söndag 6 juli 2014

The Second Demention

The Second Demention

WELCOME BACK, dear listeners and THANKS for all the cool words and stuff.. I have missed you.

OK, that's enough, let's get to KILLING rock'n'roll for sixties garage PUNK! Teen beat MY ASS!
Sorry but that just don't fuckin KUT it! Were tawkin PUNK 'ere! 

And nothin REEKS more of punk inaptitude but Wisdoms' (HAH!) Outer Limits '67. People, this is what true psychedelia sounds like.
Wisdoms kick off a brootal set of acid punk and punkadelica. It's AWESOME!

I'm too hung over today to elaborate much more than that, Fernet takes its toll.
So fuck off, and take this kick-ass set with ya!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hello, what a great Sunday surprise - welcome back.
    R.I.P. no longer rest in peace :-). Can't wait that you will unearth some more 60's gems.
    Best wishes

  2. Thanks Guehart!

    I hope you guys like the new selection.


  3. Great new comp and great to see you back at it. Thanks.

  4. We're so glad you're back. Can't wait to listen to this..
    White Owl