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The links are all dead, yup - I know. I tried to do a mammoth exodus of all of the stuff but there ain't no good place to upload them. The files immediately get restricted from sharing, or banned.

I'm still uploading high class music on my YouTube channel sometimes. That is, when I don’t get copyright strikes from over there too.

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I Cried Goodbye

Hey there kids!

For this comp I had a mission. And that mission was to round up all the best tracks from Fuzz Flaykes & Shakes by Tony the Tiger, and the good 'uns from Sixties Rebellion.
Now - Sixties Rebellion had already been looted, pillaged and ransacked when they made the Teenage Shutdown series. So I only found two or so tracks I wanted to use.
I found more on Fuzz Flaykes & Shakes.

The rest is some shit that just came in my path. I don't always remember where or when I stumble across the tracks that ends up on these comps.

Almost all songs here rated a 5 or 6 on the TeenBeat Mayhem 10-point scale, most of them fairly judged. Some not.

Oh, and this is vol. 35. Before The Dawn is vol. 36. But I posted Before The Dawn before this which was a mistake. Ah, the sweet confusion of European garage comps.


"..yesterdays kiss is still warm.."

Heavy drums and an undulating bass kicks off the set.
High-end garage which seems to be aiming at the billboard.

At the end of January 2017 it is priced at $274.98 which is a little too steep, I think. But what do I know, I'm way too poor to afford to collect these gems.
TeenBeat Mayhem tells us it is a "gtr-tamborine jangle-tuff voc" and hands it a 5 rating. Pretty accurate to me, though I might give a 6 instead. Mike released a handful more 45's, but nothing that I've heard.

(Silver Spring, MD) Jul '66
Mike 4007


"..and though she could not find the word you know - she's sorry.."

"The Journey men were a five member band of Brunswick high school students. The band included Jim Kerns on lead guitar and vocals, Howard Cook on organ and vocals, Dale Seeds on bass and vocals, Ron MacMillan on guitar and vocals, and Bob Levandowski on drums. The band decided to take a trip down to Florida and while there, recorded an excellent teen garage 45 for the Tampa based Boss label."

The Journey Men shared label (Boss) with the Berkley Five that recorded the fantastic You're Gonna Cry and also the ultra-awesome combo the Rovin' Flames that released 4 winning 45, the second being on Boss. (Check out the Flames stunning back-catalog on this playlist). This was the Journey Men's sole 45, on the flip you'll find the mersey-esque ballad Short And Sweet.

(Brunswick, OH) '67
Boss 008


"..we used to walk hand in hand.."

Awesome downer mid-tempo ballad. Some sweet organ och smooth soothing strumming on the guitar. The flip is the slow yawnish stomp of Hey.

Apolloes released two more 45s as Apolloes and two as the Swingin' Apolloes. The last of the Apolloes and the first Swingin' Apolloes 45s was the same 2 songs (may have been re-recorded) - the Blue-Cheer-meats-Beach-Boys version (not as cool as it sounds) Summertime Blues and Slow Down which features some "wigged out" and "groovy" and "far out" backwards guitar wizardry.
The last 45 is the "dreamy psych gem" Chained & Bound. Actually kinda cool popsyke.

Anyhoo, this is rated 7 in TeenBeat Mayhem. I'd give it a 6. But it is a very strong 6.

(Middle Georgia Collage, Cocharane, GA) Nov '65
Apolloe (5813)


"..I don't care what you've done, I don't care where you've been.."

This fucker is easily the strongest track on this set. To me the First Crow To The Moon is right up there with Human Expression and Dovers. Hm, maybe not. But almost. Here they atleast sound like a mix of them.

Uhm no they really really really sound like the Zombies.

The lyrics are pretty powerful stuff. Just check out these lines: "I don't care who you are, I don't care what you've seen, no matter what they say they'll never ever come between (we walk the rain) our love.."
Get it? Our protagonist is hangin' out with a girl that has a real bad reputation but he don't give a fuck what she's been, or not been, up to. "Their lies will never penetrate the kind of love I'm in". That's some pretty heady teenage poetry right there!

There's a story about the origins of the zany name First Crow To The Moon and the mostly accepted is that it was a misprint on their (sole) 45 and it should say "Crew" and not "Crow".
But I've also heard that they actually was named "First Crow"..
Whatever the truth, both a fuckin' stupid names.

If you're new to the scene and haven't heard their (as I said, sole) 45 then check 'em out: the great classic Spend You Life With Me and the punkadelic fast-paced Sun Lights Up The Shadows Of Your Mind.

We Walk The Rain sounds a little wonky due to some 90s dodgy mixing (a bit too clinic and in atrocious stereom, it is mixed from the master tapes I 'spose) but that can't take away any of the power from this potent moody punker.

Read a little more here.

(Brooklyn, NY) '67
source unknown


"..mysteries in my souls and worries on my mind.."

