lördag 30 april 2016

Open Up Yer Door Vol. 2

Open Up Yer Door Vol. 2

Frog Death, 1987

This shit-hot platter starts with the best fuzz-riffer in existence followed by Gene "Catman" Vincent rippin' thru a tough garage stomper and you know you're set for the next half-an-hour.

 It is fascinating how consistent and unrelenting it is considering the wild mix with harmonica-infested folk rock here to thumpin acid punk to ultra-primitive slop.

There are more downer and moody punk on this volume. But that don't matter since it is so masterfully sequenced. It flows so naturally and is a trip to listen to.

God I wonder who made these ingenious albums.. If you're out there, whoever, where ever - thanks you!

Also a huuuuge thatk you and a big bouquet of respect and gratitude to Gyro. He supplied all the rips (bar 2), and if it weren't for him we wouldn't be listening to this comp at this level of fidelity.

Oh yeah, yesterday I said I had a CD of vol. 2. Turns out it actually didn't that impressive so I consulted Gyro's massive USA Garage Greats again.
He also treated us to all the tracks (bar a couple) on vol. 1.

Gyro - thank you so much!

fredag 29 april 2016

Re-upped: Open Up Yer Door! Vol. 1

Open Up Yer Door! Vol. 1

Frog Death, Inc. 1984

Now that's more like it!
A sweet mix of chart toppers, folk punk, zany frat, hard hittin' garage and then some and a bag of chips!

We start off with the INFAMOUS (I'm actually not much of a fan of it..) Open Up Your Door by Richard & the Young Lions, but after that it is obscuresville. Atleast in 1984.
Today the most of these tracks have been re-released on comps that is easier to find and/or better-sounding.

But if I had my way (and the expensive 45s) I would repress this (together with the equally great vol. 2). This is the kind of comp you can play at a party, not worrying that a major turd suddenly will surfice, or that it simply is no action on it - like Monsters Of The Midwest posted below.

Both vol 1 and 2 are almost as rare as the singles featured on them, and has switched hands for at least 100 bucks.

To me, this is one of the best comps, ever.
Less dogmatic than Back From The Grave, rawer than Pebbles, more consistent than Garage Punk Unknowns, more fun than Psychedelic Unknowns...
I'd even rate it higher than Off The Wall and Chosen Few.

No, I'm just exaggerating to make a point..
Sandwich this between Garage Punk Unknowns Vol. 4 and Hang It Out To Dry and have a nice day.
If you want I can post the second volume. The thing with that is that I have it on a bootleg CD that sounds really great so.. I didin't really do anything. But it is OOP now so..maybe I should do it.
I dunno. Seems lame.


torsdag 28 april 2016

Monsters Of The Midwest Vol. 4

Monsters Of The Midwest Vol. 4

Released in 1989 on Titan Records

The fourth,  and presumably the last volume in the series. I don't know what it is with this series that makes every volume go down like a big mug of luke-warm stale beer.
To listen to it is an interesting experience, and I don't really mind it - sometimes you just want some music in the background, something that doesn't need your full undivided attention.

Even the top tracks here aren't strong enough to make this album stand out - like Twilighters party-hungry and action-thirsty Spell Bound. Total kick-ass garage song, but there is no momentum for it to maintain. It tries to pick up the pace after Love Light and then Love Corporation, but it just don't pack enough power.

This is not me saying that this comp (or series, for that matter) sucks - I wish it would! But it doesn't.
What it has is a bunch of diamonds in the ruff, golden nuggets for you to find - and that was dear work for me as a young garage-fiend. oh, to sift through all the dreck and find amazing and magical songs drenched in mud, ready to get picked and comped on my own little cassette-comps that I created and printed and gave to all my friends (cassettes that more often than not met an unworthy death on the floor of dirty cars or eaten alive by crappy tape decks..)
If I were to pick my faves from MotM 2-4, I'd go for these 16 tracks :

Soothsayers - Please Don't Be Mad
Tommy Tucker & the Esquires - Don't Tell Me Lies
Coachmen - Too Many Reasons
Noblemen - Things Aren't The Same
Esquires - She's My Woman
Barry Ebling & the Invaders - I Can Make It Without You
Blue Things - Your Turn To Cry
Wild Things - Tell Me
Jerms - Since You Went Away
Soothsayers - Do You Need Me?
Intruders - She's Mine
Intruders - I'll Go On
Countdowns - You Know I Do
Twilighters - Spell Bound
Rod & the Satellites - She Cares
Converts - Don't Leave Me

I wouldn't sequence it that way but it would make for a really really nice records, methinks.


