lördag 15 oktober 2016

Rich Sounds Of The Sixties Vol. 8

Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico - the American Southwest!

We start off the set (as usual) with some early, very american, rock'n'roll. Really dig the stupid version of Something Else (which is thee most perfect rock'n'roll track ever).

We slide into brit inv territory with the great pop song Can't You See I Do by Austronauts
Don't miss that track btw! It kinda flies under the radar but it is an exquisite pop delicacy, something Nerves (of Hangin' On The Telephone fame) would break their fuckin back to come up with.

We get  a bunch of more so-so american rock'n'rollers till the garage starts-a pourin' out of the speakers.

And boy does it ever pour..
A steady stream of high quality meat-and-potato-garage come and goes. 
Some classics, some previously unknown to me and as always a real solid listen.

My faves?

For Me by Destiny's Children is a biiiiiig fave. The kinda shit that could've/should've ended up on a volume of Back From The Grave. 

The 45 by Soothsayers is a great two-sider.

I Don't Recall by the Trolls - I do recall when I first heard it. An insta-fave.

Grapes Of Wrath - If Anyone Should Ask. FUCK YAA!
So much of a fave of mine, enough to have ended up on one of my own comps.

She's Loving Me by Possums is one of the best tracks on the set.

Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2's classic is known and loved by all. Canonical garage.

That's the last of the Rich Sounds Of The Sixties comps.

Raise your glass to good ol' Rich who treated us to this!
Cheers mate! We owe you!

fredag 14 oktober 2016

Rich Sounds Of The Sixties Vol. 7

We hit volume 7 and we're back in the golden state - good ol' sunny California!
Oh, save for some leftover tracks from the Apple State of Washington and the mighty Beaver State, Union State, Webfoot State, yes the sunset state even - the glorious pacific wonderland of Oregon..

There's only two tracks here from OR but they are both worthy of mention: one is the soulful jazzy R&B-funk stomper Long Long Day by the Wheel of Fortune, the other is the jittery yet strangely solemn It's OK by the Ethics.

Liverpool 5, Rooks and Billy & the Kids all hailed from WA. Billy is the best of the bunch with the stunning Do You Need Me? which is the b-side to When I See You (that we find on RSOS #6).

But the rest is all California.
Pretty soft set, pretty darn soft I tell ya. Most tracks has frilly laces of pop 'round them, pleasant to the ear but the set gets a little indistinct because of it.
But as I've stated before - indistinct is sometimes a thing of wonder.

So this time of year when the trees turns into living dying fireworks, when the winds whispers cold secrets through the cracks in the windows, when the floor allows gentle currents of ice cold air rise through its crevices, when the dim and damp evening itself turns its misty back to you - that's when you need a steady shot of sound garage. That's when you put on this sensible set and a cup o java.

torsdag 13 oktober 2016

Rich Sounds Of The Sixties Vol. 6

Some CA, some WA, a couple Oregon..

To be honest - this is a so-so volume. Great rips, but a little slow. A couple of massive killers, another couple of absolute classics, a bunch of top-notch punkers, but also a lot of fillers. Well, according to me. I think it is a matter of taste.

What I think is cool with this volume is that it is pretty chill to listen to. And it is a good solid listen.
Yeah, it's better than so-so. I shouldn't have written that.

My faves:
Night Walkers - Stix & Stones
I love this tune so damn much. I have loved it ever since I bought (the weak and thin-sounding) Highs In The Mid-Sixties Vol. 7.
10 outta 10 in my book.

Untouchables - Don't Go I'm Beggin'
Crude northwest stomper with some mean-ass fuzz.

Initial Shock - You've Been A Long Time Comin'
Montana? What the H? There's not a lot of garage hailing from MT. When I consult TeenBeat Mayhem it tells me that the leader Mojo Collins was stationed in MT and that the band then went to San Fran, CA and recorded their 2nd 45 there.
Whatever the story, this is a very cool but careful stomper. A little shy. Awesome fuzzy solo.

Crusade - Psychedelic Woman
Arkansas is a little off too on the garage-map but there's way more than from Montana, that much is true.
Awesome stupid garage rock'n'roll, great fun, sure - it's got "psychedelic" in the title but it's got it mind in the gutter. Good wholesome r'n'r fun. 

