måndag 23 september 2013

Kind Of Odd

Kind Of Odd

THIS motherfucker has been bitching since I started making it and the whole affair has been riddled with accidents, mishaps and minor catastrophies! Even the artwork!! I would like to say that I fucken HATE it but this is such a kick-ass set of songs that I can't.

 There might be 2 or 3 songs I regret putting on it, but I guess these growling and crude fuckers just belong together.

Faves? Well, the first and the last are JAWDROPPERS and Electric Sensation's Mary is SLOP SUPREME!

But all in all, pretty well known punkers slapped together in a loving fanboy half-assed fashion.

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  1. ... can't find any info on "The Psychopaths' "Traveling' Around The World" and Electric Sensation's "Mary", ever comped before? group's origins? pls help
    thx for all your awesome comps, much appreciated!

  2. Funny, I can't find anything about the Psychopaths either. I checked TeenBeat Mayhem, but no luck.
    Reason why? Because this set keeps bitching long after it was made!
    Turns out that She's Been Travelin' 'Round The World was recorded by Seeds Of Time (aka Seeds Of Thyme) from Monroeville, AL, and released on Morgan 9045 in 1966.
    You can find it (in inferior sound) on Psychedelic States: Alabama Vol.1.
    My rip is from Gyro's excellent USA Garage Greats, volume 13 "Stay Away".
    So that was embarrassing on my part. Sorry, people. Dunno where I got the "Psychopaths" moniker from. As I said, this set is haunted.

    Electric Sensation hailed from St. Louis, MO and released the ultra-crude Mary (flip Goodbye Boy) on a no-label in 1968.
    A friend of mine supplied me with a decent rip. I was looking it up since it was on the TBM 1000 #997.

    All information was looked up in the GREAT book TeenBeat Mayhem, an absolute need-2-have for all garage heads. Go buy it now.

    Thanks for d-loading!

  3. The comp of Gyro's FOOL TURN AROUND" USA+ Garage 45's, Vol. 26 says usa garage 45
    they included the dynamites (but they are from switzerland) so i think was a mistake also the psychopaths .....

  4. This time I assure you it was all my mistake, don't think Gyro had anything to do with it.

  5. I am including some Euro and world garage with the series, that's why I included the + at the end of the title. I'm enjoying playing the comps here also, only problem once in a while is the volume fluctuates a bit. Great music choices.

  6. Yo,
    Great blog, just straight up high quality stuff here! DL'ed everything & just wondering if you are gone for good, or if you have just been busy with other projects etc.

    Hope to see some action on here soon,

    Con Seanery

  7. Hi Con!

    I'm not sure yet. There's still some cool stuff I could put together.
    With springtime n everything, I just might get to it!