tisdag 27 september 2016

Rich Sounds Of The Sixties Vol. 2

Volume two of this fine fine series..
A lot of classics, some early rocknroll, some not-often-so-compiled stuff, some never-comped-before.

Pop, r'n'r, punk, psych, folk - the usual mix.

My faves: Kaynines' suave That Ain't Right (uncomped, I think?), The Lost Soul by Pubs is awesome (I used it on Real Junk), the meat-and-potato garage of End Result is an excellent 2-sided killer, I've been nuts over Premiers' Get On This Plane since I first heard it on Psychedelic Experience, the uncomped Movin' On by Kensington Forest is a non-stop wigged-out psych-ish soul/folk/psych mover and She Lied by Brand X is a slice of moronity which can only be described as acid punk - don't miss the spooky rave-up at the end. Very silly.

But that's just my favorites. There a ton of other cool stuff here too.
Thanks Rich for yet another sweet set with awesome sound!

lördag 24 september 2016

Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol. 21 - Ohio Part 2

AIP 10030 USA 1985

"Another worthwhile offering with lots of cool punk/psych numbers and only one repeat. Hardly a brilliant comp in any sense of the word but better than most later Pebbles volumes. The entertaining liner notes where Shaw & Co apologize for all the errors on vol 9 suggests that the good tendency in these later comps may be due to an actual conscious effort. Who knows?"

Spot on. Really nothing more to add. The usual mix of punk, rocknroll, pop, psych and some wigged-out acid punk.

Standouts for me are I'm The Kind by Backdoor Society and In Awhile by Pictorian Skiffuls.
Acid thugs should find pleasure in Tinted Green, Another Colored Ink Drawing (A.C.I.D.) and Dark Cobble Street by Hazards, Wild Things and Four O'Clock Balloon respectively.

It's Them/TTHHEEMM's Animals/Them(UK)-inspired R&B belter Baby (I Still Want You Lovin') showed up on Back From The Grave Vol. 9. Weird choice. Would've made more sense on Teenage Shutdown. But it's one of the better tracks here. Still no killer, but one of the better.

Oh, and don't miss out on Thee Young Generation's psychedelic triumph Paperback Minds - very hip, very danceable. Discogs tells us that this is the same Younger Generation as the ones on Crude PA. I don't have TeenBeat Mayhem with me (never leave home without it!) so I can't check.

I hope this makes up for the mucho lame-oh comp I posted yesterday - sorry 'bout that.

fredag 23 september 2016

Baubles Vol. 1 - Down To Middle Earth

Baubles Vol. 1 - Down To Middle Earth

Big Beat Records ‎– WIK 72 1988

This is not sixties garage punk, I know I know..
Not that anyone ever could put their finger on exactly what that is.

Anyway, this is the kind of comp that could end up on the shelf if you were a rabid comp-collector.
And it is a very nice album!

Merrel Fankhauser & HMS Bounty kicks off the album with the-little-too-darn-sweet Things (Goin' Round In My Head), but later we'll find A Visit With Ashiya which is a mystical piece of hippie magic. Hear the holy bells and gentle sitars! See the fine silk and the living candles! Smell the exotisk incense and the dirty hippie jesus sandals! 
A great track. I love this kind of shit. When psych is this soft and cozy it is very hard for me not to fall in love with it.

Things get a little confusing and slightly sad as the mighty heavy-hittin', hard-honkin', wild-eyed-wailing' Sonics takes on Frank Zappa's Anyway The Wind Blows.
It starts out with a frustrated lonely wah-wah crying in the alley, then we jump straight into a strange cover of Zappa's tongue-in-cheek doo-wop crud, and it is a pretty uncomfortable listen.
After the sweet singing with glockenspiel & such, we then dive into this mire of wah-wah, a wah-wah as groovy as nails on a blackboard. I think my dad would make a better job.
Seriously - sounds like shit.
The song thankfully ends, even if you wonder a couple of times if it ever will.
But not before punishing you with turn-of-the-last-century wind machine and some Eight Mile High-inspired pirouettes on the guitar.
Doggone awful and a bloody shame.

Daily Flash try to brighten things up with a bit of baroque pop and even if it's not the most exhilarating baroque pop there is, it is still a cool listen and has that special autumn-y quality I so much enjoy with light psych.
Jack O'Diamonds (the 45 before this) is a lot cooler tho..