Billy & the Kids - When I See You
One of the best drama-punkers there is. Classic.

We end with the very cool Bad Part Of Town with the Seeds - thanks Rich!

onsdag 12 oktober 2016

Rich Sounds Of The Sixties Vol. 5

Volume 5, and we're in California. We start with some tasty rock'n'roll but we pretty soon hit a golden ore with loooots of classics glimmering in the dark of the cave.

And even if none of my CA-faves are here: it is still a kick-ass set. There might be five or so bleak cuts but the rest is fuck-mazing. And the bleak cuts are rather nice too.


torsdag 6 oktober 2016

Rich Sounds Of The Sixties Vol. 4

We get to volume 4 and we're in Texas. Welcome!

So many classics here, too many to mention. Many of them the best Texas has to offer. 
Great rips and nice selection - as always.

Nuff of me yappin.

tisdag 4 oktober 2016

Rich Sounds Of The Sixties Vol. 3

Oh me oh my, what have we here? This volume is overflowing with classic garage! 

And the classic garage starts off right away with the high-energy soul of Prodigy and keep racing with Mad Hatters, prance onward with Mark Markham, reverberates together with the ominous Them-ish Jack Of Diamonds, stops by the corner where mr. Zappa is performing his best track - the folksy stomp of Trouble Comin' Every Day...
More über-classic are peppered all through this set. Most of the tracks are pretty poppy, some very slightly psyched (just sprinkled), more than one is concealed uptempo folk-rock, almost all tracks are mid- to billable acts aimed at the billboard - all rather 'safe' garage.

Off topic - I have to raise the question: is anything here garage, as we know and define it? 
And with "we" I mean "me".
What I garage? I don't know.
Garage to me is (for the most part) teen-trash, ineptly played, crudely recorded, released on their own label.
What we hear here is rather teen beat and sixties pop, dontcha think?

The umbrella-term "garage" can be a bit confusing sometimes. At least to me. Or, at least to me before. I think I've got it clearly defined in my head nowadays.
Of course I know what garage is when I hear it. Or sixties punk, or whatever. 

Sixties Garage Punk is a stupid name for a blog, a revisionist term for something untangeable, trying to define a scene that never really existed.
But even if it is a crap name y'all know exactly what ya gonna find here, do you not?


Brothers and sisters, here is the 3rd volume of Rich Sounds of the 60s, a glorious set of songs, all masterfully ripped and sequenced by a very cool collector, all in the name of sharing and having fun.

lördag 1 oktober 2016

Son Of Gathering Of The Tribes

BF 20183 Germ 1983

"Great 45 oriented sequel that should appeal to punk fans as well. Several killers and a great consistency. Only 200 copies made, each with an individual sleeve design. Was reissued in the early 90s."

Yet another 1983 comp. The year AIP released the two last great Pebbles albums. The year of the first volume of Back From The Grave. And Acid Visions, And four (4!) set of Boulders, 2nd volume of Chosen Few, Earpiercing Punk, the first five (5!!) volumes of Highs In The Mid-Sixties, the first Hipsville, the first New England Teen Scene, the second Off The Wall - need I go on?

Atleast over 30 comps was released in 1983. The second wave of the golden comp-age was in full swing. This might have been the busiest year ever. Things would slow down the following years up until around 1987 when the scene seem to have started to fizzle out.

This is pretty much a psych comp, but not 100%. More like a wigged out version of Acid Dreams.
Lots of well-known tracks here, some not that known, some previously unknown to me and a great spread of styles and smooth sequencing.
I love how the delightfully frightful brutal swaying fuzz-fest of Malibus' Cry gets to share album with the mucho-groovy hippie-hairy christian singer/songwriter D.R. Hooker.

What I dig with this slightly dizzyingly mixed album is that it puts both Cry and Forge Your Own Chains in their own personal distinct spotlight. Whereas in Back From The Grave it is pretty much a deadly flat-line all through, and the same with straight psychedelic albums.
That's why I dig Relics and Echoes In Time for example.

I hope you like it too. Much thanks to Sylvain for the glorious scan of the front cover, the back I snagged from discogs is is not as fancy.