A short summary

The Other Four were a San Diego garage band that released three singles in 1965 and 1966, the last of them appearing on the Decca label. Most of the group had played in the Man-Dells who put out an unimpressive single in the winter of 1964/1965. The Other Four's 45s were better but still rather unexceptional efforts that were pretty typical of what countless other bands in the United States were doing at the time. The singles varied between standard pop/rock garage; a more slickly produced harmony pop/rocker ("These Are the Words"); a tune with a folk-rockish riff that sounded a bit like the Monkees at their hardest-rocking ("Once and for All Girl"); a pointless cover of Kenny Dino's 1961 hit "Your Ma Said You Cried in Your Sleep Last Night"; and a daintily arranged tune ("How Do You Tell a Girl") that was a little reminiscent of the mid-'60s Beach Boys' productions, though of course not remotely in the same league. Members Rick Randle and Norman Lombardo later played together (and were the songwriters for) the Brain Police, a San Diego psychedelic group that recorded an obscure demo album in 1968. 

Richie Underberger

Richie is right on the money. The other two songs by the band that are ok are Why? and Once And For All Girl, but I do find the Yardbird-sy Searching For My Love sweet as hell.
Real nice moody garage pop.

Rated 5 in TBM and now also by me.

(San Diego, CA) Dec '65
Musette 6517


"..I've been in love before and I just can't go through it anymore.."

Checkmates from Texas released 2 45s on the Ruff label, a cool label that also put out the fuzz-powered uptempo Please Come Back by Yall's and the highly original rhumbadelic punk of That's The Way My Love Is by the Trolls not to mention sunny psychedelic swinger Walking In The Queens Garden by the US version of Them.

Back to Checkmates!

Hey Girl is an irresistible slice of bouncing jangling americanized merseypop.
Fantastic sound on this great little gem!

Rated 4 in TBM but I'd give it atleast a 5.

(Amarillo, TX) Mar '65
Ruff 1003


"..day and night I sit at home and I cry.."

More sounding-slightly-pedestrian-but-is-really-GODHEAD mersey-ish pop! It is sooo hard to tire of this adorable little ditty. Great drums, great guitars, supercool bass, cool laid-back vocals.

TBM gives it a 6, I'd kick it up a notch to...hmmm..7.

And what about the Jox label? Yeah, you can find some more cool collectable tracks there.

The Kings' looney rocker It's The LCB (of Scum Of The Earth fame)
Tommy Jett's masterful acid punk winner Groovy Little Pill
Mind's Eye claustrophobic paranoia of Help, I'm Lost
and Brown Paper Bag's moody Something Tells Me, to mention a few..

(San Antonio, TX) Jun '65
Jox 040


"..she still thinks that I care.."

Solid mersey-esque with excellent playing all through. And an anguished scream at 1:10.
The lyrics are of the, what shall I say, spartan kind. I've heard wordier pieces by the Ramones.

Also, there's this crazy reverb on it. It's like the singer is sitting in a slightly different dimension.
That reverb could be something that was laying around in the studio since Noblemen's labelmates the Incrowd also got some crazy reverb on their chaotic Set Me Free.

(McCordsville, IN) Nov '65
Prism 1930


"..never knew how much I cared, until I realized that she wasn't there.."

U-Doe was a small New Orleans label but it managed to release some killer 45s. Howzabout Glory Rhodes raving muy primitivo Stay Out Of My Way (would fit right in on the mighty mighty Teenage Shutdown series) and the Better Half-Dozen 2 sided killer; I'm Gonna Leave You and I Could Have Loved Her.

Sorry is a great uptempo moody jangler. Palace Guards released a couple of high quality 45s. You can find the moody flip Better Things To Do on Love Comes Love Goes and the grumpy fuzz-punker No Comin' Back (White Cliff) on Mad Mad Mad.

Rated 7 in TBM - very fair...

(Metarie, LA) Jun '66
U-Doe 104


"..where can she be.."

...but the rating of this in TBM is crazy - a 5? No, this is totally a 6, 7 even!
This was Amoeba's sole 45, and Lost Love is their only recorded original song. The flip is a run-through of Stones version of Time Is On My Side.
Lost Love is very spooky number and you get the feeling of creeping around in damp and dark catacombs, looking for undead love.

(-, TX) Aug '65
Orfeon 2001


"..I tried to make her happy, make her smile.."

Primates was another band that put out two fantastic 45s, both on Marko. One of them is the flip side to this - the stone-cold classic Knock On My Door. In '66 they released Don't Press Your Luck which turned out to be their last.

She is a stunning piece of teenage drama.

(Astoria, NY) Sep '65
Marko 923


"..when she left me - I died that day.."

Heavy on the atmosphere and packed with hurt young feelings. Bitter Sweets would record two more 45s and then transform into 20th Century Zoo who released 4 more singles, one being the storming stomper You Don't Remember.

(Scottsdale, AZ) Jul '66
Hype 1001


"..how much do I love you I don't know why, but without you darling I would die.."

Heartfelt vocals, swirling organ, driving drums. Pretty bullet-proof ballad. Buy it now for a scandalous $350. On the flip you'll find the awkward Goodbye Baby.

Rated 6 in TBM and by me as well. Or maybe a 7..

(Silver Spring, MD) Nov '65
Stroidon 174


"..and I knew that my love had to die.."

Ominous mip-tempo downer. Awful flip. They later changed their name to What Four (Rollem) and recorded a very unimpressive single and then sunk into oblivion.

TBM and me agree rating this with 6 out of 10

(Litte Neck-Whitestone, NY) Oct '66
Patty 101


"..I'll get down on my knees and pray, but she's gone now..oh no.."

