måndag 7 juli 2014

Keep On Walkin'

Keep On Walkin'

Wow, had a hundred d-loads on a single day since I came back. I am humbled and in awe! Thanks for given a fuck - I love you too!

Ok, let's get to getting kicks! 
I had this crazy idea.. to make a little mini-drama comp. So, this guy sees this chick walking by and she looks super-foxy and she does a little dance and he says "cmon baby, let this be real cause I don't wanna cry" and she's like "sure baby" but she's a firkin LIAR and totally mess this guy up! WHY? Dunno. The mysterious ways of foxy chicks, huh?
So he's like "whyyy, baby you liieeedd! And you lied to me befooore" and then he's like "hmpf, I still wan't that chick back since we used to laugh and stuff" but that just ain't gonna happen and he's like "fuck dat chick! I'm getting stoned!"
Last thing he sees before his stoned eyelids close shut is that very super-foxy chick walking by again.

Nice huh?

Riddled with classic garage classics. You've probably heard 'em all before.
Next comp goin up tomorrow - moody garage abound!

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  1. Hello,
    again a big thank you - nice theme collection ...
    best wishes