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You May See Me Cry

You May See Me Cry

Thanks for all the kind words - they really make me happy!

Welcome to the 28th set and yet another downer/loser bunch of tunes.

We start out with a classic - I Can Go On by Riots.
I Can Go On is spooky and moody, slightly sounding like the Animals on a bad day.
Great guitar and harmonies.

Illusions is not as primitive-sounding but a bit more mersey-ish. 
Her Own Way is a total loser ballad. From Feb '66.

You Let Me Down is soopah-spooky and bad vibes all the way. 
Oncomers 45 are from 1967.

Shadow Casters dishes out this ditty riddled with hippy-dippy imagery and Byrdsy harmonies and some "baaa-bopbopbop-baa-baa" in the end.
Kick ass solo. April '68.

Same Old Worries. Aaah, I love this track. Also Byrdsy in its harmonies but that don't matter.
Incredible stuff. Reasons Why released three 45's (I think) and the one before this one has Tell Her One More Time on it and you can find it here:

Members are hellbent on surviving the breakup. They won't sigh, they won't cry and they won't die.
Instead, they'll get by. Without her. From April 1966.

Another classic, this time served by Best Things and their epic You May See Me Cry.
Best Things was really the Madhatters. I don't know why they reissued the 45 as Best things.
The flip is Chick Are For Kids.

Morning After released this jangling lament in 1967. 
The guy in the song is getting a total teen-boner while he thinks of thing his girl does.
What a one-track mind. Funny he makes it sound so romantic.

You Know I Do by Crucibles is also a super-classic. 
The song is galloping away then halts at the solo only to gallop away again chased by crashing drums and twangy guitars.

More loser garage! The Only Girl I Love is not too refined, and we like that don't we. 
From August 1967.
"Aaaw, giddit now!"

Landlords try to calm things down again. They totally succeed with I'll Return.
The flip is called I'm Through With You and is a pretty nice ballad too!

MOVE OVER, LANDLORDS! Heeeere's Barry Ebling & the Invaders huffing n puffin the house down with the raw power of FUZZ alone.
Semi-fruity chorus, but they totally make up for it with fuxxxx and a baaaad attitude.
From Mars 1967.

Aren't we done with fuzz and primitive beats? NOOO!
Wild Things need to punish us first. Tell Me gots organ, gots fuzz, gots attitude. Gots it OHN!
From 1967.

Converts is so funny.. 
They're all "Don't leave me girl!" first, and then is all "there's fat chance baby that you'll ever get another man" and tops it off with the classy line "because you're not so hot!"

Next out is Cavemen (not the It's Trash-bunch) and their Sandy is a one-mic-hangin-in the-roof and is primitive, awesome, supercool and the best fukkin song on this set!

Last out is another classic - Intruders and their epic I'll Go On
Kick-ass chorus!!

That was it this time. Thanks again for all the kind words. I will busy for a couple a weeks now so don't bother checkin in before mid august.

Much love!!!

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  1. Hi friend:
    I am a follower of this series.
    Yesterday I listened vol. 24,25,26 & 27, good songs. Very good covers.
    great job
    Saluddos from Spain

  2. I set mid-August on my calender! Thanks for the great tracks.

  3. Welcome Back! You post some really good comps on here. Most of which I didn't even know every existed. Many thanks!

  4. Many thanks for these great comps--you obviously have a talent for creating flow in your song orders. I'm looking forward to hearing your earlier works and the ones to come in the future.

  5. I just found this site Thursday (via YouTube) and am blown away by the comps I've listend to so far. I'm going back and starting at the beginning with THE DEAD AND THE FORGOTTEN and will add comments as I go along. YAAAAASSSSIR!

    I'm also grooving on the "Recreating Old Comps" section, many of which I've had on vinyl for decades but were never released on CD. Would it be possible for you to reactivate the links for your versions of Pebbles 7, 8 , 10 and Boulders 1? I wouldn't mind hearing Mind Blowers either, as some scum stole my copy a week after I got it!

  6. Thanks so much, fellow garage-fiends!

    I will tend to the upping of ye olde comps tomorrow! Cool you like!

  7. That would be great! Let us know when you've had a chance to reactivate the missing "Old Comps" links.

  8. Wow--this is great--thanks so much for exploring the moody side of gagage (a very neglected side of this genre). Looking forward to your next endeavors (when you have the time)!!

  9. You must be busy--but may I request when you have a moment--to reactivate Pebbles 7, 8 , 10 and Boulders 1? Mind Blowers if you have a minute....?