torsdag 16 oktober 2014

The Last Laugh

The Last Laugh

Let me first say that I feel that my comps are getting weaker. I think the first 20 got most of the creme de la creme. 
Nevertheless, this is just fun'n'games - who cares if you've already heard it!?

Vigilantes gets to start this new set. We get fuzz, sax, organ, bubbly bass, hellavalot of the ride-cymbal and a rowdy solo on the geetaar.
Yeah we notice ya, awrite already!

(Angier, NC) Oct '67
JCP 110

Come Back Bird is a kewl 'n'groovy track. Is that a fukin banjo I hear in the background?

(Abilene, TX) July '65
Askel 45-7

I don't know what ya'll think about Thinkin' About You but it happens to be on my Top 50 list of my fave garage punkers. This is pretty much how I like my garage - cool, suave and not too obscured by fuzz. That is also how I like my.. cats.
A+ for the drums. And the tambourine. And the cool-beyond-belief git. And the hoarse teenster vox.

(Savannah, GA) November '66
Thunderbolt 201,091

Bassmen is also laid-back and affable garage. But not on the expense of tense and dense garage punkerism.

(Tucson, AZ) Apr '65
Gallantry (745-675)

More of the same but twice as fast with Sound Track and their spastic I See The Light
The drums makes this song really but everything else is pretty much awesome too.

(TN) Nov' 67
Trail 1706

All songs I've ever heard called 'Revenge' has been excellent. Society of Sounds Revenge is also ultra-nice. Hmm and I don't know why they called themselves SoS on this since it is listed as a 45 by Castaways Five in Teenbeat Mayhem (an excellent book where I lifted all info - thanx MTM!)

(Fort Myers, FL) '66
Raol 001/2

Comin Generation's Hey Girl is a rowdy piece of fuzzteria!! HEAVVVY bass.

(Alliance, OH) March '68
Dupree 1304

OK, side 1 finish off with some intromental garage. You might know the godhead powerpopish flip It Doesn't Matter. But here we enjoy the b-side: Walkin' The Nose.

(Hope, RI) Aug '66
Mystic 1/2

OK, the B-side of this virtual comp starts off little zany - AT FIRST!!
Crazy smattering drums pepper the song into garageland.
Wait a minute and the fuzziest Bryan Gregory-esque git solos you've ever heard shall punish your starved ears for almost a full minute. EPIC!!

(dunno shiiit, acetate muthafucka!!)

Epic V is a little special to me and almost certainly to everybody else who got BossHoss CDR-comp A Funny Thing Happened.. sent to them some years ago.
The song that started the set was I Need You're Lovin'.
Those were the days, my friend.
Slick, clean and uptempo classic Texas meat-and-potato-garage. 

(San Angelo, TX) Oct '67
Sully 1004

I Told You - straight up garagepunk. That is all I have to say about it.
And that it is totally awesome.

(La Canada, CA) March '65
Bellcore 102

We almost hit acid-punk territory with Changing Tymes' Go Your Way.
Cool tremolo and fuzz, funky drums and organ and shit. You know the drill.
(not the same Changing Tymes of You Make It Hard fame found on When Shadows Fall but the same as on the You May See Me Cry comp)

(Gate City, VA) Dec '67
Moss 000-003/4 

OK - I made an artistic risk here. All might not enjoy the hazy Honeymoon Tree.
But I love the involuntary druggy feel and that crazy maracas and cheesy lyrics.
Try it, you'll like it. 

(Los Angeles, CA) Date???
Royal Crest 178

Moguls' Try Me - this is such an ultra classic, man. Atleast the sonixxx are topnotch.

(Eugene, OR) March '66
Panorama 29

Wasting My Time - yeah! Classy girl put-down lyrics.
And some fuzz on top. This was Massachusetts New Breed's sole 45. On the flip we find the cutesy It's Love.

(Worcester, MA) Aug '66
Polaris 711

The last track on The Last Laugh is Sound On Sound's solid gold and ever so slightly psych-tinged Girl You've Got To Turn Me On
Very groovy indeed.

(Grundy, VA) '67
Tunnel 212

And that's that! I've got at least two more comps coming up so stay tuned, fiends!



I've been thru a minor hell and a terrible break-up! You know how it is..
But now the tears have dried and shit is not given so swiftly anymore.

So let's get down to the biz.


You asked me to make some reposts and I'm happy to do it.


I will post the new RIP comps in a matter of seconds.