Fever Tree enters and here we go! It is the first of the four wild numbers on this album.
Crazy guitar, hairy growling, marching drums, wyld syncopated beats, a fucking german flute - exhausting!
There's a certain flavor of Music Machine in my mouth. Strange.

If this wasn't here I might've not bothered with this groovy comp.
But no-one can rest until Rabbit Mackay & the Somis Rhythm Band anthemic Tendency To Be Free is known across the world!
Don't you just wanna lose 50-60 pounds, buy a leather vest, get a bike, start a bonfire, drop a tab, take a nightly shower in a waterfall or some other wild and crazy shit like that?
You know, just stick it to The Man one last time? And this time as a biker?
Listen, you can be whoever you want in your fantasy, but in mine I'm a sunburnt, dusty, spaced-out, leather clad, bikeridin', wraparound-shade-wearin', heavy-smokin', hard-fuckin', easy-livin', gun-packin' rebel of the highway, livin' day to day, hand to mouth and with an EXTREME tendency to be free.

Ill Wind - I like them. Just too bad some hung-over christian first grade teacher bent someones arm hard enough to be allowed to screech into the mike 1:18 and onward. Buzzkill.


Lollipop Shoppe's You Must Be A Witch is known by everyone. It is great, ain't it?

Druids Of Stonehenge does some pretty tasty Odessey & Oracle-ish church-organ, damp-monestary, stain-glass-window psych on Six Feet Down. Pale Dream is some straight psyched-out punk. Very cool.

"Mee Duuhl Uuurf.."
What's that?
"Mee Duuhl Uuurf.."
I think there's someone at the door?
"Mee Duuhl Uuurf.."
Stephen? STEEPHEEN!! Can you get the door?
"Mee Duuhl Uuurf.."
Hobbit and friends marches in, waving freaky flags and precious fabrics and strange objects and knocks down tables and gets the cat entangled in their colorful dresses, skirts, shirts.
They sing about the sunshine, the top of the stairs, where the air is fresh and clean, where we both can ride a dream (??) and this is middle earth he supposedly means.
He is sure we can make that scene.
Hey - I'm all for that: let's go!

"Mee Duuhl Uuurf.."
What now!?
"Mee Duuhl Uuurf.."
The door again?
"Mee Duuhl Uuurf.."
Who could it be this time?
"Mee Duuhl Uuurf.."

Salvation does some much needed jazzy psych and I'm getting a little sleepy. Or woozy.
Wow, this is nice.. You know - when someone at a party suddenly out of the blue grabs your neck and start to give you a friendly massage (which I firkin hate) but before you can knock that sucker out, a warm unfamiliar feeling starts to spread and your mouth blossom out in a freaky deformed smile and you close your eyes and just let it happen even if you're not that fond of human contact? It's like that.
I probably won't do it again, but if I happen to cross my path in the future - who knows?

Nova Local offer us some cleansing airy soft psych - great track.
We also get entertained by some lively and amusing string-bending from some sitar-wielding studio-musician who apparently drew the shortest straw, but it is actually tastefully blended (well as much as you can blend that musical canoe with anything) into the song in the start and finish.

Nightmare Of Percussion is what the title tells us - a fuck-bunch of jazzy drumbeating and som hip singin'.
Look - a bongo! And a cowbell? I think I hear a tambourine! Is that sleigh bells!?
Santa? Is that you..?
At 1:38 and thru the remainder of the song, Santa or God or Satan or some crappy actor reads some heavy free verse while the Strawberry Alarm Clock stands in the background singing "doo-dee-doo, doo-ooo, hmmm-mmmmm..."

This is the first and last of the Baubles "series" and it is a hilarious ride thru the renaissance fair.
I urge you to get a little funky and try this out.
C'mon, you can't listen to garage all the time!


tisdag 20 september 2016

Rich Sounds Of The Sixties Vol. 1

I have been going on before about the sharing of physical comps at the old garagepunk.com forum.
I was able to snag a bunch of awesome fishes, and the Rich Sounds Of The Sixties were one of the best.
Great sound, great selection put together by one great guy. I don't want to name people on my blog, but I can give you a hint - his first name is hidden in the title of the name of the comp.

