lördag 10 december 2022


The links are all dead, yup - I know. I tried to do a mammoth exodus of all of the stuff but there ain't no good place to upload them. The files immediately get restricted from sharing, or banned.

I'm still uploading high class music on my YouTube channel sometimes. That is, when I don’t get copyright strikes from over there too.

You can go check my YT-channel, I always upload high quality music, and always as lossless as I can. I might even be able to take requests! If you pay for a YT-subscription you'll get rid of the ads and you can use it purely as a music streaming service. There are a lot of other cool people uploading cool stuff! 
And just so you know - I never put ads in my uploads and I'm not monetizing shit. I'm just spreading the gospel of garage.

You are also welcome to join the Sixties Garage Punk group on Facebook and on Instagram. 

ANYHOO! Thank you everyone for the support and the cheers!

My channel on YT

My good friend Bolt24's even cooler channel

The group on Facebook

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