Monsters Of The Midwest Vol. 3

Monsters Of The Midwest Vol. 3

Released in 1987 on Titan Records

More of the same on this third outing from our midwest monsters. There's a handful of so-so covers causing some serious speed bumps on this album, but the highs are way too high to discard this platter.
Barry Ebling, Soothsayers, Intruders and the Trolls alone are worth the admission.
then there's some sub-par garage, some (yawn) covers and then we have the super boring I Don't Mind by Plato & the Philosophers.

I had to use (hmm 3 I think) some tracks from the original MotM vinyl since I couldn't find better sounding mp3s. I don't remember which ones, but if you hear a sudden dip in the audio quality - now you know why..


onsdag 27 april 2016

Monsters Of The Midwest Vol. 2

Monsters Of The Midwest Vol. 2

Released in 1985 on Titan Records from Kansas, MO.

A solid comp with the usual mix of meat-and-potato garage, pop-psych, mersey-ish beat, frat, punk etc.

Says Richie Unterberger:
"Released as the garage compilation frenzy was approaching saturation point, you may well have missed this limited edition (500 pressed) compilation of mid-'60s tracks from Midwest bands, none of whom even have a cult reputation. It's well-annotated, but there's very little to differentiate this from the typical (i.e. unmemorable) local scene compilation."

Yeah, Richies right - too much forgettable stuff here. The album never really takes off. Solid, but a little bland.

Highlights for me are Please Don't Be Mad, Don't Tell Me Lies, Want-A-Love You and the adorable Gloria rip-off She's My Woman.

torsdag 14 april 2016

Return Of The Walrus

Return Of The Walrus

Ok, get up and get ready to get down with the latest installment of.. yeah, what is this series called?
Rip Records? Kill R'n'R? Sixties Garage Punk? Or just nothing maybe.

If you can't stand ultra-crude shit-fi, then stay clear.
This is not for the squeamish.
These bad puppies has been weeded out from their better-sounding siblings just because the fantastic qualities in the music gets lost if it stands too close to something better produced/recorded/pressed or whatever.
Well not everything sounds like Captain Dueseldorph (featured here).
It depends on your preferences, I 'spose.
Anyhoo, this has led to me having to lower the over-all volume. Don't ask me why. Just crank up that knob. Oh, and crank up the volume too.

I pulled a lot of stuff from Crude PA Vol. 1 (won't be revamping it anyhow) and Oil Stains Vol. 1 (won't revamp that one either).

Marauders - Just Times Between Us

"Remember that summer.."

Marauders kicks off this set with some bizarre driving up-tempo super-twangy surf ballad.
This is a pretty wicked 45, the flip is graced by the just-as-crude but even more bad-ass Warning (find it on the excellent Garage Punk Unknowns Vol. 8.)

The songs starts a little wobbly and dry and uhm, "dramatic" - ploinkploinploink - and then makes itself known to everybody in the room. Oh and the lead-guitar twangs itself into a frenzy, the guitarist is battling his instrument like it was a boa constrictor.
Things get a little hairy (at 2:40 to be exact) when he ventures from the original hook and start to solo a bit. Feels like watching an untrained baby giraffe walking a tightrope over the niagara waterfalls with no safety-net.
But after some serious nail-gnawing you see him reach the safety of the other side of the song.
No one died today.

(Granite City, IL) '66
Heads 9518

Intrepids - Run From The Sun

"...into the darkness of guilt and shame"

Some pretty bitter stuff being served here by the Intrepids.
Throaty singer, spindy organ, yammering choir and an overall well-played tracks.
The singer pretty much blasts his cheating and abusive girl for three minutes and then he's out.

