tisdag 15 juli 2014

I'm Captured

I'm Captured

Welcome back! 

This set of songs is a little special - they were all in my file with 'rejected' tracks.
Ya see, when I put these comps together I try to sequence the set in a balanced way. 
And these songs were weeded out. But then I put some of them on a set of their own.

And the emphasis is pop here. Poppy garage.

Of course, you have primal screamers like Playgue's I Gotta Be Goin', Triumphs' Lovin' Cup, Bad Roads' Blue Girl, Cobras' Instant Heartache and Gents' If You Don't Come Back.

But you also get the bubbelgum folk-rock of Art Guy's Where You Gonna Go, straight up pop beat like WC Dorns' I Need You and Visions She's The Girl For Me.

You also find some manic uppity-uptempo ravers like Quests' Shadows In The Night, Rob Roys' Do You Girl and High-Tensions' No Use Hangin' Around.

I hope you like this set!

3 kommentarer:

  1. nicely cobbled again Dave ...

  2. wowza real good album. thanks, you are da Man!

  3. All your comps are great. This one particularly strong. Thanks, Mike