sounding like a whimpering kid in the line "*sob* girl you see me crying (whaa-aa-aa-aa!) please don't leave me this way, that's how it is, I guess - when true love goes astray!

Brother L Congregation is not really sixties, is it? Nah, this Texan 45 is actually from 1970 and they released two cool singles. The flip to this is the manic acidpunker Bringing Me Down that can be found here: Descend Into Madness.
I've always loved the suave She's Gonna Lose That Boy that is one part Beatles, one part Velvet Underground and one part Ramones-ballad.
"Every now and then she goes away, she comes back the very next day - she's gonna lose that boy.."
Enter cheesy solo.

That was that. I hope you liked this loser set. The next set will also be full of loser ballads, but I'll try and make the 30th set wild, crude and primitive!

tisdag 15 juli 2014

I'm Captured

I'm Captured

Welcome back! 

This set of songs is a little special - they were all in my file with 'rejected' tracks.
Ya see, when I put these comps together I try to sequence the set in a balanced way. 
And these songs were weeded out. But then I put some of them on a set of their own.

And the emphasis is pop here. Poppy garage.

Of course, you have primal screamers like Playgue's I Gotta Be Goin', Triumphs' Lovin' Cup, Bad Roads' Blue Girl, Cobras' Instant Heartache and Gents' If You Don't Come Back.

But you also get the bubbelgum folk-rock of Art Guy's Where You Gonna Go, straight up pop beat like WC Dorns' I Need You and Visions She's The Girl For Me.

You also find some manic uppity-uptempo ravers like Quests' Shadows In The Night, Rob Roys' Do You Girl and High-Tensions' No Use Hangin' Around.

I hope you like this set!

lördag 12 juli 2014

When Shadows Fall

When Shadows Fall

Another set of cool crude and primitive garage trakks.

I just love the first three tracks. Grumpy as hell.

And hey, just stand in awe before the moronic lyrics of Chain Reaction's G.Y.S.! You want realism to the point of the absurd? You got it!

Tell My Baby by Nightcaps is soooo cool, man, I have no words. Just hot fukkin garage.

Jades' When Shadows Fall seems pretty refined together with all other cretin tracks, but it is GODHEAD moody garage. Could've fitted on any Psychedelic Unknowns volumes.

Don't Put Me On by King's Court is yer usual stupid garage, but it is coolness.

Catsanovas' I Want To Be Loved might be one of my absolute fave garage tracks. Listen to that hypnotic guitar! Check out the uncomfortable singer yelpin' his way thru the song as if he was singing at gunpoint. 

Let's Move by Night Crawlers is so stupidly suave it is just silly. They totally stole the Gloria-riff AND Empty Heart! THE BALLS!

We round this fine set with mood-overload - Mojos' What She's Done To Me.
"Help me, help me get away.." Wow, those evil women. They really do a number on ya when you're young. Good thing tho, since a lot of cool songs get written that way.
Spooky as hell and a perfect ending to a perfect set.


torsdag 10 juli 2014

To Stone

To Stone

Hey friends - I'm still flabbergasted you guys remembered me. Big thanks again!

Another cool thing is Mr. Warren's decision to release THREE (3!) new Back From The Graves!
That is crazy!

While y'all waiting for that treat, why not give this moody comp a lizzen?

What have we heeree?

Cheques' To Stone is pretty dramatic slice of uptempo balladry. Sweet solo on that organ.

Decompressed Impossibility skeletal ballad is so forlorn is terrible. In a good way.
Oh and it should say You Can't HIDE Away an' nothin else. I mucked up.

Gyro provided the excellent rip of TaboosAll My Life. Very moody and with a slightly psychedelic rave-up of some kind in the middle.

OUCH - here I see that the balance of the volume jumped up! Will I ever learn how to flat that shit out?

Remember Tyme's version of Land Of A 1.000 Dances from Back From The Grave #7?
WELL HERE IS THE FLIP! It rips, it roars, it whips up a garage storm!
Trauma CITY! Unrelenting PSYCHODRAMA!
The one acetate there was seems to be destroyed. 

Total wuzz-fest with Lost Chords' and their fruity I Want To Be Her Man. Sweetness!

So, please try to fix the volume in yer iTunes - I don't seem to do it right.

Much love.

måndag 7 juli 2014

Keep On Walkin'

Keep On Walkin'

Wow, had a hundred d-loads on a single day since I came back. I am humbled and in awe! Thanks for given a fuck - I love you too!

Ok, let's get to getting kicks! 
I had this crazy idea.. to make a little mini-drama comp. So, this guy sees this chick walking by and she looks super-foxy and she does a little dance and he says "cmon baby, let this be real cause I don't wanna cry" and she's like "sure baby" but she's a firkin LIAR and totally mess this guy up! WHY? Dunno. The mysterious ways of foxy chicks, huh?
So he's like "whyyy, baby you liieeedd! And you lied to me befooore" and then he's like "hmpf, I still wan't that chick back since we used to laugh and stuff" but that just ain't gonna happen and he's like "fuck dat chick! I'm getting stoned!"
Last thing he sees before his stoned eyelids close shut is that very super-foxy chick walking by again.

Nice huh?

Riddled with classic garage classics. You've probably heard 'em all before.
Next comp goin up tomorrow - moody garage abound!

söndag 6 juli 2014

The Second Demention

The Second Demention

WELCOME BACK, dear listeners and THANKS for all the cool words and stuff.. I have missed you.

OK, that's enough, let's get to KILLING rock'n'roll for sixties garage PUNK! Teen beat MY ASS!
Sorry but that just don't fuckin KUT it! Were tawkin PUNK 'ere! 

And nothin REEKS more of punk inaptitude but Wisdoms' (HAH!) Outer Limits '67. People, this is what true psychedelia sounds like.
Wisdoms kick off a brootal set of acid punk and punkadelica. It's AWESOME!

I'm too hung over today to elaborate much more than that, Fernet takes its toll.
So fuck off, and take this kick-ass set with ya!

RIP Records Revival

Awrite all ye kool kats, I've got five new comps coming up. Don't touch that dial!