Says Bolt:
Associated Recording Studios acetate - PA/NY 196?. Fantastic unreleased demo cut from a band allegedly from PA but recorded in New York in the famous Associated Recording Studios.

(Meanville, PA?) '6?
unreleased demo

Faces In The Crowd - Clouds Of Doubt

"You might have won if you stuck it out.."

This song makes me smirk. One gets the feeling that the singer's father has had some wise words to tell his son, who in turn have been so touched and inspired that he wrote a small poem and a folky ditty of his newly acquired wisdom.
But it is very sincere and almost sad.
Like the singer missed the inspiring point of the talk, and just took it as an "i'm fucked" and ran with it.

Apparently came in a picture sleeve which I haven't seen.

(Cleveland, OH) Sep '66
Del-Nita 60941

Savages - Quiet Town

"they say it's bad but we all know, it's the place were we can go at night.."

Real spooky bit here presented by the incomparable Savages (of The World Ain't Round fame).
I'm not going to dwell on this classic group too long.
But if you didn't know - Savages released an album in 1966 and three 45s (all great and pulled from the album).
Now - this was recorded in 1965, but can you hear the psychedelic qualities?
Or "cinematic" might be a better choice of word.
Because when I listen to this song, I silently float together with them, slowly observing the surrounding in the quiet town.
I feel like we are unknowingly dead ghosts drifting into this misty place all while its citizens shuts the windows and bar the doors.

(Bermuda) '65
Duane 1049

Blues Inc. - Tell Me Girl

"tell me babe, do you care..?"

A soft-spoken organ-driven ballad with a slight taste of Zombies. The singer must have shut himself inside a closet and curled up in a blanket.

(Fort Wayne, IN) Oct '66
Phalanx 1026

Half Beats - Should I

"no more will I wait for you, no more will I cry for you.."

A pretty nasty folk-rocky girl put-down with some glorious falsetto voices in the background, underlining the hopelessness in our protagonists situation.
He doesn't even sound sad, he's more sarcastic and fantastically bitter.
No saccarine here it is just plain wicked. The raw power of the song still holds water since Cheater Slicks covered this in 1995.
But they still don't find the biting sarcasm the original singer harbored.
And how could they? True teenage angst is inimitable.

(Chicago, IL) 1966
International Recording Co. acetate

Shan Dels - Please Stay

"that's all I've left to say.."

English is not my main language - as you might've guessed by now..
So I'm not sure but it sounds like the singer is trying to sound like he's from London or something.

Anywayz, Shandels recorded a bunch of so-so 45s - 4 of 'em - from '65 to '67.
They later morphed into Dry Well and recorded another 45 in '68 (find it on Relative Distance - hm, I might just revamp that..)

This was their first 45 and features the wonderful instrument cordovox. There not enough cordovox in sixties garage punk. You can get more of that medicine on their third 45 Shades Of Blue found on Nobody To Love on the excellent Teenage Shutdown series.

(Long Island, NY) '65
Showcase 404

Thorns - This Is The End

"I'll die without your love, to me this is the end.."

Do you remember Thorns INSANE I want you from The Dead And Forgotten?
Well, here's the (almost equally tense) flip.
I feel a strong surge of Zombies here too. A fantastic song and a fantastic acetate 45.

(Philadelphia, PA)
Sound Plus Studios acetate

Strawberry Tuesday - Return Of The Walrus

"I'm gonna get it, I'm gonna get it.."

Let's get stupid and get ourselves a fuckin walrus.
I feel this has a strong kinship to Mr. Zeppelin Man and (We All Love) Peanut Butter.
You can hear the snickering during the guitar solo so I'm not sure they're 100% serious with this tall tale.
But that does not matter one second, the only thing that matters is that this is epic supreme and you will probably hear it anytime soon at the in-crowd bar.
I don't think Strawberry Tuesday reached further from the stars since they pretty much disappeared after this. It was released on a LP sampler called Reading 1968. I haven't heard that album, but if it sounds anywhere near this masterpiece, I must seek it down.

(Reading, PA) '68
Empire Records WWR 868-586

Bright Image - People In The Town

"it's been so many, so many years have passed...."

