torsdag 8 augusti 2013

Sixties Crude Garage

Sixties Crude Garage

Some very Crude stuff cooking here. And some more tracks that allegedly was on the Back From The Grave shortlist (Paupers, Jazzmasters, Jonathan w. Orchestra..).
We also get treated to two famous rockers early bands - Castiles (Bruce Springsteen) and Iguanas (Iggy Pop).
You also get Armand Schaubroec's Kack Klick and Church Mice - an overload of CRUDENESS!
You heard the Classics The World Can't Take Time on The Dead And The Forgotten-comp posted below, now suffer their KILLER Mean Woman.
 We also get treated to the flipside to Hotbeats Listen - the wild instro Injun.

Hope you'll have as much fun listening as I had compiling.

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