torsdag 10 juli 2014

To Stone

To Stone

Hey friends - I'm still flabbergasted you guys remembered me. Big thanks again!

Another cool thing is Mr. Warren's decision to release THREE (3!) new Back From The Graves!
That is crazy!

While y'all waiting for that treat, why not give this moody comp a lizzen?

What have we heeree?

Cheques' To Stone is pretty dramatic slice of uptempo balladry. Sweet solo on that organ.

Decompressed Impossibility skeletal ballad is so forlorn is terrible. In a good way.
Oh and it should say You Can't HIDE Away an' nothin else. I mucked up.

Gyro provided the excellent rip of TaboosAll My Life. Very moody and with a slightly psychedelic rave-up of some kind in the middle.

OUCH - here I see that the balance of the volume jumped up! Will I ever learn how to flat that shit out?

Remember Tyme's version of Land Of A 1.000 Dances from Back From The Grave #7?
WELL HERE IS THE FLIP! It rips, it roars, it whips up a garage storm!
Trauma CITY! Unrelenting PSYCHODRAMA!
The one acetate there was seems to be destroyed. 

Total wuzz-fest with Lost Chords' and their fruity I Want To Be Her Man. Sweetness!

So, please try to fix the volume in yer iTunes - I don't seem to do it right.

Much love.

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  1. nicely cobbled Dave ... much thanks.