måndag 23 september 2013

I've Seen Darker Nights

I've Seen Darker Nights

We've come to my 20th comp and you'd think I'd be runnin' dry, and actually I am. Am I good for ten more comps? 20? Dunno. 

But let's not think about that and just focus on the batch of moody and dramatic tracks included on this set.
We start out soft with pretty pop-ish with the first few tracks, but then we take a slow dive into the abyss of sorrow and despair. 

My faves are Reasons Why and their acidulous Tell Her One More Time, Mad Lads' sombre Everything Is Blue, Barons bitter Time And Time Again, Mystic Five's naïve genious chiming It Doesn't Matter, Vistas' adorable zombi-esque Don't Know, Sounds Unlimited's desperate Nobody But You and finally Facts Of Life's epic I've Seen Darker Nights.

Hope you like.

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