Poor kid. Woman gone, he don't know where, people stare him down and constantly asks him where the heck she's gone. Sadists.
Jangly folk-rocker with some of the best use of wah-wah I've ever heard.

(Philadelphia, PA) Mar '70
Amigo 114

Starfyres - Captain Dueseldorph

"if you're ever down by the sea, take a look for me and Captain Dueseldorph.."

Get ready for some fizzling garage sounds!
C'mon, surely you must know this? One of my absolute faves - ever!
It wiggles, it wobbles, it makes you feel completely drunk outta your mind.
Of course - the shit-fi allure in this comes on like greek mythology sirens but that's not all.
It's heavy as FUCK, filled to the brim with atmosphere and even if the instruments are slightly out of tune, every note hits just where it's supposed to.
And it's not in your face. It is there - if you're lookning - but it mostly just floats in and out of the surface of reality like a submarine.
The flip is the hot punk No Room For Your Love, and you can find it here.

(Lansford, PA) '67
Burr 1001

Invictas - Do It

"i can't see we could ever be together even though you mean a lot to me.."

I don't know why I added the "a go-go" suffix, but accidents happen. I try to be as thorough as I can, but sometimes I fuck up. Which gives me greater understand for mis-info on old comps, and greater appreciation for the work Warren & co put behind his/theirs contributions to this comp-scene.
They really set the standard high.

Invictas released four fratty 45s (three on the Sahara label, and one PS on Bengel) from '65 to '67 and then fizzled away somewhere. Who knows where.

A really hard-rockin' soulful rocker with a glorious hook.
Love the ending.

(Rochester, NY) Jan '66
Sahara 110

Lost Ones - I Can't Believe You

"you always told lies, brought the water from my eyes.."

The Lost Ones makes sure the party don't stop with this ultra-crude pounder. Awesome drummer who probably played at the college marching band.

You can hear some dude callin some "oh no" and some "awww" and some "oh yeah" in the background.
Ace guitar solo.
(the back cover says "i don't believe you" - fuck!)

(Sarver-Butler, PA) '66
Mersey 002

Insane - I Can't Prove It

"I love you girl.."

Insane puts this set in yet a higher gear and rush in on the scene with some more pounding drums and wailing guitars and just rocks out for a full three and a half minutes. A lot a soloing and tomfoolery which must've been a hoot to dance to at the local hop.

(Terryville?, CT) Jul '67
Alien Associates 201, 347

Them - A Girl Like You

"with a love like ours we can turn our backs on the people, and the rules"

This is one of those songs that must have existed forever in the dna of the universe.
Everything is just perfect.
Pure perfection.
I can't write anything more about it.
Argh, such a romantic juvenile delinquent winner.

(Cincinnati, OH) Dec '64
King 5967

Immigrants - 225 Blues

"here's my hand, dear
I'm giving you my final adieu.."

Immigrants were a bunch of kids from various places around NY who went to collage in Kansas.
They recorded an album full with not-too inspired covers, but this one is a downer bomb.
225 Blues sounds like Rolling Stones circa '64 played on too low rpm.
And that is fantastic, one of my faves on this set.

(Salina, KS) 1966
Starburst Recordings ‎– SRA 9837


tisdag 12 april 2016

Echoes In Time Vol. 2

Echoes In Time Vol. 2

Released in 1983 on Solar Records.

On the second serving, we continue to get rolled like a tumblin' dice, left and right, '65 to '73, canada to the usa..
But it doesn't feel like a binary roller coaster, it just rolls all the way till the end of the line.
That is - not if yer either: 1. Orthodox, 2. Fundamentalist or 3. Anal.

 Says the Llama:
"a move towards punkier sounds. Lots of good tracks from Michigan & Canada and an enjoyable consistency all the way thru"

I wonder who was behind this. He or she did really an amazing job.
So if you don't mind a little "late '60s lumpy hard rock/post-psych" with your garage, then this is a real winner.

Is it just me, or does a well balanced psychedelic compilation give a sensation of a faint taste of amarone in the palate? Amarone and pocket lint.