This tune is so darn sweet, man.. fantastic piano in the background lends a slightly haunted-house feel, and the exquisite guitar solo flies like a lonely strand in the wind. The singer seems to be in a never-ending-alice-in-wonderland-slow-fall kind of a state of mind.
Very druggy, really. I've said it before and I'll say it again. A lot of these old pre-psychedelic ballads can possess some very potent qualities.

TBM rates it a 5 but to me this is at least a seven. One of the most impressive tracks on this set.

(Toledo, OH) Oct '65
Atila 213


"..you had your arms around someone new. Oh I cried..yes cried goodbye.."

Absolutely incredible one-of-a-kind moody garage. This is rated 5 too - way too low! Just as Eye Zoom's She's Gone it has something special about it, something that makes it transcends your usual moody garage ballad. Just check the spoken words on the outro.

The flip is a very loony version of Heartbreak Hill.

(Los Angeles, CA) Jul '65

onsdag 16 november 2016

Before The Dawn

Urgh, this might be my last comp - it's getting harder and harder to make good comps. And this is kinda stinky. (I actually have a semi-cool comp coming up so hold the fort!)

Oh and on this I made a classic blunder - I jumped one volume: the last one I did was vol. 34 and now this is vol. 36! 
I know atleast two other series that made the same mistake; Sixties Rebellion (#13) and Psychedelic Unknowns (#10).

I would rate this set 6 on a ten-scale. But I did put in a lot of time to get a good flow, and all these songs are cherry-picked, and I have listened to it, thinking it was kinda nice.
Just don't want you to get you expectations too high.

Let's see what we have here.


"..everywhere I go they say 'sad boy', but can't they see I don't want their sympathy.. I said nooo.."

TBM rates I Said No as a seven (7). The EPIC flip Rivers Of Hate gets a six (6).
If you have heard the flip you know how stupifyingly good it is, and if you haven't heard I Said No you might be excited to what you will hear.
I can tell you right now that I don't think it is nearly as good. Not on the same planet.
It is a somewhat pedestrian but cool folkrock jangler and serves as the poppy side of the 45. It is 2 years behind its times, Byrds did this in 1965, but hey - who cares nowadays.
At 1:25 a very crude Byrdsy solo emerges and you face will shine up.

You can hear Rivers Of Hate on my splendid comp Love Is Tuff.

(Marysville, CA) Oct '67
M.C.C 101067


"..everybody knows you've been untrue.."

One of many Bondsmen; this lot hails from Massachussets.
I really dig this kind of laid back folkrock.
Some cute amateurish harmonies, a funny little drum-lick, some nice guitar.
I don't take much sometimes.

(Concord-Sudbury, MA) Jun '66
Fleetwood 4564


"..tell me that you love me, baby be mine and you will have the world, tell me I can have your lovin' so fine and you will be my girl.."

Some swingin' mersey-esque beat meets standard American rock'n'roll.
It don't matter how much pop there is in the mix, when you pour it on a bunch of 60s kids from the states it always ends up rockin and a-rollin'. Beatles couldn't play rock'n'roll like this to save their life.
That said, this is pretty bland rock'n'roll. But I thought you might want to hear it.

(Hazelwood, NC) Apr '66
Switch (6-6390)


"..then I realized, dreams do not come true, is that really you..?"

Wow, 1971! I would've guessed 1966.
Great moody tune.

(Bath, PA) May '71
Brenick-Flagg 1012


".. if I had my way, I'd have her and she would stay but, my baby's walking 'way from me.."

Oooooh yeaaaa...
This song is sooo cute..
You can find the (even better, much better actually) flip I've Seen You Around on Root '66, Teenage Shutdown Vol. 2 and Soma Records Story Vol. 3.
My Baby is a slice of very cool and slightly somber mersey-beat.

(Winona, MN) Jan '65
Soma 1427


"..you left trace of your memory imprisoned in my tortured mind.."

Some more crude jingle-jangle folk-rock to table 66 please!
Some serious dynamics here from soft-spoken words of self pity to downright hysteric shrieks of bitter sorrow.
And don't think we missed that you snagged a part from You've Lost That Loving Feeling - ballsy move!

(Bucyrus, OH) May '67
no label 400


"..I know how it's been for a girl like you.."

More inferior flips to classic garage hits! But I'd almost choose this over Weird. But only almost.

(Rochester, NY) Aug '66
Nu-Sound 6111 


"..well, I knew all along that it would happen again.."

Wanna see what TBM wrote about this? "moody org-riff unison voc swinger" and rated it a 6. I think that is fair. A so-so effort and the better side of the 45.
It is also one of the cheapest singles on this comp, on popsike it fluctuates from 50 to 100 bucks
In  December of '68 they the released their second and last 45. A drum-thumping acid-punk monster with nails-on-blackboard fuzz. The flip to that supposedly sucks.

(Terre Haute, IN) Apr '66
Paro 100


".. I'd give anything to see her walk through that door.."

Last year this puppy went for 349 bucks - totally worth it. Both sides sports seriously moody top-shelf garage. You can find the flip here.
This is one of the best songs on this comp, hands down.

