måndag 11 november 2019

Miscelleneous Re-ups


I'll be doing this all week.
And to be clear - I haven't ripped the original comps. I've used mp3s available to me to recreate them in the best order I can. I think garage comps are a special thing in themselves. To listen to them in the way they are intended is fascinating.

söndag 10 november 2019

BossHoss first three forum comps in FLAC

BossHoss Forum Comp Vol. 1 - 3

Absolute CLASSIC comps. Ripped by BossHoss, picks by different dudes and dudettes. There where only three Forum Comps proper of this kind, but BossHoss treated us to so much more excellent stuff.

Back before then the sound quality of garage punk comps were pretty abysmal - for different reasons; the scarcity of the sources, the mishandling of master tapes, some peoples ideas of fucking up great original punk and washing it to sound like impotent shit... but also the scarcity of the compilation albums compiling all this great music, and the poor vinyl being used.

But BossHoss showed us commoners who don't own Sonic Inc's Diddy Wah Diddy/Nobody To Love how fucking excellent it could sound.
He also made available lotsa tracks that were just not considered for use on comps or who had been used too many times but in sub-par sound.

Others followed suit; Masterbeat64, RichStrauss, BBTD, Eargasm...and many more.
I ripped the physical comps and burnt them to CD-Rs and put them in physical envelopes and mailed them to people around the world.

And in the end it inspired me to start this blog, to be able to spread the music efficiently.

Anyhoo - these three comps are very special to me. I hope you will appreciate them.

Click the image to d-load the FLAC zip files.

lördag 9 november 2019

Re-Ups: Rich Sounds of the Sixties

Rich Sounds of the Sixties

One of the finest series of the garage comps of yore. Rich Strauss released 8 glorious volumes. Clean rips and an interesting selection, all from his own personal collection.

If you want to read more about them, search this blog for previous posts.
Click the images to d-load, this time in mp3s..

fredag 8 november 2019

Wyld Canada Box

Wyld Canada Box

Put together some 15 years ago.  Top rips and excellently mastered. If I read complains in the comments I will delete this post, so be quick or miss out.

These are all in lossless FLAC, so get ready for big zips.



Re-Ups: Pebbles 1 - 13


Click the image to download..

söndag 3 november 2019

Re-ups: Highs In The Mid-Sixties

Highs In The Mid-Sixties
1-6, 11-13, 19, 21

Click the pictures to download. I’m giving media fire a try.