All in all he released 8 of 'em, all great, some uncomped before.
He said he welcomed some better artwork than he could provide (he made a perfect cover himself by the way, informative and clean & simplistic), so this is my shot at it.
If you can put your glasses on and squint you can read at the top that it contains "30 flacs" which is not true in this case. And I can post the flacs too if you so wish - just holler.

I will post all eight volumes. And if there is another forum comp you need, I might have it. just tell me and I'll get to rippin'.

Oh, and please forgive my ironic boasting of my name on the cover. I just want more people to find this blog so more people get into the dwindling scene of sixties garage.

lördag 17 september 2016

Michigan Mixture Vol. 1

Michigan Mixture Vol. 1

Clinging Hysteria 1 USA 1990

Since we're down the heavier path, why not post this lysergic comp. You get a lot of acid punk, some hippie punk and even a proto-punkish track (Stick Over Me by Glass Sun).

We start with Up - the younger brothers of MC5 and the Stooges and their swirling hippie punker Just Like An Aborigine. I don't know what the indigenous people of Australia would think of the lyrics but one must remember that this was released in 1970 by a bunch of punks barely past their teens.
Hassan I Sabbah is a lurking wailer with lotsa thuggish hammering on various instruments. 

Sweet Cherry is cool enough to end up on the revisioned Back From The Grave Vol. 2 with their lobotomized Funny Things Floating. Strange choice because this must be the most psyched out track on that comp series. This is serious mind melting acid punk of the finest order.
The equally blank-eyed zombie-rocker Eight Day Blues would fit in perfectly on Psychedelic Disaster Whirl and is even better than Funny Things Floating.

After Sweet Cherry we get treated to the acid rock of Pitche Blende. Fundamentalist punks won't find this interesting at all and the psych heads won't find it lysergic enough.
Stop! is unquestionably the best of the two tracks. Some wild screaming and sharp solos and cool dynamics totally makes it worth the ride. I like it a lot.

What can be said about the Glass Sun? They released two soaring 45s, one in 1971 (Silence Of The Morning/Oh Sandy) and one in 1972 (Stick Over Me/I Can See The Light) and all four tracks are great in their own way. The fuzz-propelled acid burnt dementia of Silence Of The Morning has been comped repeatedly, but this is the only place that you'll find the awesome Stick Over Me which is a kinda mix of Chamber Brother's Time Has Come Today and Chewing Gum by Creme Soda.
Great mix if, if you ask me.

Dick Rabbits ominous You Come On Like A Train is wild-eyed acid punk that could make any magic trip a hellish experience. Take Me To L.A. is quite bizarre. The melody is pleasant enough but it strokes your brain like a psychomaniac would pet a cat. There is an sunshine-y unspoken panicked passive agressive threat hanging over you the whole song through. Pretty original track.

Popcorn Blizzard is fucking terrible acid rock from a 1968 45. There is no reason for anyone to listen to this dreck. I couldn't find any decent rips of their two silly tracks so I had to consult the original comp. Who cares since no-one should be listening to this waste of sound waves.

Fifty Foot Hose's (labeled She Devils on the comp) demo of Red The Sign Post is yet another minor chord horror movie bum trip acid punker. Tough sounds and feedbacks and awesome singing. You have to be a pretty boring dude or dudette to not feel like dancing like a blood-drenched Manson sect member to this fucker.

Want some over-the-top bad vibes on that? Say hello to In Wyrd which is a fairground fright ride from the netherworld. I dare you to listen to this on any kind of mind-expanding drug. Because your brain would jump right out of your mouth. Because this track is that scary. Really.

From The Womb To The Tomb is another classic acid punker which I'm sure you've heard 1.000 times before. It has been comped before and for a good reason - it fucking rocks.

This is all in all a great acid punk comp, a real scary but fun ride. Just be sure to erase Popcorn Wizard's frilly pink hippie shit.

"Focused on the overlooked post-punk, pre-junkie Michigan psych scene, this first volume is particularly good with almost every track a killer, lots of fuzz and strange lyrics and to 95% 45s only reissued here. Essential to any acid-punk/psych fan."

tisdag 13 september 2016

Crude P.A. Vol. 1

Crude P.A. Vol. 1

Distortions 1001 USA 1990

Says the Llama:

"Title says it all really, as this Pennsylvania comp on the classy Distortions label is dominated by tunes primitive to the point of being offensive. No local hits or Battle Of The Bands victors here, these groups sound like they come from some sewer below the garage. A few excellent cuts and some garbage. Bonus points for the insert."