(Aubindale, MA) Sep '67
David-Lloyd Co. (201,438/9)


"..they say our love will soon be gone.."

Meeep, an overdose of heavy-frowning dramatic mood-pop. I'm sick of it now but I loved it the first 20 times I listened to it. I'm not sure what happens in the woods - I can't hear the words - but it must have been very dramatic indeed. Dramatic enough for me to name this set Before The Dawn.
(Redding-Ridgefield, CT) Dec '66
Direction 101


"..now the night is through and I find myself still thinking of you.." 

First recorded as the Reekers. Find the demo here.
BANG FOR THE BUCK! If you want you should be able to find this in the ballpark of 40 bucks. The top-side is the awesome swinging' punker What A Girl Can't Do.
Their next 45 - the mucho-cool Faces - is also around 40 buckaroonies. More bang for the buck!

(Washington, D.C.) Nov '65
Monument 910


"..now I know you've been out with some other one.."

A lot of hi-hat happening on this moody puppy. Rated 6 in TBM and righteously so.

(Columbus, OH) Apr '67


"..you think no matter what you say I won't leave you..but you're wrong, girl.."

Another affordable 45. Don't pay more than $30.
This is the kind of song that most of the time is kinda "meh" but if you play at the right place at the right time the whole room lights up and you can smell roses in the distance and everything falls into place. Those songs are far and apart so give this more than one spin.

(Allen Park, MI) '66
Bob-Ke (121237/8) 


"..the sun's gone and we've lost our way.."

You can find this and its (awesome!) flip on Crude PA Vol. 2. Very crude track.

(Whitemarsh, PA) '68?


"..I'm really nothing much.."

Phew, what a tearjerker. The flip is a silly mersey-esque pop-shuffle. Both rate 6 in TBM. I would argue If You Want Me is the winning side.

(Phoenix, AZ) '67
Dramel 22767


"..even when I look into your eyes.."

Two years ago this went for $1415. It also gets a six in TBM but booooooyyyyyy..... This is not a six... This is.. something else completely.
It is just perfect. Best on the set.

(Boston, MA) '66
Seventeen 263/4


lördag 21 maj 2016

Love Comes, Love Goes

Love Comes, Love Goes

I picked these 16 songs from about 50-60 tracks I had piled together for this volume.
It took me ages to complete and I'm still not happy with it. Mostly because most of the songs are ripped from scratchy sources and fizzles and pops and what with the surface noise and such.

But if you were OK with Return Of The Walrus you should be OK with this.
I see this volume as the third in a trilogy that started with You Take Me For Rides and Walrus being the second.

And this set is a grower. I've been listening to it a lot, and all the songs benefits from repeated listening.
As I have stated many times before: just like psychedelia, moody garage needs a good setting. You need to let it breath. You need to invite it into your home, and you need that home to ready for all the moody gloom and doomy despair..
You can't just yank it out, slap it on and go about your day.
Think of it as an occasion.

Because this set is super-depressing. If you are into that kinda stuff you will be happy. Happy-sad.
So get some napkins, pour yourself a big glass of your poison of choice, close the door, shut the blinds, curl up in a fetal position and hit that play button. And get ready to cry..


"ever since I was a boy I've given my life to you.."

"..vvvats why I say..." yeah Michael, vvvat is that you were sayin?
Super-tight 50s-ish rocker. Totally irresistible.

I think this was the only 45 this canadian band put out. On the flip you can find "Comfort Him"

I don't know where in Canada they resided, when this was released or the actual number.
Below represent the meager information I gathered. Sorry bout that.

(Canada) '65?
Danco 302?


"I remember everything you said, everything you used to do.."

Oh GAAAWD this is heavy.. The Contemporaries suck us down into a maelstrom of guitars, organs and cymbals.
The flip is a so-so instrumental.

(Wilmington, DE) Nov '66
Richie 672


"breaking hearts is the only thing you know how to do.."

First time I heard this, I fell off my chair! It is that good. The sound is huuuuuge. I bet this is one of those one-mic-in-the-middle-of-the-room recordings.

(Sylacauga, AL) '66
Justice LP


"and then I find that she's not coming back, now my whole world is painted black.."

The flip to the insane She Gives Me Time! Fan-duckin-tastic downer grinder. I has a little Heart Full Of Soul about it. So fucken cool. I heard this for the first time ever just a month ago!
It was for a long time a very hard 45 to track down - I think the flip She Gives Me Time that appears on Back From The Grave was mastered from an old mixtape.
I don't know how many there is in existence but the last I heard was 1 confirmed beat-up copy and maybe two more. Actually I think the rip on this is not from the beat-up cooy so there should be at least two copies..
But don't ever take my word for anything, ever. K? K..

(Los Angeles, CA) Jul '66
M-Gee 002


"they said love was a lie.."

Here come the tears. The flip to this 45 is moody too, but this one is the winner. Or, loser.

(New Castle, IN) Jul '66
Showboat 1516


"you think I'm gonna cry over you, you think I'm gonna die over you, you think I'm gonna mess my mind over you.."

Ooooh, yes baby! I hear one guitarist diggin hard on McGuinn's solo in So You Wanna Be A.. and goes flying on unchartered territory. 
Great girl put-down.

