lördag 1 december 2012

The Humane Society : Knock, Knock (1967)

The Humane Society: Knock, Knock / Tip Toe Thru The Tulips
Liberty 55968 Apr '67
(Simi Valley, CA)

This song is downright scary. It might've been less scary if it was about drugs or shadows or unicorns, I dunno.
But the story seems to tell about a late-night caller, knocking on his ex-girlfriends door. 

"Who's there?" she asks.
"It's me. And I just wanna be near."

That might be nice if it wasn't for the fact that she has cast him out "like a dog in the rain" and he's about to tell her what he feels about the situation - in a very Norman Bates-y fashion..

"you know what's going on in this whirling, swirling brain..knock, knock..." he explains thru his tight lips.

And the band start speeding up the song, underlining the intensity of the drama.
You get the feeling he slams the door behind him.

The second verse continues with ominous lines of him "whirling swirling in a world of grief and sin" and that "if you come back - I know I'll die".

What the hell is going on in that apartment?

The band speeds up again (which pretty much functions as the chorus) and our protagonist shouts out in the air "KNOCK, KNOCK! WHO'S THEEERE? WHO'S THEEERE!?"

I think I'll just let you use your own imagination.

Attic Sounds : Shadows (1966)

Attic Sounds: Shadows / Let Us Be Young
Mike 4007 Jul '66
(Silver Spring, MD)

For some funny reason, all songs named Shadows performed by a sixties garage band are fuck-notch!
Vejtables made a great psychedelic folk-punker called Shadows, The Leather Boy made this high-drama spooky psyche-tinged ballad of the same name, The Electric Prunes' Shadows was also high on the drama  and is an exquisite punkadelic creation.
I could go on.
There might be something about shadows as a phenomenon that inspires the mind, especially if you are drawn to exploring the dimmer parts of it through drugs. Hence all the psychedelic touches.

This Shadows is a rather strange song. The beginning almost reminds me of Hurricane Fighter Plane by Red Crayola.
But this is no freak-form onslaught. It has this hypnotic slightly psychedelic verses and it totally opens up on the chorus with gorgeous chords on the guitar and a soaring tambourine.
We also get a short break with some organ mucking about, turning up the light on the already afterglow-y qualities of the song.

It rated quite poorly in the TBM with a 5 points out of 10, it didn't even make the TBM 1000. But that only proves that it is an acquired taste and not a crap dud of a track.