Yup, this isn't for the squeamish. A lot of primitive stuff here. Some tracks sounds like they fell down a well, stayed there for a good two years, got fished up by some farmer who cleaned it with chlorine and then asked his cousin (who has a tape recorder) to record the 45's he found down a dirty well and his cousin says "ok but i don't have time to get over to your place" and the farmer says "ok that's cool, you can record it over the telephone" and then he proceeds to play the singles over a crackly line on his phonograph. (Check Soul Generation's I Can't See You for reference.)

But other tracks sounds great and wild! Some I've even used myself. I wasn't planning to revamp this but changed my mind.
A good third of this comps is absolute awesome garage. 

Conductors' She Said So, Changing Tymes' You Make It Hard, Snaps' Polka Dotted Eyes, Facts Of Life's  I've Seen Darker Nights, Iron Gate's FLAWLESS Feelin' Bad and the GREATER THAN ALL GODS COMBINED Captain Dueseldorph by the Starfyres are all mandatory listening if you want to excel as a punk fiend and rise in the complicated hierarchy that is the garage society.
Nah that was an exaggeration. All I say is that if you don't listen to 'em - you're missing out. 
Not only that, you choose to miss out. Now that's an active choice. 

But you are forgiven. Just say three Hey Eriqs and do one Crusher and be on your way.

Crude PA is a much more satisfying package, with more photos and an insert with informative liner notes. Not everything on the compilation is a certified winner (and there's a few outright losers), but there's plenty of great sounds represented from the state of Pennsylvania. 
Worthy of mention are the Nomads (oh no, not another Nomads!) with their hard-hitting jangler, "Point Five" (an unreleased demo), and the Sands Of Time, whose "Come Back Little Girl" is a magnificently clumsy energizer. 
There's also memorable cuts by the Snaps, Pat Farrell & the Believers and the Conductors, but my personal pick comes from the Facts Of Life. Their "I've Seen Darker Nights" has real class, a strong, melodic haunter with galvanizing organ and guitar breaks and great drumming - a must hear.

- Mike Stax (Originally published in Ugly Things #11, 1992)

lördag 10 september 2016

Endless Journey, Phase 1

Endless Journey, Phase 1

Psycho 1 UK 1982

Says the Llama:
"The first volume of this LP psych series compiled by (the now defunct) Funhouse Records is a pretty strange affair, featuring an awkward mix of prep rock, '66 punk and heavy psych. Like what market were they aiming for? And why so many covers? A hilarious sleeve of an injection needle flying through space adds more questions to this mystery."

Hehe, the Llama's dry humor never fails to crack me up. He's right on the money, it's a very misch-masch affair. Kinda like Relics but even more confusing. 7 of the 12 tracks are covers. 
Moving Sidewalks does it best with their nuclear annihilation of the Beatles ditty. 
I don't know if you're into that kinda funny stuff but it is truly a jaw-dropping blasphemic assassination, I Want To Hold Your Hand gets hanged, drawn and quartered for all townspeople to see and it's a blast!

Even though that lysegic assauly is impossible to follow, it is still a major letdown to hear Rising Storm stumble their way through a cover of Baby Please Don't Go. 

Then we get treated to Texas pride Outcasts punk their way through Smokestack Lightning.

Oxford Circle's killer 2-sider acid punk never disappoints, and 17 Silver Studded Cadillacs is excellent.

But things starts to drag with Finchley Boys constipated performance. You get relieved when Rising Storm calms things down with a Velvet Underground-y version of Love's Message To Pretty. Don't look back is not too hot tho.

I actually dig Clique's version of Splash 1.

Mystic Tide's roaring Psychedelic Journey Part 1 & 2 is a stroke of genius but gets a bit grating after 9+ minutes of acid punk grind.

Well, if you're into sixties punk, and sixties punk only, this is somewhat of a nightmare.
I thought it was boring when I first bought it but I've warmed up to it now. Finchley Boys are quite awkward but that's ok. 

tisdag 6 september 2016

Pebbles Vol. 11

Pebbles Vol. 11

AIP 10001 USA 1983

Says the Llama:
(On Pebbles Vol. 10) "A sort of Pebbles phase 2 begins here, the deal being three or four monsters per volume and the rest pretty faceless filler stuff. Real fanatics will get these while others can settle for taping the winners."
(On Pebbles Vol. 11) "The same goes for this one which has fewer cuts as well. Punk/psych with some winners and some losers."