(Dunkirk, NY) Oct '67
Shades 71031


"I'm gonna try to find somehow, try to make you love me now, cause I'm never gonna stop lovin' you.."

Believe it or not, but these guys could very well have bumped into The Psychedelic Stooges since both resided in Ann Arbor, Michigan and performed in 1967.
And even if there's no vacuum cleaner on this 45 (The Ig used to play one in '67), it is still a stark performance. It feels very Michigan-y. Great chorus.
The flip She's Gone Far Away is great too.

(Ann Arbor, MI) '67
M-S-I 126220


"why should I trouble myself for a girl who never be mine.."

This was not the only cool song released 45 by the Palace Guards. The flip is equally cool and I suspect you've already heard No Comin' Back.
All in all they released 4 singles from 66 to 69.

I haven't been listening much to Beau Brummels, but it feels like they might be an influence here.
Great track.

(Metarie, LA) Jun '66
U-Doe 104


"give me one reason.."

Super-heartfelt and very cool song. Flip is Old Man River which I strongly suspect sucks very hard.
Still wanna hear it tho..

(???) Oct '65
Teen 900


"the thrill is gone and I can't go on.."

Awesome kiddie-garage featuring the most precocious lyrics I've ever heard. I wouldn't be surprised if it was his dad who wrote the lyrics, probably with the kids mom in mind without the kid knowing it. Fantastically ironic if that was the case. One can only hope.

(New Rochelle, NY) '66
Bruno-Dean Rec. Studio


"every young man in town has had his poor heart broken.."

Aaah, dig that falsetto on the chorus! So cool! Nice jazzy guitar too.

(Hazelwood, NC) Apr '66
Gold Standard 189


"do you want my love?"

Redwoods are ready to do anything to keep their love by their side. Azum jingly-jangly moody teen beat.
They shared label with a bunch of other cool acts, but I don't know jack-shit about Phalanx Records. You google.

(???) Dec '66
Phalanx 1030



Not too shabby flip on this, but Why is whadditz all about. I feel a Byrds-y influence, especially in the bass-department and the guit-solo. But I don't know.
I have to say that it feels a little, just a tiny bit, ahead of its time - this is 1965 and they still sound soo soo bitter and cynical.

(Riverside, CA) Aug '65
Circle 953


"what can I do?"

Tidal Waves released 3 45s on HBR, two in 66 and one in 67. This is their best.

(Detroit, MI) Jul '65
HBR 482


"I wish that I had a love of my own, a love that will never ever die - loneliness is mine.."

Ok, this time I can't say that this is better than the flipside because the flip is this. But I can tell you that this 45 has total playability. Both sides are totally awesome, even if the flip is godhead.

Esquires put out 4 45s on Glenvalley from 65 to 66.

(Irving, TX) Sep ' 65
Glenvalley 103


 Let's wrap this up with the ultimate downer track. We're not talking the usual depresso here, no we're talkin "one of these day you'll be the blame I took a nose-dive into this gas-oven" kinda track. Some heavy shit here goin on.
The whole song reads like a suicide letter and the swamped honking saxophone doesn't help.

(Greenville, NC) Mar '66
JCP 1037

torsdag 14 april 2016

Return Of The Walrus

Return Of The Walrus

Ok, get up and get ready to get down with the latest installment of.. yeah, what is this series called?
Rip Records? Kill R'n'R? Sixties Garage Punk? Or just nothing maybe.

If you can't stand ultra-crude shit-fi, then stay clear.
This is not for the squeamish.
These bad puppies has been weeded out from their better-sounding siblings just because the fantastic qualities in the music gets lost if it stands too close to something better produced/recorded/pressed or whatever.
Well not everything sounds like Captain Dueseldorph (featured here).
It depends on your preferences, I 'spose.
Anyhoo, this has led to me having to lower the over-all volume. Don't ask me why. Just crank up that knob. Oh, and crank up the volume too.

I pulled a lot of stuff from Crude PA Vol. 1 (won't be revamping it anyhow) and Oil Stains Vol. 1 (won't revamp that one either).

Marauders - Just Times Between Us

"Remember that summer.."

Marauders kicks off this set with some bizarre driving up-tempo super-twangy surf ballad.
This is a pretty wicked 45, the flip is graced by the just-as-crude but even more bad-ass Warning (find it on the excellent Garage Punk Unknowns Vol. 8.)

The songs starts a little wobbly and dry and uhm, "dramatic" - ploinkploinploink - and then makes itself known to everybody in the room. Oh and the lead-guitar twangs itself into a frenzy, the guitarist is battling his instrument like it was a boa constrictor.
Things get a little hairy (at 2:40 to be exact) when he ventures from the original hook and start to solo a bit. Feels like watching an untrained baby giraffe walking a tightrope over the niagara waterfalls with no safety-net.
But after some serious nail-gnawing you see him reach the safety of the other side of the song.
No one died today.

(Granite City, IL) '66
Heads 9518

Intrepids - Run From The Sun

"...into the darkness of guilt and shame"

Some pretty bitter stuff being served here by the Intrepids.
Throaty singer, spindy organ, yammering choir and an overall well-played tracks.
The singer pretty much blasts his cheating and abusive girl for three minutes and then he's out.

