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You Hurt Me So

You Hurt Me So

Welcome back, and welcome newcomers! Be sure to spread the word so more people get hip to the cool sounds of 60s garage punk! 
There is an OCEAN of mp3 comps out now - I know! Some of them is downright boring to sit thru.
My idea of making comps is to make them flow, and to use songs that haven't been repeated too many times and that garage aficionados might've forgotten about but also to give new listeners a chance to hear some old classics as well.

This set is yet another bunch of moody loser tracks.

But we start bongoing with the Satisfactions' spastic Only Once. A total winner.

After that we get treated to some patented garage fzzzzzz with the nutty Wondering Why by the Royal Aircoach. Dynamics man, dynamics!

Then we fizzle in on The World I've Planned by the Oxford Five. Very funky drums.

Possums' write an homage to all bullied loser kids out there in King Of His World

Barons' Tomorrow Never Ends might sound pussyfooted at first but check the drummer driving that beat, check the singer and his inspired vocals and the cool way he counts off the song's last organ solo - "ONE TIME, NOW!"

I'm crazy about the singer in Uncivilized and the way he sounds like he's ready to break down in tears any second. And you have to love that spooky organ!

Only Ones' Beatle-esque Find A Way has the most exquisite little guitar break that drives the final nail into the loser coffin. And don't miss the kick-ass bass! Syncopated and inventive!

5 PM's How Many Days is a total classic - "I call your name but you don't answer me no more..".
I can totally relate. When I was a teen and got dumped, I remember calling my absent ex-girlfriend's name while lying in bed, with my head buried in a pillow. Yes I am not ashamed to admit it!
Very tasty intro, and a very tasty little solo.
"How many days must I wait for your love again, wait for your kissing' and your love again.."

Oooooooh! STAND BACK! Rollin' Ramsaxes roll in on the scene with the thunderous and foreboding EPIC You've Hurt Me So!
Feel the rain! See the lightning! Hear the thunder of a heart breaking!
Another teen cheated on, another teen deadly wounded, another teen crying in his bedroom..
"You hurt me so, but darling it won't show.."

Bounty Hunters' almost echo the emotional thunderstorm the Rollin' Ramsaxes just put us thru.
"Ooooh, I try to smile for a while..
The Sun Went Away is such a total moody song, it is incredible that they even can muster up some energy to play it. And check the spoken part! Cheese supreme!
"Gee, I feel so all alone since my baby's gone. I don't know what to do, I try but I can't go on."

More weather related sorrow with Gaunga Dyns Clouds Won't Shine. We also get treated to an abysmal fuzz solo and a very unfitting and strange ending to the song.

Sweet Love is so adorable. Hope it's not to fruity for all my cool listeners. Page Boys kinda makes it up with their flip All I Want that can be found on The Dead And Forgotten

Missing Links' Hang Around has this desert wind feel to me. Yet another sad little organ painting the song black. Love the guitar by the way!

YASSS! CUTAWAYS! This is one of my all time faves! Haha, this guy must be fresh out of some sour relationship cause he sounds sooo bitter! 
"You didn't treat me right, when we said goodnight, and you broke my heart, tore it all apart and I'll never never love someone again!"
Super-bitter solo too!

Idols step up on stage, a little shy and a little nervous. This track is so fukkin great man, I gotta tell ya! 
The skeletal organ, the bunch of voices you hear littering the track - one in a manic falsetto - and a minute and 16 seconds in you hear the singer sounding like a whimpering kid in the line "*sob* girl you see me crying (whaa-aa-aa-aa!) please don't leave me this way, that's how it is, I guess - when true love goes astray!

Brother L Congregation is not really sixties, is it? Nah, this Texan 45 is actually from 1970 and they released two cool singles. The flip to this is the manic acidpunker Bringing Me Down that can be found here: Descend Into Madness.
I've always loved the suave She's Gonna Lose That Boy that is one part Beatles, one part Velvet Underground and one part Ramones-ballad.
"Every now and then she goes away, she comes back the very next day - she's gonna lose that boy.."
Enter cheesy solo.

That was that. I hope you liked this loser set. The next set will also be full of loser ballads, but I'll try and make the 30th set wild, crude and primitive!

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