"Just when you thought "Pebbles" had thrown in the towel, these two platters (vol. 11 & 12) leap into the fray! As usual there's plenty of fab sounds to be found here. A variety of styles are represented, in the great "Pebbles" tradition: folk-rock, pop-punk, psych, and just plain wyld stuff.

Volume 11 probably has the edge with the demented, and thoroughly camp, Milan - the Leather Boy, the Aardvarks' great "I'm Higher Than I'm Down," and the ultra-primitive fuzz of the Modds, with "Leave My House." Best of all is the inclusion of legendary genius Neanderthals, the Barking Spyders - truly crunching godhead stuff!"

- Mike Stax (Originally published in Ugly Things #3, 1984)

Ok so who's right? It's no Pebbles vol. 5 (which is one of the best garage comps evah!) but it packs quite a punch. It does come with a couple of pop-psych tracks and the very-groovy Von Ruden's "hip" version of the Stones' Spider And The Fly. 
But I dig 'em. I might've been disappointed if I bought the platter back in '83 hoping for a veritable punk-fest, but now I can easily swallow Von Ruden's groovy pill and Looking Glass semi-plastic Visions. 

And if you're cool with those then this is a total hoot, a funfilled ride with allsortsa crrrazy "wyld" sounds that turned kids on in '66 and '83. It is just shockfulla cool stuff and covers the usual genres (like Stax said) punk, psych, pop and folkrock (that'd be Aardvarks towering larger-than-life Higher Than I'm Down).

It starts with Milan the Leather Boy's INSANE Leather Boy which burns rubber like a motherfucker, then dips its toes into some poppy psych, slides along a grimy trail of primitive rock'n'roll, digs up some crude top-shelf garage (Modds, Barking Spyders, Third Revolution) and ends it all Milan's high-energy pop-soul-punker You Gotta Have Soul!

It's just sooo much fun to listen to. In fact, the first 12 Pebbles are fun! Fun!! They are fun and nice and gets you in a good mood. The more I think about it, the more I love it.

So I'm sorry Llama. I usually agree with you but this time I go for Stax review.

Oh, and revisionist me corrected the muck-up with Galaxies IV. The original Pebbles listed Don't Lose Your Mind on the back cover but accidentally switched it for the flip; Piccadilly Circus.
Don't Lose Your Mind makes a lot more sense and is a lot better too!

lördag 3 september 2016

Gathering Of The Tribe

Gathering Of The Tribe

Bona Fide 5913 Germ 1982

"Classic druggie psych comp of the kind people rarely make these days. Appears to be designed especially for the pothead market as there are punk ravers closing each side in order to wake you up from your drug haze and turn the record over! Sounds good on acid too, except maybe for the infamous heavy blues 18-minute Josefus track."

Let's go for the throat right away and adress the Josefus track. It is too epically gargantuan to gloss over. It is like trying to explain the dead body in the trunk for a cop. It is totally impossible to not take it into account when talking about Gathering Of The Tribe.
I mean, what the fuck? What in the name of unholy intercourse?? If only it was the last track on the album, but the turd is the goddamn centerpiece!

Sheesh.. Don't get me wrong, I like heavy rock. But for starters; this is a pretty boring heavy rocker. And it's just too damn long. If you're not smoking something equally heavy, that is. 
The other matter is that it really don't belong with these other tracks. I'm ok with Macabre rubbing shoulders with Larry & the Blue Notes, but an 18 minute heavy blues epic sharing the bill with Unrelated Segments? That's just not right.

And even if you happily tap your feet through the 18 minutes of sizzling heavy-blues-hellfire, I doubt you'll revisit it again anytime soon. That is, if your not stoned out of your mind.

Other than that this is a fantastic comp! There is an overall bum-trippy vibe all through.
Slightly demented, gently lobotomized. The album does make more than one trip over the thin line between acid punk and psychedelia, and the Josefus track is a goddamn outrage, but other than that this could be sorted 'tween The Psychedelic Experience, Psychedelic Disaster Whirl and Acid Dreams. 
And its offspring Son Of The Gathering Of The Tribes. I will post that one later. You punk-fiends will definitely like that one better.