Says Bolt:
Associated Recording Studios acetate - PA/NY 196?. Fantastic unreleased demo cut from a band allegedly from PA but recorded in New York in the famous Associated Recording Studios.

(Meanville, PA?) '6?
unreleased demo

Faces In The Crowd - Clouds Of Doubt

"You might have won if you stuck it out.."

This song makes me smirk. One gets the feeling that the singer's father has had some wise words to tell his son, who in turn have been so touched and inspired that he wrote a small poem and a folky ditty of his newly acquired wisdom.
But it is very sincere and almost sad.
Like the singer missed the inspiring point of the talk, and just took it as an "i'm fucked" and ran with it.

Apparently came in a picture sleeve which I haven't seen.

(Cleveland, OH) Sep '66
Del-Nita 60941

Savages - Quiet Town

"they say it's bad but we all know, it's the place were we can go at night.."

Real spooky bit here presented by the incomparable Savages (of The World Ain't Round fame).
I'm not going to dwell on this classic group too long.
But if you didn't know - Savages released an album in 1966 and three 45s (all great and pulled from the album).
Now - this was recorded in 1965, but can you hear the psychedelic qualities?
Or "cinematic" might be a better choice of word.
Because when I listen to this song, I silently float together with them, slowly observing the surrounding in the quiet town.
I feel like we are unknowingly dead ghosts drifting into this misty place all while its citizens shuts the windows and bar the doors.

(Bermuda) '65
Duane 1049

Blues Inc. - Tell Me Girl

"tell me babe, do you care..?"

A soft-spoken organ-driven ballad with a slight taste of Zombies. The singer must have shut himself inside a closet and curled up in a blanket.

(Fort Wayne, IN) Oct '66
Phalanx 1026

Half Beats - Should I

"no more will I wait for you, no more will I cry for you.."

A pretty nasty folk-rocky girl put-down with some glorious falsetto voices in the background, underlining the hopelessness in our protagonists situation.
He doesn't even sound sad, he's more sarcastic and fantastically bitter.
No saccarine here it is just plain wicked. The raw power of the song still holds water since Cheater Slicks covered this in 1995.
But they still don't find the biting sarcasm the original singer harbored.
And how could they? True teenage angst is inimitable.

(Chicago, IL) 1966
International Recording Co. acetate

Shan Dels - Please Stay

"that's all I've left to say.."

English is not my main language - as you might've guessed by now..
So I'm not sure but it sounds like the singer is trying to sound like he's from London or something.

Anywayz, Shandels recorded a bunch of so-so 45s - 4 of 'em - from '65 to '67.
They later morphed into Dry Well and recorded another 45 in '68 (find it on Relative Distance - hm, I might just revamp that..)

This was their first 45 and features the wonderful instrument cordovox. There not enough cordovox in sixties garage punk. You can get more of that medicine on their third 45 Shades Of Blue found on Nobody To Love on the excellent Teenage Shutdown series.

(Long Island, NY) '65
Showcase 404

Thorns - This Is The End

"I'll die without your love, to me this is the end.."

Do you remember Thorns INSANE I want you from The Dead And Forgotten?
Well, here's the (almost equally tense) flip.
I feel a strong surge of Zombies here too. A fantastic song and a fantastic acetate 45.

(Philadelphia, PA)
Sound Plus Studios acetate

Strawberry Tuesday - Return Of The Walrus

"I'm gonna get it, I'm gonna get it.."

Let's get stupid and get ourselves a fuckin walrus.
I feel this has a strong kinship to Mr. Zeppelin Man and (We All Love) Peanut Butter.
You can hear the snickering during the guitar solo so I'm not sure they're 100% serious with this tall tale.
But that does not matter one second, the only thing that matters is that this is epic supreme and you will probably hear it anytime soon at the in-crowd bar.
I don't think Strawberry Tuesday reached further from the stars since they pretty much disappeared after this. It was released on a LP sampler called Reading 1968. I haven't heard that album, but if it sounds anywhere near this masterpiece, I must seek it down.

(Reading, PA) '68
Empire Records WWR 868-586

Bright Image - People In The Town

"it's been so many, so many years have passed...."

Poor kid. Woman gone, he don't know where, people stare him down and constantly asks him where the heck she's gone. Sadists.
Jangly folk-rocker with some of the best use of wah-wah I've ever heard.

(Philadelphia, PA) Mar '70
Amigo 114

Starfyres - Captain Dueseldorph

"if you're ever down by the sea, take a look for me and Captain Dueseldorph.."

Get ready for some fizzling garage sounds!
C'mon, surely you must know this? One of my absolute faves - ever!
It wiggles, it wobbles, it makes you feel completely drunk outta your mind.
Of course - the shit-fi allure in this comes on like greek mythology sirens but that's not all.
It's heavy as FUCK, filled to the brim with atmosphere and even if the instruments are slightly out of tune, every note hits just where it's supposed to.
And it's not in your face. It is there - if you're lookning - but it mostly just floats in and out of the surface of reality like a submarine.
The flip is the hot punk No Room For Your Love, and you can find it here.

(Lansford, PA) '67
Burr 1001

Invictas - Do It

"i can't see we could ever be together even though you mean a lot to me.."

