lördag 12 juli 2014

When Shadows Fall

When Shadows Fall

Another set of cool crude and primitive garage trakks.

I just love the first three tracks. Grumpy as hell.

And hey, just stand in awe before the moronic lyrics of Chain Reaction's G.Y.S.! You want realism to the point of the absurd? You got it!

Tell My Baby by Nightcaps is soooo cool, man, I have no words. Just hot fukkin garage.

Jades' When Shadows Fall seems pretty refined together with all other cretin tracks, but it is GODHEAD moody garage. Could've fitted on any Psychedelic Unknowns volumes.

Don't Put Me On by King's Court is yer usual stupid garage, but it is coolness.

Catsanovas' I Want To Be Loved might be one of my absolute fave garage tracks. Listen to that hypnotic guitar! Check out the uncomfortable singer yelpin' his way thru the song as if he was singing at gunpoint. 

Let's Move by Night Crawlers is so stupidly suave it is just silly. They totally stole the Gloria-riff AND Empty Heart! THE BALLS!

We round this fine set with mood-overload - Mojos' What She's Done To Me.
"Help me, help me get away.." Wow, those evil women. They really do a number on ya when you're young. Good thing tho, since a lot of cool songs get written that way.
Spooky as hell and a perfect ending to a perfect set.


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