I don't know why I added the "a go-go" suffix, but accidents happen. I try to be as thorough as I can, but sometimes I fuck up. Which gives me greater understand for mis-info on old comps, and greater appreciation for the work Warren & co put behind his/theirs contributions to this comp-scene.
They really set the standard high.

Invictas released four fratty 45s (three on the Sahara label, and one PS on Bengel) from '65 to '67 and then fizzled away somewhere. Who knows where.

A really hard-rockin' soulful rocker with a glorious hook.
Love the ending.

(Rochester, NY) Jan '66
Sahara 110

Lost Ones - I Can't Believe You

"you always told lies, brought the water from my eyes.."

The Lost Ones makes sure the party don't stop with this ultra-crude pounder. Awesome drummer who probably played at the college marching band.

You can hear some dude callin some "oh no" and some "awww" and some "oh yeah" in the background.
Ace guitar solo.
(the back cover says "i don't believe you" - fuck!)

(Sarver-Butler, PA) '66
Mersey 002

Insane - I Can't Prove It

"I love you girl.."

Insane puts this set in yet a higher gear and rush in on the scene with some more pounding drums and wailing guitars and just rocks out for a full three and a half minutes. A lot a soloing and tomfoolery which must've been a hoot to dance to at the local hop.

(Terryville?, CT) Jul '67
Alien Associates 201, 347

Them - A Girl Like You

"with a love like ours we can turn our backs on the people, and the rules"

This is one of those songs that must have existed forever in the dna of the universe.
Everything is just perfect.
Pure perfection.
I can't write anything more about it.
Argh, such a romantic juvenile delinquent winner.

(Cincinnati, OH) Dec '64
King 5967

Immigrants - 225 Blues

"here's my hand, dear
I'm giving you my final adieu.."

Immigrants were a bunch of kids from various places around NY who went to collage in Kansas.
They recorded an album full with not-too inspired covers, but this one is a downer bomb.
225 Blues sounds like Rolling Stones circa '64 played on too low rpm.
And that is fantastic, one of my faves on this set.

(Salina, KS) 1966
Starburst Recordings ‎– SRA 9837


söndag 3 april 2016

You Take Me For Rides

You Take Me For Rides

Fabulous Rumbles - The Truth Hurts More Than Lies

"Before we met I was lonely, then you came into my life
darling, you're my one and only, let me stay here by your side"

Great PS on this and an awesome way to kick of fthis (long overdue) set of songs.
Definately a grower, I just happened to have it in a playlist and it soon crept under my skin.
At first it was pretty 'meh' in my ears, but it is really a nifty little mersey-esque ditty.

Fabulous Rumbles released one more 45 in 1966 then lost the "fabulous" and just went with "Rumbles" and released 2 more 45's on Mercury in 1966 and 1967.

(Omaha, NE) Apr '65
Dad's 101

Try-Angle - Writing On The Wall

"I see you walking down the street, and for a moment our eyes meet
if that's the way you want it, that's the way it will be - you don't love me no more"

Try-Angle stops a little short from releasing a 2-sided killer, because even if both sides are epic in their own right, they just don't quite soar the hights of Dovers, Squires and Es Shades.
 Still - that is why I like it.
This rickety trolley is just rolling down the street with a dejected hollow sound without wanting to get too much attention.

Now, that is true downer garage right there!

(Franklin, IN) Nov '67
Orlyn 2553

Citations - The Day That She'll Go

"And now the time has come, I know
Today's the day that she will go"

What this jangler lacks lyrics-wise it makes up with crude naïve honesty.
This was their sole 45 and it has a pretty sorry flip. But I like this one.

(Lowell, MA) Jul '66
Pre-Sav Enterprises 122586

Hustlers - The Sky Is Black

"Every night I wait for your call on the phone, it's no good - for the sky is black. Ooh.."

The haunting gasp of the freezing desert wind's got nothing on Hustlers.
Steadily on the verge of dropping their instruments and break down in tears, Hustlers soldiers on and makes their way thru the horror of teenage angst.

(???) '67
Orlyn 1949

Seventh Cinders - You Take Me For Rides

"Don't try to change the way that I feel - I don't wanna love you if your love isn't real"

Now we're talkin'! The Seventh Cinders makes sure this set get rockin and the tears starts rollin!
I could talk endlessly about this track and its hauntingly crude-ee-ful cinematic qualities but I will settle with just pointing the way to when the singer dances thru the moonlit misty graveyard, hopping from headstone to headstone singing "I don't wanna love you.." in his most romantic falsetto.

(Midland Park, NJ) ??
Greezie 502

Dead Wunz - Til I'm Beside Her

"I lose just all desire, unless I am beside her"

Romantic loser mid-tempo ballad. Seems like it was written by some prince who lost his Cinderella at a dance where they danced until dawn and he.. well he refers to the winter and that he has no desire to live since she's gone. Cute.

(Chicago, IL) '67
Orlyn 5123

Fabulous Depressions - Can't Tell You

"My world's been a mess for a couple of years, I think that pretty soon I'm gonna break out in tears"

Oh my gawd this sounds so much like Action Woman, it's insane! Well, might be because the Fabulous Depressions hailed from Minnesota - just like Litter - and they might've picked up a trick or two.
Just sayin'.
And hey - check those drums! Dem drums and dat organ makes it all come together.

(New Ulm, MN) Jan '68
Madd 123167

Newports - Life Must Go On

"And wars will go on, and life must go on"

The Byrds seems to be lurking in the shadows in this grisly jangler. Even Dylan would probably frown at the gruesome imagery of the lyrics (who covers topics that sadly is as valid today as it was then.)

(Ormond Beach, FL) May '67
Zebb 155

Sounds Of Randall - Wasting My Time

"I've gotta know now!"

Looks pretty pedestrian on the surface but gets to you after repeated listening.
I can't put my finger on it. Might be some honest urgency goings on that is casting spells on me.

(Sunset, LA) Apr '66
Carl 101

Vandals - Mystery

"It's a mystery, I gotta find out"

Vandals put out 3 solid 45's (their second featured I Saw Her In A Mustang, which is supreme raunchness), this being their first. Mystery was released again on the Tiara label (which also put out Melvin by Belles) but in another version.
Pretty solid production, I must say. Atleast more solid than the relationship between the singer and his girlfriend because my friend - that mystery you can't figure out seems pretty easy to solve.

(Hollywood, FL) '65
Parole no #

Pushin' - Just Tell Her

"You may come within my world but I guarantee the sorrow"

Sweet jeezuzz! What heavy moods! What dark thoughts!

Pushin' is totally off the charts when it comes to their sound. This is from the heady days of heavy rock, glitzy glam, rising disco and ramalama New York Dolls/Iggy & the Stooges proto-punk fests where Ramones are waiting in the wings in steamy backstages oh, and cocaine and heroin and tits and ass and all that jazz..
But Pushin' is content with the soft and clunky sounds they make themselves without too much noise and neon lights and fast drugs.
You can HEAR that this isn't from 1966 but man, the song sounds it is coming straight out of a sixties New England garage.

(PS I listed this as Don't Tell Her which is wrong - it is Just Tell Her, nothing else.)

(CA) '73
ALA 4422

Hangmen - I'm Gonna Love You

"Til the end of time"

It is night. The studio is locked up. All is dark. No one is around. Ooorrr?
Hangmen slowly creeps in and begins to gently poke the instruments. When they are sure that they are alone they start to rock out in the most royal way.

"anyone there?"
"I don't think so..?"

The guys later recorded as the Five Canadians who we all know and love.

(San Antonio, TX) 
Flo-Pin 101

Blue Condition - Lost Love

"She said there's no reason in trying"

Not as late as Pushin', but pretty late anyway, Blue Condition was a good 3 years past their time on this romantic ballad. Which is cool in my book. Which means they probably weren't dirty filthy hippies. Which is pretty cool too.
The flip to this is an insane slab of acid punk that probably renders this 45 costing top dollars and an arm and a leg.
That is, if you ever find it. I don't think there are too many in existence. Like, one. And I don't think the owner is about to sell it anytime soon.

(IL) Feb '69
Tersa 101

Apollos - Never Again

"I see the sand, I see the river, and my eyes shed a tear just like before"

Hold it! Hooold it!! I SAID HOLD IT GODDAMN IT!!!
This is so fuckin great!! If you can't dig this...I don..I ca.. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!? HUH?!?!
What more could you possibly demand from a bunch of awkward pimply teens?
Fuck Dovers! OK? Fuck Squires, fuck Es Shades, fuck it all!

Now you fuckin come here, stand next to - HEY COME BACK HERE! FUCKER!
Now you stand here next to this kid, he's just come back from a tear-soaked stroll down the fuckin RIVER which he - IN TEARS - wrote a song about! And now you rate it. Yeah, you heard me. Read him what you rated it in TeenBeat Mayhem (now on sale). Ok kid, listen to what this geezer thought of your openhearted song about getting your heart broken and all that.
You don't wanna tell it to him? Ok I'll tell it to him.

Three. He gave you a three. On a fuckin ten-scale, he gave you a three.
The description of what a three sounds like is - SHUDDUP YES I HAVE TO TELL IT TO HIM! - is, and I quote, "dull and ordinary". Yes. So now you know kid, the next time you hear your heart break - that sound, ya know? That is dull and ordinary.

Heartless sons of bitches!

(South Bend, IL) '66
Orlyn 0984

Weeble Foxx - I'm Your Fellow Man


Folk-rock overload! Weeble Foxx has so many important things to tell that the mic barely can take them all in! But it sounds earnest and very important.
And that is good enough for me.

(Warren-Youngstown, OH) Jan '66
Mark I 4115

Tempters - I Will Go

"ooooh, ooooh"

This song absolutely hypnotizes me. It sways back and forth, it hums secret words I barely make out.
It is as if I don't really want to know more than that. It is here now, it has always been here and will always be here.
I don't even wanna know what it is all about.
I just love it.

(Hamilton, OH) Apr '66
Link 708

torsdag 22 oktober 2015

Real Junk

Real Junk

I made this some time ago but wasn't at all satisfied. A month ago I gave it another try  and was surprised at how good it was. Not the strongest set in this series, but totally worth it.

The first track is worth the (free) admission alone, so is the last. And the third. So is the undercomped fourteenth.

Hope ya'll like.